17:05:20 <rluethi> #startmeeting training-guides
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17:05:31 <sayalilunkad> thanks rluethi :)
17:05:49 <rluethi> It's not as if I knew more than you do, but there you go :-).
17:06:22 <matjazp> standard agenda
17:06:29 <rluethi> right
17:06:35 <rluethi> #topic reviews
17:07:17 <rluethi> anyone care to comment on the pending patches?
17:07:38 <matjazp> nothing much in the queue... Pranav has some small changes for hic patch, ' have another on waiting in queue that depends on it
17:08:03 <rluethi> there's one patch for the labs scripts which isn't ready for merging
17:08:24 <sayalilunkad> are the patches for xml to rst conversion ready for review?
17:08:58 <matjazp> I don't believe so... at least they are not in the gerrit
17:09:36 <rluethi> is there a problem?
17:10:25 <matjazp> not that I know of
17:10:35 <rluethi> I think the scripts are ready to cut a new release. What's keeping the slides?
17:11:04 <matjazp> just not enough time for it
17:11:17 <rluethi> fair enough :).
17:11:26 <matjazp> we need to expand our community
17:11:34 <rluethi> is there anyone who could help out?
17:12:08 <sayalilunkad> We should get more attention at the next summit
17:12:18 <sayalilunkad> summit would be a good place for publicity
17:12:36 <rluethi> problem is, it's hard to get help if you haven't got anything to show.
17:12:52 <sayalilunkad> rluethi: that's right
17:13:16 <matjazp> rluethi: yes, it's easier to add to something existing than to start form scratch
17:14:16 <rluethi> matjazp: It's not only that. Everybody loves to jump a running bandwagon.
17:15:05 <matjazp> true
17:15:21 <matjazp> so, what can we do to resolve this deadlock?
17:15:50 <matjazp> unfortunately, it's not the greatest time to do it (vacation time)
17:17:00 <rluethi> matjazp: It's not exactly a trivial problem. Maybe have a hackathon kind of event!? Unlikely to take place before the next summit, though.
17:17:52 <sayalilunkad> rluethi: I don't know if you checked but I send out an email about a hands on session during the upstream training using osbash
17:18:18 <rluethi> sayalilunkad: I seem to remember that.
17:18:57 <sayalilunkad> that would do some good I think if it happens
17:19:13 <rluethi> sayalilunkad: but the labs script are not our biggest problem. in fact, they are looking pretty good.
17:19:20 <matjazp> I do like the idea of using labs as a test script for install guides
17:19:45 <rluethi> matjazp: me, too. It's the slide content that I am concerned about.
17:20:21 <sayalilunkad> true.
17:22:05 <rluethi> Maybe just get a room for half a day or a day and rework the slides with everyone who can make it to the summt.
17:22:10 <rluethi> s/summt/summit/
17:22:40 <matjazp> you guys are going for sure?
17:23:19 <sayalilunkad> not sure
17:23:24 <rluethi> matjazp: For me it's a maybe.
17:24:30 <rluethi> but the slides work could be improvised, even a hotel room could work.
17:24:41 <matjazp> sayalilunkad: what about that talk at the summit? any news on that?
17:24:42 <rluethi> so no need for big plans and commitments.
17:24:59 <sayalilunkad> matjazp: not that I know of
17:25:56 <matjazp> did sean submit a proposal for a talk?
17:26:26 <rluethi> matjazp: who would know that, other than sean? where can we check?
17:27:10 <matjazp> hmm.. voting starts after the deadline
17:27:55 <sayalilunkad> which talk are we talking about?
17:28:27 <matjazp> we didn't discuss on ML about switching to another time slot... pranav and sean can't make it to this slot anymore.
17:29:55 <matjazp> sayalilunkad: didn't sean proposed a talk about the training guides?
17:30:19 <sayalilunkad> matjazp: I don't think so. I might be missing something there though.
17:35:36 <rluethi> so, are we done with this topic?
17:35:56 <matjazp> I guess so...
17:36:12 <rluethi> #topic any other business
17:36:25 <rluethi> any takers?
17:36:46 <matjazp> or, if you guys have some time to look at the review patches from sean and clean them up a bit... I can take a chapter
17:37:08 <matjazp> I'm talking about XML to RST conversion
17:37:24 <rluethi> matjazp: and then we would review?
17:37:41 <matjazp> I can clean up 1st chapter, like I did for networking chapter(nr. 7 I think)
17:38:29 <matjazp> rluethi: yes, just shorten them up, take long bullets text and push it to the speaker notes
17:38:34 <rluethi> matjazp: ping me if you need a review.
17:39:05 <matjazp> rluethi: can you perhaps do a chapter yourself?
17:39:59 <rluethi> matjazp: If I had enough time to get comfortable with the slides and work on them, I'd rather clean up the KVM backend in osbash.
17:41:06 <matjazp> ok
17:41:10 <matjazp> sayali?
17:41:42 <matjazp> btw, did you reply to pranav's last mail?
17:41:55 <sayalilunkad> Me too. I have been wanting to finish the python port for a while now but don't have enough time for it.
17:42:29 <sayalilunkad> matjazp: I haven't yet.
17:43:43 <rluethi> matjazp: I hope we can do the rest at the summit, if needed. you'd be our instructor.
17:44:32 <matjazp> rluethi: yes, not a problem. But the problem is that I still don't know if I'll be there. It's mid semester
17:44:52 <rluethi> same for all of us, I guess. let's hope for the best.
17:45:06 <rluethi> anyhow, I think we're done.
17:45:10 <rluethi> are we?
17:45:16 <rluethi> call it a day?
17:45:21 <sayalilunkad> yup
17:45:24 <matjazp> sayalilunkad: did you apply for travel program last summit?
17:45:30 <sayalilunkad> matjazp: I did
17:45:49 <matjazp> you intend to do it again for tokio?
17:46:02 <matjazp> or is it one tim eonly stuff?
17:46:17 <sayalilunkad> matjazp: I might. Bot certain yet. Though this time the acceptance is going to be very low I hear.
17:46:28 <matjazp> why?
17:46:32 <sayalilunkad> matjazp: no, you are allowed to apply multiple times.
17:46:50 <sayalilunkad> matjazp: Apparently tokyo is very expensive.
17:47:16 <matjazp> in the same range as paris, is it not?
17:47:48 <sayalilunkad> they say it is more than paris somehow
17:49:00 <matjazp> then it's even harder for us to be there all at the same time...
17:49:35 <rluethi> matjazp: yeah, but waiting for barcelona is not a good option, either.
17:50:37 <matjazp> I would gladly change the time slot for this IRC meeting if it means more attendence from at least all core memebers
17:51:20 <rluethi> propose a doodle on the ML?
17:52:18 <sayalilunkad> that should work.
17:52:26 <matjazp> sure... do we mark acceptable timesplots or unacceptable time slots?
17:52:43 <sayalilunkad> acceptable I think
17:52:49 <rluethi> matjazp: huh. hadn't thought about that.
17:53:45 <rluethi> maybe just ask those who can't attend right now what they would need.
17:53:57 <matjazp> sadly, if it's not in  the evening, I don't know if I can make it up front... I get my semester schedule a few weeks before it starts
17:54:05 <matjazp> and it's always different
17:55:00 <matjazp> around 11pm CET would be ideal for me.. but not for sayali ;)
17:56:10 <sayalilunkad> I am most likely moving to CET from next month so it won't be a problem.
17:56:31 <matjazp> oh really? study? work?
17:57:05 <sayalilunkad> work it is :)
17:57:47 <matjazp> nice
17:58:24 <matjazp> ok so it's a deal then: 11pm on mondays ;)
17:58:28 <matjazp> just joking
17:58:51 <sayalilunkad> :D
17:59:19 <matjazp> ok, lets wrap it up and try to sync over ML for new time slot
17:59:22 <matjazp> roger?
17:59:23 <rluethi> k.
17:59:26 <sayalilunkad> sure
17:59:31 <rluethi> #endmeeting