18:01:19 <dguitarbite> #startmeeting training-labs
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18:02:07 <dguitarbite> #topic python_port
18:02:20 <dguitarbite> I think julen is busy today. He moved to new city :).
18:02:33 <rluethi> right.
18:03:04 <rluethi> so, still tweaking a few things, ironing out some smallish bugs
18:03:17 <rluethi> did you try it?
18:03:32 <dguitarbite> Ok, I did not try it yet, I looked at the code. There is not enough time :|.\
18:03:51 <dguitarbite> I finally finalzied the distro logic, I want to finish the parser, doing nothing else in life at present :).
18:04:11 <dguitarbite> I did read the code, I have a lot of suggestions, be ready to find a lot of Pull Requests soon.
18:04:14 <rluethi> well, it _is_ an important piece of work.
18:04:35 <dguitarbite> I would before that like to get your concent that you are done and that you wont create any more branches ;)
18:04:44 <rluethi> not done.
18:05:06 <rluethi> but if we wait til I'm done we'll never get it merged.
18:05:31 <dguitarbite> Let's give a deadline, meanwhile I will test your code by black box testing
18:06:07 <dguitarbite> Deadline for you to stop branching ;). How about Friday for the same?
18:06:23 <rluethi> I have too many deadlines in my life already, but I still stand by what I said before: I want to try and get the Python port merged before Barcelone.
18:06:51 <julen> here I am
18:07:19 <dguitarbite> ok, so this weekend we do a pair programming review. I will start sending PR's after Friday.
18:07:24 <rluethi> hey julen!
18:07:34 <dguitarbite> Friday is my deadline to finalize the parser.
18:07:38 <julen> hey rluethi!
18:08:00 <dguitarbite> julen: Hi
18:08:03 <julen> I'll be quite busy on saturday, but sunday should be ok
18:08:13 <julen> hi dguitarbite
18:08:41 <dguitarbite> julen: Awesome, I would like your help with the parser. I have finished almost everything for the time being but I am sure that there are many bugs which have the tendency to creep in from time to time
18:08:59 <dguitarbite> But let us discuss the python port since that is the topic
18:09:54 <dguitarbite> or we are done discussing the python port?
18:09:55 <julen> unfortunately I didn't have time to check the new update of rluethi, but it sounds very good
18:10:02 <rluethi> Some issues that I am aware of or looking into:
18:10:25 <rluethi> VM proxy may not yet work as expected, probably needs fixing.
18:10:47 <dguitarbite> VM proxy as in?
18:10:50 <rluethi> depending on GUI options, console output with KVM builds may be misaligned.
18:11:23 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Are you using vish calls?
18:11:28 <rluethi> there's a variable VM_PROXY which allows users to run all of our stuff through an http proxy.
18:11:54 <rluethi> it was due to a bug a few weeks ago.
18:11:58 <rluethi> yes, virsh.
18:12:24 <rluethi> there is a log of all calls in the log directory for those who want to play along on the console.
18:12:31 <rluethi> also useful for debugging.
18:12:39 <rluethi> same for ssh.
18:13:08 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Ok, sounds good to me. Later on I will port it to python-libvirt bindings. For now we could still keep it dependency free.
18:13:59 <rluethi> you can just add a third provider for python-libvirt.
18:14:26 <rluethi> kvm is not exactly dependeny-free, either.
18:14:33 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Yes, thatsounds better, in case someone is against installing python-libvirt module but AFAIK, it ships with libvirt most usually.
18:14:37 <rluethi> it is as dependency-free as I could make it.
18:15:11 <rluethi> It would fail on OS X.
18:15:48 <dguitarbite> Virtualbox for OS X?
18:15:57 <rluethi> what else is there?
18:16:03 <rluethi> there is no kvm on OS X
18:16:26 <dguitarbite> I know, but what are the deps for VirtualBox on OS X?
18:16:39 <rluethi> none other than virtualbox itsefl.
18:16:39 <dguitarbite> I thought that VboxManage should ship with VirtualBox by default!
18:16:46 <rluethi> of course it does.
18:16:49 <dguitarbite> ok! I will take a look into this, sounds weird.
18:16:59 <rluethi> but libvirt is not part of it.
18:17:00 <julen> does it have some error message when trying to run kvm on windows or OS X?
18:17:53 * rluethi grabs his macbook, tries it, and hangs his head in shame
18:18:08 <dguitarbite> julen: I assume that it should throw the appropriate error/exception or should be denied by the CLI/API itself
18:18:37 <dguitarbite> rluethi: That is ok! It is not easy to catch everything.
18:19:06 <rluethi> of course it throws an exception because there is no virsh on os x
18:20:28 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Anymore things to discuss?
18:20:52 <rluethi> not on this.
18:21:09 <dguitarbite> ok
18:21:13 <dguitarbite> #topic parser
18:21:38 <dguitarbite> Today I managed to fix the distro logic. I had to redesign the indices algorithm that I am using for the same.
18:22:00 <dguitarbite> I still had to push a broken commit because I had to eat food :|
18:22:24 <dguitarbite> I will finish it today evening and test it in the morning and push it after fixing the following parsing blocks.
18:22:54 <dguitarbite> The algorithm is fine it is just the problem with changes in the previous algorithm for including distro block logic.
18:23:23 <dguitarbite> By tomorrow evening I should have the parser hooked up to the training-labs repository and auto-generate required scripts and trigger a run.
18:24:07 <rluethi> do you estimate we need to port the Newton scripts manually?
18:24:26 <julen> that's a good question ;)
18:24:42 <dguitarbite> Nope, we should be able to use the parser ± some manual edits on top since the parser should take a couple of weeks to be able to generate scripts which run without human supervision
18:25:23 <rluethi> alright then, I am counting on you.
18:25:29 <julen> dguitarbite: but is it already at the stage that it outputs formatted bash scripts?
18:25:42 <dguitarbite> I will strive to make it generate expected BASH script by the time we need to start writing Newton port but that depends on some non-technical aspects of my life :\.
18:26:05 <dguitarbite> julen: Yes, by tomorrow morning it should be, would you have some time for me tomorrow evening?
18:26:13 <rluethi> I am curious to see how will auto-generate all the race fixes we had to put into place.
18:26:36 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Two words
18:26:37 <julen> yes, but late.. after 20 or 21
18:26:42 <dguitarbite> Jinja Templates :D
18:26:58 <dguitarbite> julen: That works for me :) ... I am not the person with strict timings.
18:27:05 <rluethi> That's cheating :)
18:27:15 <julen> :)
18:28:10 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Really? :P I could otherwise template it as comments ... additionally I never claimed to have the abilities to solve NP complete problems.
18:28:26 <dguitarbite> *NP incomplete problems.
18:28:37 * dguitarbite Is as stupid as he thinks is not.
18:29:09 <dguitarbite> Anything else for the parser?
18:29:38 <dguitarbite> rluethi: By Wednesday morning you should be able to test the parser with one click training-labs style deploy.
18:30:07 <dguitarbite> rluethi: I would have a few commits to the training labs for adding a few functions to the lib folder for the parser.
18:30:55 <rluethi> okay. I am waiting for something to turn up that I can use with osbash (or the python port).
18:31:35 <dguitarbite> #topic Any other beezneez?!@#$%^&
18:32:06 * dguitarbite tried to break openstack meetbot semi-subconsciously
18:32:24 <rluethi> barcelona.
18:32:26 <julen> I think I got the OK today for Barcelona, what about you guys?
18:33:01 <rluethi> I have taken that week off, all I need is tickets and hotel.
18:33:07 <julen> Should we apply for a vbrownbag talk?
18:33:22 <dguitarbite> I will take another day, my manager is coming back tomorrow and I intend to go on a Satyagraha strike till he replies ;). I am ready to bargain down to unpaid vacations for 5 days so I can rockNroll at the summit.
18:34:32 <rluethi> I hope he doesn't read the IRC logs. Otherwise, your bargaining position is rather weak :).
18:34:48 <julen> :)
18:34:58 <dguitarbite> julen: Yes please, the topics are: #training-labs #rst2bash A parser for the community, #BOMSI, #Training-Labs python port now becomes more awesome than before.
18:35:39 <dguitarbite> rluethi: I have full faith in my team since they have clearly declared me insane for working on this project long time back, they do not bother with my work upstream.
18:35:42 <julen> all of them? :P
18:35:51 <dguitarbite> julen: Yes, all of them ... :D
18:36:05 <dguitarbite> But sarcasm apart, rluethi Satyagraha ;)
18:36:59 * rluethi is not familiar with Gandhi's philosophy
18:37:38 * dguitarbite Gandhi just used something already existing but he gave it an awesomer name though.
18:38:01 <dguitarbite> Ok, anything else?
18:38:24 <dguitarbite> julen: I am looking forward to meet you in Barcelona. We could watch Faulty Towers just for the kicks ;).
18:38:37 <rluethi> so are you going to inform us about travel plans tomorrow?
18:38:40 <julen> dguitarbite: :)
18:38:56 <dguitarbite> rluethi: I will get julen upto date with our Barcelona plans tomorrow and also send an email for sure.
18:39:08 <rluethi> k
18:39:31 <dguitarbite> Ok, done for today?
18:39:36 <julen> I'm good
18:39:43 <dguitarbite> rluethi: ?
18:39:49 <rluethi> yup
18:39:51 <rluethi> all good.
18:39:57 <dguitarbite> Good night people. Talk to you soon :). Awesome progress.
18:39:58 <julen> bye guys...
18:40:00 <rluethi> bye
18:40:02 <dguitarbite> bye.
18:40:07 <dguitarbite> #endmeeting