18:01:51 <sarob> #startmeeting trainers
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18:02:02 <sarob> roll call
18:02:39 <sarob> hello
18:04:33 <sarob> i will drop some updates to the log
18:04:46 <sarob> training-guides has branched icehouse
18:05:13 <sarob> it was blocking converting from docbooks format to landslide html slides
18:05:27 <sarob> first slides are pushed
18:05:47 <sarob> the publishing code is being finished up
18:06:11 <sarob> once we get all the content converted to html slides
18:06:23 <sarob> we will branch juno
18:06:35 <sarob> this will happen in about 1-2 weeks
18:06:57 <sarob> then all the new kilo content can start flowing in
18:07:44 <sarob> we should be able to branch kilo around the regular project release date in april
18:07:52 <sarob> or soon after
18:08:33 <sarob> training guides team is looking for requirements from the user groups
18:08:59 <sarob> San Francisco has contributed new associate slides
18:09:15 <sarob> we need updates from Tokyo
18:09:22 <sarob> on the upstream training
18:10:16 <sarob> part of kilo branch will be to port upstream training RST into the developer guide
18:11:13 <sarob> including some bits on CI use is planned for upstream training
18:11:27 <sarob> reed anything else?
18:13:09 <sarob> #action sarob reach out to the tokyo user group for upstream training feedback
18:13:22 <sarob> last call
18:13:37 <sarob> #endmeeting