17:05:50 <rluethi> #startmeeting training-guides
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17:06:36 <vigneshvar_> hi
17:06:37 <rluethi> #link https://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
17:06:50 <rluethi> and now you know. hi vigneshvar_
17:06:51 <matjazp> hi vigneshvar_
17:07:29 <rluethi> alright. short agenda, as has been the case for a while.
17:07:47 <rluethi> #topic reviews
17:08:11 <rluethi> matjazp, did I miss anything I should have reviewed?
17:08:31 <matjazp> rluethi: not this time. There were other votes
17:08:36 <dguitarbite> hi vigneshvar_
17:08:55 <rluethi> matjazp: other votes?
17:09:00 <matjazp> I'm just not comfortable with merging if there are no other votes
17:09:09 <matjazp> even with trivial patches
17:09:35 <matjazp> rluethi: we managed to get votes by other community members
17:09:36 <rluethi> matjazp: I see. I tried to pay attention, but I didn't see anything that seemed to need me.
17:09:56 <matjazp> rluethi: I'll ping you in the comment if we need you
17:10:01 <matjazp> rluethi: like we agreed
17:10:16 <rluethi> matjazp: okay, just checking, I want to live up to my promises.
17:10:38 <rluethi> so, anything in the review queue that needs discussion?
17:10:43 <sayalilunkad> hello
17:10:53 <rluethi> hi sayalilunkad
17:10:58 <matjazp> sayalilunkad: hi
17:11:01 <dguitarbite> no but I got something that would make matjazp happy
17:11:17 <vigneshvar_> sayalilunkad: hi
17:11:42 <rluethi> dguitarbite: do I need to change the topic for that?
17:11:57 <dguitarbite> rluethi, no
17:11:59 <matjazp> i'm all ears :)
17:12:11 <dguitarbite> the rst is published on the gerrit
17:12:48 <matjazp> where?
17:13:01 <dguitarbite> matjazp, http://docs-draft.openstack.org/83/191783/1/check/gate-training-guides-tox-doc-publish-checkbuild/ea783a0//publish-docs/draft/
17:13:25 <dguitarbite> just check that, the job which states http://docs-draft.openstack.org/83/191783/1/check/gate-training-guides-tox-doc-publish-checkbuild/ea783a0//publish-docs/
17:13:28 <dguitarbite> sorry
17:13:40 <dguitarbite> the name of the job is gate-training-guides-tox-doc-publish-checkbuild
17:14:18 <matjazp> dguitarbite: that's for upstream only? it's done for a while now.. I hoped for training guides?
17:14:59 <dguitarbite> I just have to update the tox.ini
17:15:13 <dguitarbite> I was thinking that we need to have some stable content before I can add that
17:15:18 <dguitarbite> because it will start publishing the slides
17:15:29 <matjazp> dguitarbite: for draft publishing we dont
17:16:03 <matjazp> dguitarbite: and it's much easier to review content when you can see it rendered, not just looking at RST text
17:16:18 <dguitarbite> If the team agrees I will enable it
17:17:06 <matjazp> I don't see the problem with draft in gerrit... Just don't publish on the docs web page yet...
17:17:11 <rluethi> whatever makes matjazp happy and reviewing easier.
17:17:33 <dguitarbite> yes, mostly we will start publishing from docs.openstack.org/draft
17:17:41 <dguitarbite> we could get away with unstable content up there
17:17:42 <matjazp> I mean don't publish yet for training guides... upstream is ready
17:17:48 <dguitarbite> since the direct links are not published
17:19:02 <matjazp> isn't doc-publish-checkbuild only to publish in the gate? it publishes on the docs.openstack.org pages too?
17:19:11 <dguitarbite> not yet
17:19:27 <dguitarbite> but I will enable it and there will be only one infra job for it to keep the load on infra lesser
17:20:30 <matjazp> that is two steps, right? first enable publishing in the gerit, second is to enable publishing on the doc pages
17:20:34 <dguitarbite> so its limited from tox.ini
17:21:19 <dguitarbite> I have to take a look again, I dont remember what exaclty I did in there.
17:21:51 <matjazp> dguitarbite: it'sin tox we have two things: checkbuild and publishdocs
17:21:53 <dguitarbite> but there are two jobs build and publish
17:22:12 <dguitarbite> as of now, both are run twice
17:23:05 <matjazp> as I see it, it currently enables us to publish on the docs page just upstream training, and to add gerrit publishing for the training guides only too
17:23:43 <dguitarbite> lets continue this on the ML
17:23:53 <matjazp> so we should at least publish upstream material, it's finished and tested
17:24:25 <dguitarbite> let me check everything once more but as far as I remember I have configured both publish and checkbuild jobs in infra (not in training guides tox.ini) to be run on before and after the review
17:24:53 <matjazp> dguitarbite: ok do that and report to the ML please
17:25:29 <rluethi> so, we done with that topic for now?
17:25:44 <matjazp> I'm good
17:25:52 <rluethi> okay, then
17:26:19 <rluethi> #topic labs scripts
17:26:35 <rluethi> #info rluethi is a bozo, his Juno scripts are broken and need fixing.
17:26:52 * dguitarbite is the catalyst ... dont ignore him
17:27:07 <sayalilunkad> rluethi: I checked the neutron config
17:27:13 <rluethi> networking is somehow not set up correctly.
17:27:46 <sayalilunkad> it seems to be fine.. atleast the config files seem ok
17:27:50 <rluethi> the instance VM gets an IP address from the DHCP server, but it cannot even ping the default gateway.
17:28:12 <sayalilunkad> yeah
17:28:14 <rluethi> sayalilunkad: thanks for looking into it.
17:28:36 <sayalilunkad> I will do a Juno deployment manually once to check again
17:28:58 <vigneshvar_> i will try it too
17:29:15 <rluethi> thanks everyone, we could really do with some help tracking this down.
17:29:37 <dguitarbite> and also for labs, the install-guides team is happy to use our scripts
17:29:39 <rluethi> maybe check the actual configuration of the various network devices.
17:30:08 <rluethi> dguitarbite: not if the scripts are broken :-/
17:30:30 <dguitarbite> rluethi, yes, that makes it more important
17:30:36 <matjazp> rluethi: we need more tests
17:30:44 <dguitarbite> the install guides team wants a multinode deployment job
17:30:46 <matjazp> rluethi: so we can detect these regressions
17:30:59 <dguitarbite> which will be awesome because our scripts will be checked on a regular basis :D
17:31:07 <rluethi> matjazp: problem is, our fabulous test script showed the error clearly, it just wasn't run in a while.
17:31:51 <rluethi> I was sure I had used it to check the scripts, but either I was wrong or the Ubuntu packages have changed.
17:32:35 <dguitarbite> ubuntu updates are also quite guilty
17:32:36 <sayalilunkad> rluethi: I remember deploying th cluster after the juno functional patch too .. funny we missed it
17:32:43 <dguitarbite> also the ubuntu version updates
17:32:47 <sayalilunkad> dguitarbite: true
17:33:08 <dguitarbite> I still cannot believe that Ubuntu just rips of the milestones of a stable release
17:33:17 <dguitarbite> just removes the isos from the mirrors
17:33:19 <dguitarbite> :O
17:33:37 <rluethi> good thing we have them cached :)
17:33:44 <dguitarbite> yes
17:33:51 <matjazp> we need CI
17:33:58 <rluethi> matjazp: agreed
17:34:08 <vigneshvar_> matjazp: +1
17:34:37 <rluethi> our main issue with CI is the virtualbox dependency.
17:34:58 <sayalilunkad> yes, that makes it very difficult
17:35:14 <dguitarbite> rluethi, do not worry about that
17:35:16 <sayalilunkad> I doubt they have anything to support Vbox related testing
17:35:18 <dguitarbite> we get the KVM stuff rolling
17:36:23 <sayalilunkad> true that would make life easier
17:36:34 <rluethi> dguitarbite: that means getting the python code mature enough to replace osbash wholesale, or getting the kvm support in osbash cleaned up.
17:36:49 <dguitarbite> prior is better
17:36:51 <sayalilunkad> but we wold still support vbox so we will need that too
17:36:51 <rluethi> either way, it won't happen today.
17:36:53 <dguitarbite> work is almost the same
17:37:03 <dguitarbite> the install guides automated testing has some time
17:37:15 <dguitarbite> we have a few months worth of breathing room as of now
17:37:55 <sayalilunkad> that's good
17:40:07 <rluethi> alright, if anyone makes progress fixing the Juno config (you know you fixed it if you can successfully run the launch_instance.sh with the Juno scripts), please let everyone know.
17:40:31 <sayalilunkad> yep yep
17:40:35 <vigneshvar_> sure
17:40:37 <rluethi> #topic anything else
17:41:09 <rluethi> are we done then?
17:41:20 <dguitarbite> yeah
17:41:39 <sayalilunkad> nothing else from my side
17:41:53 <matjazp> me too
17:41:56 <rluethi> well then, bye everyone. see you next week or so.
17:41:59 <rluethi> #endmeeting