17:06:57 <sarob_> #startmeeting training-guides
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17:07:34 <sarob_> i have been busy on things not training this last month
17:08:02 <sarob_> i can report that we are running the upstream game again in two weeks
17:08:33 <sarob_> so i can update the upsteam content with some new details
17:09:05 <sarob_> i have slides published
17:09:09 <sarob_> #link http://www.slideshare.net/SeanRoberts1/4-hr-upstream-training
17:09:26 <sarob_> thats all i have
17:09:52 <sarob_> evening guys
17:10:00 <dguitarbite_> hello
17:10:00 <sarob_> and girls
17:10:10 <Sayali> Hello
17:10:25 <sarob_> i have 20 minutes before i have to get to another meeting
17:10:44 <sarob_> i was just noting for the log
17:11:01 <sarob_> that my team is doing the upstream training again in two week
17:11:08 <sarob_> in sunnyvale
17:11:38 <sarob_> i need to update the upstream content with reed direction
17:11:44 <sarob_> with new content
17:11:53 <sarob_> thats all i have
17:11:53 <dguitarbite_> sarob_: We are planning to give labs scripts a separate repository.
17:12:00 <AndroUser> Hi
17:12:07 <AndroUser> This is vigneshvar
17:12:13 <dguitarbite_> Would make it easier to work with install-guides
17:12:15 <sarob_> okay, i remember that was the plan from the summit
17:12:20 <dguitarbite_> and make it integrate with the CI system
17:12:25 <sarob_> right
17:12:26 <reed> sarob_, the conversation about UT in Tokyo has started on the community list, btw
17:12:37 <reed> I won't be able to pay much attention to it this time around
17:12:53 <sarob_> reed: right, i will review
17:13:05 <sarob_> reed: understood,
17:13:24 <sarob_> reed: you interested in joining for the sunnyvale 06aug event?
17:13:33 <Sayali> reed I wanted to know if we could get a slot at the upstream training for a workshop
17:14:19 <Sayali> I sent out an email regarding the same
17:14:24 <reed> sarob_, I doubt it
17:14:57 <reed> Sayali, it's better to coordinate with Tim and Loic
17:15:06 <dguitarbite_> reed:
17:15:15 <dguitarbite_> I would likew to join in
17:15:26 <Sayali> reed: alrighty
17:15:43 <reed> I suggest to join community@lists.openstack.org and keep the conversation there
17:16:14 <Sayali> Sure thing
17:16:58 <sarob_> im planning on arriving for the weekend before the summit
17:19:43 <sarob_> i have to leave in 10 min
17:19:50 <sarob_> any other updates?
17:20:18 <Sayali> Nothing from my side
17:21:14 <vigneshvar> Sorry if I missed,  any updates on the floating ip issue
17:21:34 <sarob_> vigneshvar: not from me, i have been absent
17:21:45 <sarob_> any other team updates?
17:21:59 <dguitarbite_1> nothing much from my side
17:22:37 <sarob_> vigneshvar: osbash has a problem with floating IPs?
17:22:50 <vigneshvar> There is a delay
17:23:07 <vigneshvar> And the issue is not consistent either
17:24:01 <sarob_> vigneshvar: file a bug?
17:24:59 <Sayali> Sarob there is a patch addressing the issue currently
17:25:07 <vigneshvar> Roger has posted a patch,  i think he did file a bug
17:27:04 <sarob_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/203439/
17:27:53 <sarob_> looks like it waits for the VMs to be avail by icmp
17:28:15 <sarob_> no bug referenced though
17:28:20 <sarob_> i have to go
17:28:43 <sarob_> i can keep this meeting open or close it if nothing else for today
17:29:06 <vigneshvar> Nothing more from me either
17:29:18 <sarob_> okay cheers y'all
17:29:23 <sarob_> #endmeeting