10:34:52 <rluethi> #startmeeting training-labs
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10:34:53 <julenl> rluethi, dguitarbite ?
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10:35:04 <rluethi> hi julenl
10:35:05 <julenl> hi rluethi
10:35:53 <rluethi> #topic pxe poc
10:36:03 <rluethi> so, how's the pxe poc going?
10:36:04 <julenl> I just made the blueprint
10:36:13 <rluethi> cool
10:36:21 <rluethi> link?
10:36:28 <julenl> it's been on standby for a while... I have to get back to it
10:36:49 <julenl> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+spec/pxe-server-osbash
10:37:29 <julenl> is it good?
10:39:00 <rluethi> I don't know, but I will read it
10:41:23 <rluethi> May be a bit terse.
10:41:51 <rluethi> But I don't claim to be an expert, most features we did without a blueprint.
10:42:25 <rluethi> Blueprints are very helpful in teams that are bigger than ours.
10:43:10 <rluethi> We usually had several discussions with all team members :).
10:43:36 <rluethi> Any progress on the implementation side? Major roadblocks?
10:43:41 <julenl> yes... but Pranav suggested me to do it
10:44:10 <julenl> not from my side.. I have been quite busy since Austin
10:44:10 <rluethi> It's good to do things by the book at least sometimes.
10:44:28 <rluethi> Yeah, me too.
10:45:19 <rluethi> I looked into providing an additional network interface config: PXE.
10:45:33 <rluethi> Patch is not done yet, but it should not pose major problems.
10:46:01 <julenl> If I don't remember wrong, I think that the only things I am missing for the pxe, are to fix something on the kickstart file and figure out how to do the bridged interface in the right way
10:46:36 <julenl> yes, I think so too
10:47:01 <rluethi> It is just something we need to be able to automate the whole process.
10:47:22 <julenl> certainly
10:47:23 <rluethi> And we need that to enable automated testing of the PXE environment.
10:47:50 <julenl> sure
10:47:58 <rluethi> are you going to work on PXE in the forseeable future?
10:48:43 <julenl> I was trying to use it to try to start a VM on another computer, using my home network. But it's tricky with the dhcp (my router does not allow to shut down the dhcp server)
10:49:23 <julenl> I like the idea...
10:49:38 <julenl> and it doesn't seem to involve much maintenance
10:49:54 <julenl> once the server is ready, the rest is built from the existing code
10:50:18 <rluethi> for testing it would be ideal if we could run the whole thing on one computer.
10:50:37 <julenl> sure
10:50:44 <julenl> also for the CI tools
10:50:44 <rluethi> of course, we would still have to test with several computers occasionally.
10:50:49 <rluethi> exactly.
10:51:56 <julenl> so, about the blueprint... should I add/remove something?
10:53:07 <rluethi> I cannot claim that I know if or how it should be changed.
10:53:22 <rluethi> Maybe Pranav knows.
10:53:36 <rluethi> If in doubt, write the code.
10:54:07 <julenl> well.. it does have a little bit of context and it explains a more or less in which direction I am trying to go
10:54:14 <rluethi> Yes.
10:54:40 <rluethi> And we can always have all hands meetings to discuss everything.
10:54:42 <julenl> but yeah... the blueprints don't provide any working functionality :P
10:55:14 <rluethi> But a PoC is very useful to find out if a feature makes sense, what it can be used for and how it should be implemented.
10:55:22 <rluethi> You know, something to play with.
10:55:28 <rluethi> It helps with thinking :).
10:55:56 <julenl> hey! and that blueprint of yours for the public cloud... it totally rocks! :D
10:56:34 <rluethi> yeah. the only blueprint I ever wrote, and one of the few features that I talked about without ever implementing it.
10:56:57 <rluethi> draw your own conclusions.
10:58:09 <rluethi> anyhow, any other points you would like to discuss?
10:58:20 <julenl> hmm...
10:58:26 <julenl> I don't think so
10:58:41 <julenl> I'll try to get further with the PXE thing this week
10:58:54 <rluethi> sound good.
10:59:00 <julenl> ... otherwise, I think I'm good
10:59:12 <rluethi> if you have any questions, let me know :)
10:59:21 <julenl> sure! Thank you :)
10:59:36 <rluethi> have a good rest of the week!
10:59:47 <rluethi> #endmeeting