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18:01:26 <dbite> julen: Hi
18:01:33 <julen> hi dbite!
18:01:53 <dbite> It seems that Roger is late/busy.
18:02:09 <dbite> So let's speak about backports
18:02:20 <julen> ok
18:03:35 <dbite> So basically what I do is cherry pick the given commit and then update the commit message with this Depends-On: <gerrit change ID>
18:03:41 <dbite> Like this PR: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/355240/
18:04:28 <dbite> Did you try git cherry pick or rebase before?
18:04:47 <julen> nope
18:05:05 <julen> what is cherry pick?
18:05:22 <dbite> ok, it is not that difficult actually. What it does is to take the given commit from one branch and apply it to another branch.
18:05:27 <julen> rebase is for syncing the local code with the latest version, right?
18:05:32 <dbite> Yes.
18:05:47 <dbite> Cherry picking is similar to rebasing but with just one commit.
18:06:21 <dbite> That commit could be from a random point in the history from another branch. But if there are merge conflicts, then you need to resolve them manually.
18:07:01 <dbite> julen: Next time there is a back port up coming, I'll help you with it or you could go through an online tutorial for the same. Its much easier than the UI testing or the PXE patch you wrote ;).
18:07:38 <dbite> Actually it should be insignificant in front of your work :D.
18:07:49 <julen> wait.. so rebase syncs the whole patch and cherry pick just one of the updates to that pacht, right?
18:08:18 <dbite> Yes, in a way. Instead of update we should call it commit.
18:09:10 <dbite> So its like the cleaner way of copying the changes (diff/patch) into the new branch and git does all the magic for you. It's actually as simple as one command and resolve the merge conflicts if any using the text editor.
18:09:14 <julen> and, after resolving the conflicts manually, we can merge that code into the new branch, right?
18:10:02 <dbite> Yes, so basically commit with --amend and for the gerrit workflow used by OpenStack, delete the change-id from older commit and then write the depends on tag as shown in the PR give above.
18:10:16 <dbite> older/original
18:10:53 <julen> aha... I think I understand now
18:11:02 <dbite> awesome, lets move on.
18:11:41 <dbite> #topic parser
18:12:16 <dbite> It would be great if we could work on this together.
18:12:31 <dbite> #link https://github.com/dguitarbite/rst2bash
18:12:32 <julen> so, I just check for commits on Mitaka and ensure that they are also included on previous releases (if they apply), if not, cherry pick => fix => commit --amend to that releases branch
18:13:23 <dbite> julen: As of now the repository is well updated. What I would suggest is to review current patches and the fixes which are not release specific like to the library scripts, bug fixes should be backported.
18:13:58 <dbite> julen: I will also additionally make a commit in the patches for the starting to help you give some initial leads on which patches look interesting for the backports.
18:14:09 <dbite> s/commit/comment
18:14:21 <julen> ok, I'll try
18:14:33 <dbite> Awesome!
18:14:36 <dbite> Parser ... :D
18:14:41 <julen> so... what's the status of the parser?
18:14:54 <dbite> Almost ready for initial testing.
18:15:01 <dbite> I pasted the link above.
18:15:26 <dbite> I am finalizing the datastructures for the same and then eventually make the code much cleaner from the status of barely working.
18:15:41 <dbite> Rather from working code to beautiful pythonic code.
18:15:56 <dbite> The later should also be working quite well ;)
18:16:25 <dbite> So there are two things for the scope of the parser.
18:16:35 <julen> that's good :)
18:16:52 <dbite> First is testing part where we need to make sure that the bash commands which the parser vommits into a shell file is written as per our conventions.
18:16:52 <julen> functionality and readability?
18:17:05 <dbite> julen: Yes, both with added beauty ;).
18:17:30 <dbite> Second one is to write and update the install guide syntax.
18:17:52 <julen> well... shouldn't a "diff" with the current scripts do the job?
18:18:22 <dbite> Yes but to understand why the diff is not matching.
18:19:42 <julen> is the code on your git the one which is almost working already? it looks quite short...
18:20:57 <dbite> You make it sound really simple but this could be a lot of smart thinking work for understanding the issues underlying the parser.
18:20:57 * dbite Did I dc?
18:21:09 <julen> and... aren't you supposed to make plenty of "per-line" hacks?
18:21:18 <dbite> julen: No,
18:21:44 <dbite> we are not supposed to do such hacks. Otherwise this will not make much sense will it now?
18:22:16 <julen> but the rst is written in terms of "ifup IFACE_NAME" (so, one has to substitute the IFACE_NAME string with a variable...
18:23:07 <dbite> Nope, we will add some inner logic to work around such conditionals. But that should be one of the simple things that we test and figure out a tacky solution for.
18:23:35 <julen> wow! that sounds really classy! :D
18:23:35 <dbite> The aim should be to keep the install guides as it is ofcourse with some minor exceptions here and there.
18:23:40 <dbite> :)
18:24:03 <dbite> anything else on this?
18:24:21 <dbite> I will send you both an email once the parser is ready for testing. Then we should update the docs team with the same very soon.
18:24:25 <julen> not really... just looking forward to testing it :)
18:24:31 <dbite> ok
18:24:35 <dbite> #topic anyotherbuisness?
18:24:48 <dbite> Wow, even with the DC I remain the meeting chair :D
18:24:59 <dbite> Anything else on your mind?
18:25:09 <julen> oh! before I forget... not sure about next week, but the one after (29th) I am definitely not available
18:25:24 <dbite> Ok, no worries. Best of luck :).
18:25:35 <julen> thanks :)
18:25:57 <dbite> Another month and we have the meetings a bit earlier. Hopefully it is more comfertable for all of us with the winter timings.
18:26:04 <julen> so... what about if I start by trying to backport the pxeserver patch to... Liberty? (for example)
18:26:34 <julen> winter timing? we are in August! :P :D
18:27:07 <dbite> You could do it if you are upto the challenge but you may have to update a lot of things. Why don't you start with something simpler like the frontend testing patch first and then give PXE a shot?
18:27:15 <dbite> I said another month :P
18:27:36 <dbite> Ohh wait it is probably end of October ... for some reason this year's August does not exist for me!!!
18:28:04 <dbite> So, frontend testing patch first and then PXE patch. How does that sound?
18:28:40 <julen> well.. I guess there was not really summer in Germany this year...
18:28:47 <julen> ok, I'll check that
18:29:28 <julen> if you find some easy patch for me to start practicing, I'll appreciate
18:29:28 <dbite> Well then, let's finish this meeting. Thanks for attending. See ya.
18:29:38 <julen> thanks to you too
18:29:41 <julen> see you...
18:29:52 <dbite> #endmeeting