10:34:04 <dguitarbite> #startmeeting training-labs
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10:34:17 <dguitarbite> Hello guys, roll call.
10:34:55 <julen> Hi guys
10:34:56 <rluethi> sorry, I am getting distracted.
10:34:56 <rluethi> here (for now)
10:35:07 <dguitarbite> hello
10:35:10 <dguitarbite> rluethi: no worries :)
10:35:18 <rluethi> hi jule
10:35:20 <rluethi> hi julen
10:35:26 <dguitarbite> #topic tarballs and website
10:36:09 <dguitarbite> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/281721/
10:36:32 <dguitarbite> This one is important change which needs to get merged first. This patch allows us to publish required tarballs
10:36:56 <rluethi> Anything missing for it to move forward?
10:37:53 <dguitarbite> Not from our side. The patch is correct, builds are passing and I got a thumbs up from Andreas. They are waiting to get consensus from their core team.
10:39:01 <dguitarbite> Our goal is to get this merged at-least 1-2 weeks prior to the summit. In case we have to give the talks, I would personally like people to be able to check the webpage for training-labs and the tarballs.
10:39:02 <julen> one question about the website... rluethi proposed to include that "flow chart" into the website. How could I do it?
10:39:05 <rluethi> If there is a lack of consensus on their core team, is there anything we can provide to help them with the decision?
10:39:43 <dguitarbite> Not yet. I was being told that its just a matter of following their policy and the patch should be in as soon as they have a discussion about the same.
10:39:56 <dguitarbite> julen: I dont understand "flow chart"
10:40:11 <rluethi> julen: you can do it in text or make a graph. Whatever you find useful. Preferably in a format that is easy to view and update.
10:40:45 <julen> aha... so, just embed it within the current website, right?
10:41:49 <julen> dguitarbite, the "flow chart", so, some kind of schema which explains which parts are getting executed during a default run
10:42:13 <dguitarbite> julen: We could discuss this on the docs channel. I would prefer this to go into the documentation : docs folder under training-labs
10:42:15 <julen> something like: get args, install base, generate virtual networks, ...
10:42:18 <rluethi> julen: yes, the wiki is easy to change for anyone.
10:42:33 <julen> aha, sure
10:42:35 <rluethi> julen: you can make a separate subpage for it.
10:42:46 <julen> good
10:43:05 <dguitarbite> Wiki sounds like a better idea for this! Since the webpage is not exactly under our control and its better to keep it short and simple in there :).
10:44:28 <dguitarbite> Ok, moving on. What should be the next topic?
10:45:02 <rluethi> patches under review is always a favorite
10:45:22 <dguitarbite> Alright
10:45:27 <dguitarbite> #topic current-patches
10:45:45 <dguitarbite> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/training-labs+status:open
10:46:23 <dguitarbite> So apart from the i386 patch, I have tested them once, read the code and from my side it looks good to me.
10:46:48 <dguitarbite> julen: You can start reviewing the patches too :) Also a great way to start learning and getting more familiar with training-labs
10:48:02 <rluethi> i386 is not quite ready yet, but I will remove the -2 soonish, I hope.
10:48:06 <julen> sure! I tried, but I didn't know how to proceed
10:48:46 <rluethi> julen: basically, try the patch, read the code, comment on anything that you find.
10:49:03 <julen> but how do I mark it as "OK"
10:49:27 <rluethi> julen: you need a user on the side. do you have a login?
10:49:39 <julen> yes
10:49:52 <rluethi> of course, you already posted a patch. silly me.
10:49:52 <dguitarbite> rluethi: yes he does, he sent the very first patch :)
10:50:02 <julen> :)
10:50:10 <dguitarbite> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/286894/
10:50:42 <dguitarbite> julen: If you click on the reply button, you will get a message box and see two sections below the msg box
10:50:50 <dguitarbite> Code-Review and Workflow
10:51:41 <dguitarbite> Code-Review +1/0/-1 :: Looks good to me/Abstaining or Just commenting/ Needs some fixes (ofcourse mentioning the reason for -1 is ideal)
10:52:08 <rluethi> mentioning the reason for -1 is _required_.
10:52:15 <dguitarbite> Workflow is for getting the status of current work. Workflow -1 may be to say that you want to work more or there is a dependency etc.
10:52:44 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Not sure if it is enforced by Gerrit but in general its always nice to explicitly clarify why you want to give a -1
10:52:58 <rluethi> I require it :).
10:53:17 <rluethi> How are you supposed to fix something if someone doesn't explain their -1?
10:53:22 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Yes, I will make sure I give -1 and -2 with __required hidden so you need to make an explicit call ;)
10:53:53 <dguitarbite> rluethi: I agree with you. But on gerrit you can always give -1/-2 without a comment. Which may be a bit sad though.
10:55:02 <rluethi> julenl: don't worry, just try it out, nobody will bite your head off. you'll get the hang of it quickly.
10:55:16 <dguitarbite> rluethi: +1
10:55:24 <dguitarbite> julen: I hope I did not scare you or confuse you.
10:56:16 <julen> sure not :P
10:56:27 <julen> I will try to learn about that later
10:57:39 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Whats your take on the current open reviews
10:58:18 <rluethi> Some are dependencies. I need them to be able to feed further patches into the queue.
10:58:34 <rluethi> (because I don't like patch stacks on gerrit)
10:58:58 <dguitarbite> rluethi: I understand. I reviewed all of them :)
11:00:18 <rluethi> they still need workflow.
11:01:11 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Ohh, I am waiting for your +2's remember that we agreed to do 2 +2's?
11:01:15 <dguitarbite> or I should not wait for that?
11:03:40 <rluethi> I added them.
11:03:52 <rluethi> i will try to review julen's patch tonight.
11:04:16 <dguitarbite> Ohh, I merged his patch. Its changing the readme.
11:05:12 <julen> it was just to add the actual command. When I used osbash for the first time I had to find it out from your presentation...
11:05:47 <rluethi> At first glance, it seemed to remove a colon that might have been needed. I didn't have time to check.
11:06:31 <dguitarbite> The indent is more important for code blocks but you may be right about ::'s
11:07:09 <julen> aha! I thought that colon was a typo...
11:08:09 <dguitarbite> So the double colon is for multi-line code blocks to respect the line breaks. We dont need it for the current entries are just one liners.
11:08:21 <dguitarbite> Move on?
11:08:26 <rluethi> go ahead
11:08:32 <dguitarbite> #any other buisness
11:08:40 * dguitarbite should hang himself
11:08:48 <dguitarbite> #topic any_other_buiz
11:09:15 <dguitarbite> Anything else that we should think/talk about?
11:09:34 <rluethi> I'm good.
11:09:42 <rluethi> Let's keep in touch.
11:10:10 <dguitarbite> Yes, I shall have a lot more time for the next two months at least.
11:10:41 <dguitarbite> See you next week. Nice seeing you all here :). And julen welcome to our team :).
11:11:11 <rluethi> yup. see you all soon.
11:11:19 <dguitarbite> #end-meeting
11:11:25 <julen> thanks! see you..
11:11:27 <dguitarbite> #end meeting
11:11:34 * dguitarbite forgot the command :\
11:12:02 <dguitarbite> #endmeeting