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17:00:22 <sarob> roll call
17:00:26 <rluethi> here
17:00:58 <sarob> hello
17:01:30 <sarob> anyone else?
17:01:44 <rluethi> just the two of us?
17:02:09 <sarob> guess so
17:02:15 <sarob> no prob
17:02:26 <rluethi> okay, can you give me a summary of what went down in Vancouver
17:02:29 <sarob> i can you give you a run down of what we discussed at the summit
17:02:35 <rluethi> perfect
17:03:12 <sarob> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-training-guides-design
17:03:31 <sarob> we met a few times
17:04:17 <sarob> i joined the upstream training the sunday before the summit
17:04:29 <rluethi> k. skimming.
17:04:54 <sarob> went through the lego agile team building exercise
17:05:02 <sarob> very cool and fun
17:05:27 <rluethi> what did you build?
17:05:28 <sarob> need a group of about 20 people to make it work though
17:05:59 <sarob> building that needs to connect to other pre-built buildings
17:06:44 <sarob> we break up into upstream devs, company devs, CEOs, and individual contributors
17:07:07 <sarob> 3 milestones during 45 min release cycle
17:07:42 <rluethi> cool. sounds more involved than what I imagined.
17:07:42 <sarob> 5 min planning 10 work 5 review
17:08:14 <sarob> people's personalities came out pretty quickly
17:08:23 <sarob> that surprised me
17:08:37 <rluethi> that would surprise me, too :-)
17:08:52 <sarob> id love to bring the lego building events to all the user groups
17:09:09 <sarob> along with other training bits
17:09:36 <sarob> word will spread that it is fun and really helps explain
17:09:48 <rluethi> I can see I missed out.
17:09:50 <sarob> how openstack open source works
17:09:55 <dguitarbite> hello
17:10:01 <rluethi> hello
17:10:02 <sarob> dguitarbite: hey
17:10:16 <sarob> dguitarbite: back to your timezone?
17:10:20 <dguitarbite> Im a bit jet lagged
17:10:27 <dguitarbite> physically yes!
17:10:34 <dguitarbite> Otherwise, no :D
17:10:56 <sarob> i was just talking about legos
17:11:07 <dguitarbite> yes carry on
17:11:16 <dguitarbite> Im scrolling through the logs
17:11:23 <sarob> im all done
17:11:35 <rluethi> news on labs scripts?
17:12:27 <sarob> we discussed creating stackforge/stacktrain
17:12:38 <sarob> to move osbash into
17:12:55 <sarob> well i guess bash doesnt make
17:12:59 <sarob> any sense now
17:13:10 <sarob> move the labs into
17:13:13 <rluethi> sarob: probably not in the long run
17:13:22 <dguitarbite> rluethi: The etherpad is a bit rough, I plan to update it.
17:13:36 <rluethi> dguitarbite: that would help
17:14:10 <sarob> the big picture bits
17:14:32 <sarob> openstack foundation is going forward with testing certification
17:14:45 <Sayali> Hello
17:14:50 <sarob> the first test will around operator
17:14:55 <sarob> Sayali: hello
17:15:10 <sarob> starting to review the summit etherpad
17:16:30 <sarob> if you can spend about 3 hours a week for the next 6 months
17:16:44 <sarob> advising the foundation
17:17:02 <sarob> on creating the test framework
17:17:12 <sarob> email heidi@openstack.org
17:17:40 <sarob> there are three groups for the cert stuff
17:18:10 <sarob> an advisory, test creation, and question creation
17:18:19 <sarob> im on the advisory
17:18:56 <rluethi> what kind of advice are they looking for?
17:18:59 <sarob> matjazp and dguitarbite are interested joining the advisory and the test creation groups
17:19:29 <sarob> experience with openstack, open source, testing in general
17:19:34 <sarob> not in that order
17:20:05 <dguitarbite> rluethi: I think that your time would be really valuable for this. Esp. because of your experiece in this feild.
17:20:12 <sarob> i cant guarantee we all we get on the groups, but we have a good amount
17:20:30 <sarob> of experience with the subject so we should offer if we have the time
17:21:38 <sarob> of experience with the subject so we should offer if we have the time)
17:21:51 <sarob> and commercial openstack trainers
17:22:37 <sarob> strange my last post disappeared
17:22:47 <sarob> i am working on getting university professors, grey beard open source people (been around a while)
17:23:12 <sarob> and commercial openstack trainers
17:23:30 <sarob> anyway
17:24:00 <sarob> this will drive what people that use the community training
17:24:07 <sarob> will be looking for
17:24:27 <sarob> so the more we know about certification stuff
17:24:40 <sarob> the better tuned the project work will be
17:25:16 <sarob> i scheduled 4 hours of akanda training this coming saturday
17:26:06 <sarob> its a good example of melding the community stuff with the commercial stuff
17:27:00 <dguitarbite> we also need to ensure that the project is actively involved with the certification
17:27:03 <dguitarbite> process
17:27:12 <sarob> i think so
17:27:39 <sarob> since im on the advisory committee i can make a strong case for it
17:28:09 <sarob> i think matjazp on the advisory also
17:28:38 <sarob> and anyone from the team that can spare the time for the testing creation group
17:28:56 <sarob> unfortunately you can only be on one group
17:29:24 <sarob> legal reasons
17:30:13 <sarob> since the process and people running the tests get sued
17:30:30 <sarob> wierd but i guess it happens
17:30:48 <sarob> cool thing would be you could add the experience to your resume
17:31:11 <sarob> its good tech and business experience
17:31:29 <sarob> if you have the time, email heidi
17:31:43 <sarob> that is the time over the next 6 months
17:32:09 <rluethi> sarob: when are those hours during the week?
17:32:25 <sarob> group hasnt been formed yet
17:32:33 <sarob> so it will depend on the group
17:32:39 <dguitarbite> I assume based on the groups preferences
17:32:43 <sarob> flexiability
17:32:51 <sarob> dguitarbite: yeah
17:34:18 <sarob> thats all i got on that
17:35:48 <sarob> move on to the summit rundown?
17:37:52 <dguitarbite> sure
17:38:17 <Sayali> Yes let's do that
17:38:25 <sarob> #topic summit rundown
17:38:39 <sarob> i need to step away for about 20 minutes
17:38:52 <sarob> i havent seen my wife in a week
17:39:00 <sarob> and she is just coming home
17:39:16 <sarob> y'all start without me
17:39:18 <sarob> ?
17:39:27 <dguitarbite> or we could just end here today
17:39:32 <dguitarbite> and continue this over ML
17:39:39 <sarob> sure that too
17:39:41 <rluethi> dguitarbite: +1
17:39:47 <sarob> okay, cool
17:39:56 <sarob> it was great to see you guys
17:40:07 <sarob> sorry we missed you rluethi
17:40:23 <sarob> see you on the ML
17:40:31 <sarob> any last words?
17:40:38 <rluethi> sarob: sorry I missed you guys
17:41:18 <dguitarbite> same here
17:41:25 <dguitarbite> good bye :)
17:41:41 <rluethi> bye
17:41:50 <sarob> #endmeeting