10:32:17 <dguitarbite> #startmeeting training-labs
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10:32:38 <dguitarbite> Summit is coming up!
10:32:49 <dguitarbite> I have a talk where I will speak a few words on training-labs for sure :)
10:33:08 <julen> uff.. in one week we will be having our talk :)
10:33:27 <dguitarbite> yes then there is another #brown talk thingy
10:33:38 <dguitarbite> Where we are surely talking about BOMBSI and osbash
10:34:13 <julen> that one is shorter, but still, we have to show something interesting...
10:34:54 <dguitarbite> yes, some time is better than no time ;)
10:35:09 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Anytopic that has the highest priority as of now?
10:35:10 <julen> certainly...
10:35:17 <dguitarbite> So we can finish asap
10:35:20 <julen> PXE?
10:35:34 <julen> what do you think of it so far?
10:35:54 <rluethi> sorry, distracted
10:36:04 <dguitarbite> julen: Honestly I did not try it yet. I have to test it though.
10:36:16 <rluethi> dguitarbite: topic for the talks you mean?
10:36:24 <dguitarbite> julen: I did a code review by simply reading the code and reviewed the common boilerplate stuff.
10:36:26 <julen> and the slides... if you find some time to add some comments, that would be great
10:36:53 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Since you have limited time now, it would be the best to discuss something important that you have in your mind since from my side there is nothing special to raise now.
10:37:09 <rluethi> julen: i will try to look at the slides tonight.
10:37:10 <dguitarbite> julen: Yes, I plan to do this during my weekend in Austin :)
10:37:53 <julen> dguitarbite: good. And we should meet to rehearsal a little bit who is gonna say what...
10:38:00 <rluethi> dguitarbite: I agree with your patch under review. please fix the coding style as noted in the comment so I can merge it.
10:38:06 <dguitarbite> julen: yes, when do you arrive again?
10:38:20 <dguitarbite> rluethi: yes, thanks let me fix that
10:38:20 <julen> Sunday afternoon
10:38:44 <rluethi> If there is anything I should look at regarding PXE, let me know. I fixed the obvious things.
10:38:53 <dguitarbite> julen: Awesome, you should be able to catch me then. My hotel should be near by the summit location (I have to check all these things but not now)
10:39:02 <julen> ah! by the way, I just got the Ubuntu tablet! I'm gonna try to get the osbash running on it
10:39:14 <dguitarbite> rluethi: We where thinking about taking part in the Rule the Stack competetion if it is happening this time
10:39:18 <rluethi> julen: just git commit --amend, to a git review again to upload and it will be revision number 3.
10:39:20 <dguitarbite> julen: awesome!
10:39:39 <rluethi> dguitarbite: good luck, guys.
10:40:08 <julen> rluethi: thanks! I must say it again... it is so great to work with you guys! :)
10:40:11 <rluethi> hope they have a contest that we can win :)
10:40:18 <dguitarbite> rluethi: thanks :) not sure if we can get there to participate but we will try our best.
10:41:03 <julen> well... maybe not win, because Dirk will also be there... but still, prove that osbash can do a great job, even in baremetal
10:41:35 <dguitarbite> I dont think Dirk is participating ... although even if he does, I would not worry since I want to test the PXE functionality more than deploying the cloud
10:41:42 <rluethi> julen: as far as I know we are not ready for baremetal yet.
10:41:45 <dguitarbite> for winning the price
10:43:07 <julen> rluethi: well... we are pretty close ;)  the PXE server is ready, now we just have to hack the kickstart files a little bit more and create the bridged interface
10:44:08 <rluethi> julen: if there are questions open that I didn't answer, please remind me, preferably via email.
10:44:15 <julen> I'll try to get it done today, at least the kickstart part
10:44:51 <julen> rluethi: so far, so good
10:46:00 <julen> not much more to say from my side
10:46:14 <dguitarbite> me neither. I havea crazy schedule and almost not time.
10:46:25 <dguitarbite> julen: looking forward to meet you in Austin.
10:46:49 <dguitarbite> rluethi: The same if in case you magically appear or teleport or just skype while we are in Austin ;)
10:46:49 <julen> dguitarbite: me too :)
10:47:13 <dguitarbite> ciao
10:47:16 <julen> ... or we open him an ssh shell ;)
10:47:16 <dguitarbite> #endmeeting