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15:00:38 <lennyb> Hello Third Party
15:03:26 <mmedvede> o/
15:03:52 <lennyb> mmedvede, hi, how are you?
15:04:16 <lennyb> mmedvede, anything interesting last week? Thanks for chairing...
15:04:31 <pots> o/
15:04:38 <lennyb> hello pots
15:04:49 <mmedvede> lennyb: no, quiet last week
15:05:09 <pabelanger> o/
15:05:21 <lennyb> mmedvede, means that everything is working as planned :)
15:05:43 <lennyb> anyone would like to ask/share/propose something?
15:06:36 <pabelanger> if people aren't aware, we've now running zuulv3 in production for openstack
15:06:44 <pabelanger> we flipped the switch (again) yesterday
15:07:48 <lennyb> pabelanger, thanks. I've seen some emails about it and the issue you've faced.
15:08:24 <pots> i haven't been following Zuulv3 too closely, is it something that will be appropriate for 3rd party CIs?
15:11:51 <mmedvede> pots: we are looking into switching our third-party CI to v3 at some point. It is easier to have the same config as upstream infra does
15:13:58 <mmedvede> and thanks everyone who worked on zuulv3, so far it seems to have a lot of things that third-party CI's would benefit from
15:14:45 <lennyb> mmedvede, What about jenkins? zuul3 replaces it? I guess it overcomes Jenkins. What major benefits Zuul3 has?
15:15:00 <mmedvede> one benefit is that there is no jenkins :)
15:15:21 <mmedvede> also job configuration should be simpler
15:15:46 <mmedvede> e.g. you do not have to define the job twice - once in zuul, once in jenkins
15:16:34 <pabelanger> pots: yah, we plan on updating 3rd party CI to support zuulv3
15:16:46 <pabelanger> likey in a few weeks, once zuulv3 stablizes
15:17:16 <pabelanger> lennyb: Yup, like mmedvede says, no jenkins. Just native ansible
15:18:44 <pots> i'm also curious if anyone has a recipe for creating images that are preloaded with devstack so there isn't a 20-30 minute delay between starting the VM and running the tests.  I saw that Mike Perez did something (https://github.com/Thingee/packer-devstack) along those lines but I can't seem to get it working with ubuntu 16.04 due to openvswitch is
15:18:44 <pots> sues.
15:19:34 <lennyb> pots, you will still need to update a specific patchset that you are testing
15:20:14 <pots> lennyb: right, i just want to pulling down the same packages and installing them each time
15:20:35 <pots> lennyb: er, "i just want to avoid pulling down the same packages..."
15:21:23 <pabelanger> pots: at one point we did cache all OS packages in devstack_cache element, you could do the same again. would be in openstack-infra/project-config git history
15:21:42 <pabelanger> actually, I think it was bindep_cache element
15:22:07 <mmedvede> I think most time is not spent pulling down the packages. It is spent installing them
15:23:12 <mmedvede> (at least if you use fast local mirror)
15:24:12 <mmedvede> I was considering pre-installing more packages on our images, but it seems it would break more often due to conflicts, was not worth saving 20 minutes
15:24:49 <pabelanger> mmedvede: you could update bindep_cache to also install the packages (from bindep.txt) files over just downloading them
15:25:16 <pabelanger> again, at one point in time our images were very devstack specific, but over the years made them more generic
15:25:46 <lennyb> pots, why not creating VM image with all openstack projects in local folder. Then just go over the folders and git pull with relevant patchset. and set _BRANCH in local.conf
15:26:52 <pots> what thingee's package does is actually bring up devstack all the way, set OFFLINE=true, and then save them VM so you could restart the VM, do a pull on the relevant OpenStack working dirs, and restart the packages.  But there seems to be an issue with restarting openvswitch on ubuntu 16.04 that prevents this from working.
15:27:25 <pabelanger> Yah, I don't think it would be too hard to write a dib element to do that
15:27:46 <pabelanger> assuming openvswitch could be fixed
15:27:52 <lennyb> pots, what issue with openvswitch?
15:29:06 <pots> it seems like there's a known issue where all the connections between the network namespaces are not recreated properly, so the VM can't talk to outside world.
15:29:23 <lennyb> pots, thanks
15:32:37 <lennyb> anything else on this issue?
15:32:45 <pots> i'm trying to see if using linuxbridge instead of ovs might fix it.
15:44:50 <lennyb> pots, good luck, please keep us posted. Anything else on this issue?
15:48:00 <pots> no, thanks
15:48:57 <lennyb> If there are no more issues I will close the meeting. mmedvede, pots, pabelanger thanks.
15:50:57 <mmedvede> thanks lennyb
15:51:15 <lennyb> see you next week. thanks.
15:51:23 <lennyb> #endmeeting