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18:01:50 <dbite> roll call
18:02:20 <julen> hi dbite
18:02:25 <dbite> julen: hi
18:02:49 <dbite> rluethi: hellop
18:03:14 <julen> hi rluethi
18:03:31 <dbite> julen: May be he needs a few more minutes
18:03:43 <dbite> julen: So what is the news with PXE feature
18:03:47 <dbite> #topic PXE
18:04:51 <julen> well... I haven't done much, I just checked roger's patch
18:04:59 <dbite> ok
18:05:03 <dbite> anything interesting?
18:05:21 <julen> which is quite good by the way... he fixed the pxecluster file
18:06:32 <julen> uff.. Roger just wrote saying he has issues with IRC
18:06:46 <dbite> julen: sounds good. I havent yet seen any email from his side so I assume he has some technical issues
18:08:40 <dbite> anything else on this topic?
18:08:47 <julen> let's wait some minutes, maybe he can restart or something..
18:09:11 <rluethi_> ping?
18:09:17 <julen> not from my side.. I didn't have time to write anything
18:09:21 <julen> hi rluethi! :)
18:09:35 <dbite> rluethi_: pong
18:09:36 <julen> rluethi_
18:09:40 <rluethi_> hey, sorry, had to switch to the web client.
18:09:46 <dbite> rluethi_: no worries
18:09:51 <rluethi_> issues with my mac IRC client.
18:09:51 <dbite> we are discussing the PXE feature
18:09:59 <rluethi_> reading up on it.
18:10:04 * dbite wants to keep todays meeting short.
18:10:34 <julen> I have one general suggestion...
18:10:46 <dbite> shoot
18:11:17 <julen> it really does take a lot of time to build the whole thing, and a big share of that time waste is the fact that we are using the us repositories
18:12:09 <julen> we should put some "sed" in somewhere to remove the "us." part of the repository addresses, so that it takes the closest one to the current location
18:12:45 <julen> or catch the locale from the local machine and use it somehow
18:13:31 <rluethi_> julen: for regular builds it's not much of a problem, because it happens only once (basedisk build).
18:14:05 <rluethi_> julen: for PXE build, it would make sense to have the required packages on pxeserver, then we only need to download them once.
18:14:37 <rluethi_> but if you have a good way of picking the appropriate server, that would be very welcome :).
18:14:45 <julen> rluethi_: sure.. or even copy them directly from the base disk
18:15:40 <julen> it is easy on the /etc/apt/sources.list, but I still don't know how to do it on the preseed
18:15:58 <dbite> julen: we should think about this after the current patch is merged
18:16:20 <dbite> julen: We could think about catching the packages on the PXE server node.
18:16:34 <julen> yeah... I just wanted to put it on the "todo" list :)
18:16:36 <rluethi_> yes, it is an improvement, it is not required for the initial version.
18:17:14 <rluethi_> julen: yes, certainly a worthwhile improvement.
18:17:36 <julen> I'll try to figure out how to do it on the preseed
18:18:35 <julen> in any case.. back to the topic...
18:18:38 <rluethi_> julen: maybe you can append to the boot command like I did for fixing the PXE server.
18:18:40 <julen> rluethi_: great job!
18:18:54 <rluethi_> julen: thx
18:19:26 <rluethi_> next topic?
18:19:35 <julen> so, what is still missing?
18:19:54 <rluethi_> for pxe booting?
18:20:00 <julen> attaching the machine back to the OS scripts, right?
18:20:02 <julen> yes
18:20:20 <rluethi_> it should be all working. for VMs, anyway.
18:20:30 <rluethi_> baremetal will need some additional changes.
18:20:55 <julen> oh! no.. that's also done! :)
18:21:11 <rluethi_> julen: have you tested it with baremetal?
18:22:00 <julen> rluethi_: well... I am a little restricted with hardware, but I can try it with "virtual" baremetal...
18:22:34 <rluethi_> julen: I will need to test with real hardware. there are some things that you can't emulate.
18:23:06 <julen> initially the machines should be started by hand anyway, until we write some WOL part or something
18:23:15 <julen> rluethi_: for example?
18:24:40 <dbite> julen: rluethi_ lets discuss this on ML rather than here.
18:24:42 <rluethi_> julen: MTU comes to mind. But the point is more that you don't know until you tried. There's always something you didn't consider.
18:24:56 <rluethi_> dbite: right. next up?
18:25:08 <dbite> #topic Parser
18:25:28 <dbite> I did not get enough quality time for finishing the parser
18:25:41 <dbite> most of my time went in adding the custom code to RST
18:25:57 <dbite> you guys should get an email when I finish the initial bits very soon
18:26:28 <julen> looking forward to testing it ;)
18:26:35 <rluethi_> same here.
18:26:51 * dbite Is working very hard :)
18:26:58 <dbite> #topic python port
18:27:06 <dbite> rluethi_: Pushed his VirtualBox code on github
18:27:23 <dbite> I am again trying to make sense of how to get things together but I am not stuck :)
18:27:35 <dbite> rluethi_: When do you wish to see the python port in action?
18:27:47 <rluethi_> dbite: I am working on adding PXE functionality to the Python port.
18:28:01 <rluethi_> dbite: what do you mean?
18:28:15 <rluethi_> I see it in action every time I test it.
18:28:30 <dbite> rluethi_: I was thinking that we should be releasing Newton very soon (1.5 months~(
18:28:49 <dbite> so we should aim to get the python version running before we work on the O release
18:28:57 <rluethi_> dbite: I'll do my best to get it into a mergeable state.
18:29:30 <rluethi_> dbite: we need to port the scripts to newton as well.
18:29:36 <julen> and, is it so, that the official Newtone release will be just in python, or we still keep the bash one too?
18:29:43 <dbite> rluethi_: Ill take that over
18:29:58 <dbite> julen: Do you want to contribute to Newton port too?
18:29:59 <rluethi_> dbite: <nod> makes sense.
18:30:14 <julen> sure.. if I can somehow...
18:30:23 <julen> I can always test...
18:30:45 <rluethi_> julen: I want to drop the bash version as soon as possible, maintaining two code bases is consuming too much of our resources.
18:30:47 <dbite> rluethi_: I have planned some time for the Netwon port. This time though I want to get alternative method as compared to one single big patch
18:31:04 <dbite> #topic Netwon Port
18:31:20 <dbite> julen: I will give you some more details soon, free this weekend?
18:31:20 <julen> is it just about reading the docs and updating the scripts?
18:31:39 <dbite> julen: Almost but making it work reilably takes a lot more effort
18:31:40 <julen> hmm... not fully, but we can arrange something
18:32:11 <dbite> rluethi_: does it make sense to release Newton first? Also I guess I will have to additionally work on install-guides again.
18:32:31 <dbite> Then immediately get the python port out.
18:32:43 <dbite> rluethi_: I plan to get the playground for the python port in asap.
18:32:44 <rluethi_> dbite: Newton first, before what? Python port?
18:32:49 <julen> is it so, that the bash scripts are 100% compatible with the python port?
18:32:56 <dbite> Yes before python port.
18:33:12 <dbite> julen: We start with eliminating the host side script first
18:33:23 <rluethi_> julen: the same scripts on the client side.
18:33:27 <dbite> julen: So they should definitely be 100% compatible.
18:33:44 <julen> good
18:34:10 <rluethi_> dbite: the order shouldn't matter, because they should be independent of each other.
18:34:27 <dbite> rluethi_: I think its important for our sanity IMHO
18:34:42 <rluethi_> (unless Newton requires architectural changes like Mitaka did)
18:35:13 <dbite> rluethi_: May be but let me check. Also I have some plans to do the porting in a way that I could kind of learn upgrading the OpenStack version specifics
18:35:17 <dbite> by doing it hands on
18:35:46 <dbite> rluethi_: This should allow us to add this feature later this year or early next year. Should be a cool challenge to take over.
18:36:06 <julen> dbite: live upgrade?
18:36:21 <dbite> julen: Not exactly
18:36:45 <julen> well... "cold" upgrade...
18:36:45 <dbite> julen: But we could try live upgrade, I definitely do not have time for live upgrade for the next 8 months.
18:37:16 <julen> ask Dirk ;)
18:37:51 <julen> (because of the rule_the_stack... )
18:38:19 <julen> well.. but first things first: priority list for me?
18:38:31 <dbite> julen: Lets sync up this weekend for the same
18:38:39 <dbite> lets move on
18:38:47 <dbite> #topic release_cycle
18:38:51 <julen> dbite: ok
18:39:11 <dbite> Last time we decided to have one major release and one optional minor release.
18:39:22 <dbite> rluethi_: Do you also want to keep some milestones for the same?
18:40:19 <rluethi_> I don't really know what this means in the context of this project. That might be something that needs some discussion.
18:40:36 <rluethi_> Maybe just go with whatever is easy and discuss the rest in Barcelona.
18:40:59 <dbite> rluethi_: Alright, I think I got what I understand right now. We just stick to one major release and one mile stone if required between the major releases.
18:41:46 <rluethi_> dbite: please cc us in those discussions when possible so we have a chance to learn what you are learning.
18:41:49 <dbite> rluethi_: Dont worry about it, I will do the required work for the same with dhellmann, I think I remember what we discussed last time but I forgot to push the governance patch. I will push it soon, worst case tomorrow morning
18:42:10 <dbite> rluethi_: yes, the other chat was on IRC so it was probably not possible to share it :)
18:42:29 <rluethi_> dbite: fair enough.
18:43:23 <dbite> #topic any other beezneez?
18:43:33 <rluethi_> reviews.
18:44:00 <rluethi_> did anyone get a chance to look at the two patches I posted Saturday?
18:44:04 <dbite> rluethi_: Sitting right after the meeting. I will finish them reviews ;D
18:44:35 <julen> yes, I already voted...
18:44:49 <rluethi_> julen: my apologies, I just noticed that you did.
18:44:57 <rluethi_> julen: thank you.
18:45:37 <dbite> ok, so all set, anything else?
18:45:49 <rluethi_> julen: have you been able to test them, or did you just read the code?
18:46:39 <rluethi_> I am asking because the proxy patch does need more testing. I built a test setup, but I would like somebody else to confirm that it works.
18:46:44 <julen> rluethi_: copy pasted the code
18:47:32 <dbite> rluethi_: I will test it.
18:47:51 <dbite> So guys, lets finish this meeting for today. We could additionally continue our discussion over IRC
18:47:55 <rluethi_> I set up a test machine and killed its default routes.
18:48:10 <rluethi_> It had to go through a squid server, only way out.
18:48:19 <rluethi_> I hope.
18:48:58 <rluethi_> Okay, let's end this then.
18:49:32 <dbite> bye guys
18:49:35 <dbite> #endmeeting