18:05:24 <rluethi> #startmeeting training-labs
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18:05:40 <rluethi> #topic PXE patch
18:06:00 <julenl> preseed...
18:06:16 <rluethi> the spec was merged.
18:06:21 <rluethi> all we need is the patch now.
18:06:30 <rluethi> did you try the new changeset?
18:06:31 <julenl> I have been trying to use preseed files instead of kickstart ones, but I can't manage to get it working...
18:06:43 <julenl> not yet
18:07:10 <rluethi> did you try the new version I uploaded yesterday?
18:07:19 <julenl> I was focusing on trying to get a basic preseed working, but for some reason I still didn't manage
18:07:30 <rluethi> It seems to work for me.
18:07:44 <rluethi> But I may be missing something.
18:07:54 <julenl> actually, I think I might be doing something wrong
18:08:40 <julenl> I used the preseed-all-v2.cfg file with my iso-builder script and it stops at the language prompt
18:09:08 <rluethi> I fixed all that.
18:09:22 <julenl> aha! I'll try again :)
18:09:42 <rluethi> mind you, it is not elegant.
18:09:55 <rluethi> but it seems to work, it installs both nodes using PXE.
18:10:10 <rluethi> so we have a starting point to fix whatever is still missing.
18:11:42 <julenl> wow! cool! :)
18:12:08 <rluethi> it still needs some work for baremetal (currently only on virtualbox with hostonly networking).
18:12:39 <rluethi> please give it a try and let me know what you find.
18:13:08 <julenl> well... but that's just about adding some alternative VBoxManage command for creating a bridged interface and attaching the VM to that one...
18:13:18 <julenl> I'm running it right now
18:14:07 <rluethi> Yes, it should not be too hard. But it needs doing and testing. And I don't have a PXE boot hardware readily available right now.
18:14:52 <rluethi> oh, and of course each node downloads the whole distro from the net, not speed up with basedisk (except for the pxeserver node).
18:16:22 <julenl> yes... well, an rsync could be an option, but downloading it independently makes it more stand alone
18:16:54 <rluethi> yes, and for now I'd be happy just to have it working.
18:16:58 <rluethi> optimizing is for later.
18:17:27 <julenl> true
18:17:48 <julenl> also, did you think about how are we going to run the scripts?
18:18:17 <julenl> ssh to the target as in the VMs, or with an upstart script?
18:18:41 <rluethi> ssh to the target. that's what it's currently doing, anyway.
18:19:36 <rluethi> like I said, the current version of the patch builds the complete cluster with all scripts.
18:19:41 <rluethi> or at least it should.
18:20:23 <julenl> well.. and as the PXE server is in at the local host, we have connectivity to the targets in any case
18:21:07 <rluethi> yup.
18:22:39 <rluethi> okay, I'll wait for feedback from you (and Pranav).
18:22:49 <rluethi> #topic parser
18:22:55 <rluethi> ping dbite
18:23:20 <rluethi> Pranav seems to be making good progress there, I thought he would give us an update.
18:23:29 <rluethi> Next week, then.
18:23:42 <rluethi> #topic any other business
18:23:49 <rluethi> julenl: ?
18:25:03 <julenl> yes...
18:25:15 <rluethi> any other issues we need to discuss?
18:25:57 <julenl> hmm...
18:26:29 <julenl> I'll try the new patch and let you know
18:26:41 <julenl> and try to figure out about the bridged interface
18:26:59 <julenl> any other idea for me to work on?
18:27:09 <rluethi> excellent. then you will already have material for a follow-up patch.
18:27:36 <julenl> I'll let you know as soon as I have something
18:27:58 <rluethi> the centos port is still pending, and our new help seems to have disappeared again.
18:28:23 <rluethi> but with Pranav's patch, that may all happen automagically in the future.
18:28:55 <julenl> I am really looking forward to trying that :)
18:28:58 <rluethi> I don't know what the status is there, but I expect there's still plenty to do.
18:29:23 <julenl> I talked with him last week, and he seems to have it almost ready
18:29:46 <rluethi> once we get PXE booting with bridged networking, you could try to get ironic working.
18:29:52 <rluethi> just a PoC.
18:30:01 <rluethi> see if you can get it to run.
18:30:15 <julenl> hmm... that would be interesting..
18:30:23 <rluethi> yes.
18:30:34 <rluethi> and it's something we will need anyway.
18:31:34 <julenl> it adds much more versatility
18:32:22 <rluethi> yes, and afaik ironic is now part of the standard install-guide.
18:33:19 <julenl> it would be really cool to add LXD support too, to be able to install the whole thing maybe even on a raspberry pi
18:33:37 <julenl> but well... first things first
18:33:50 <rluethi> rpi 2 can run kvm.
18:33:56 <rluethi> i tried it.
18:34:10 <rluethi> no need for lxd, strictly speaking.
18:34:57 <rluethi> unfortunately, KVM on rpi 2 is not exactly something that works out of the box with current Linux distros afaik.
18:35:56 <julenl> yeah... I made a first attempt once, but didn't work, so I forgot about it
18:36:34 <rluethi> I had to patch the kernel to make it work.
18:38:11 <rluethi> anyhow, are we done? any other questions or comments?
18:38:36 <julenl> not really
18:38:50 <julenl> I'll test the patch and send you feedback
18:39:11 <rluethi> great. thank you.
18:39:27 <julenl> thank you too :)
18:39:43 <rluethi> have a nice evening!
18:39:46 <rluethi> bye
18:39:47 <julenl> so... next week more
18:39:51 <julenl> you too
18:39:52 <julenl> bye
18:39:54 <rluethi> #endmeeting