18:01:39 <dguitarbite> #startmeeting training-labs
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18:01:48 <dguitarbite> junlen
18:02:00 <dguitarbite> *julen seems to be busy.
18:02:05 <dguitarbite> topic?
18:02:36 <rluethi> python port
18:02:44 <rluethi> #topic python_port
18:02:52 <rluethi> or something.
18:02:53 <rluethi> :)
18:03:03 <dguitarbite> #topic python_port
18:03:09 <dguitarbite> So what is the status for the python port?
18:03:16 <rluethi> I just pushed a new branch.
18:03:35 <rluethi> Addressed a few things julen mentioned last time.
18:03:49 <rluethi> It will now do some basic tests regarding your environment.
18:03:55 <rluethi> Also some bug fixing and refactoring.
18:04:03 <rluethi> Have you tried it?
18:04:30 <dguitarbite> Not yet.
18:04:54 <dguitarbite> I am preoccupied with a lot of work. Basically the last three days of tlast week where really stressful
18:05:54 <rluethi> ok.
18:06:03 <rluethi> I noticed some changes in the parser.
18:06:26 <dguitarbite> Yes :D
18:06:45 <dguitarbite> There are a few small things I need to handle and I sat with Andreas and also have charted a plan.
18:07:01 <dguitarbite> I still need to push the last few bits of logic which are almost ready.
18:07:11 <dguitarbite> Additionally some changes to training-labs lib folder for the time being.
18:07:20 <dguitarbite> Shall I spill out the plan?
18:07:30 <rluethi> sure.
18:07:55 <dguitarbite> 1. Push final fixes for the path logic
18:08:23 <dguitarbite> 2. Push logic for environment vars and also update the code for openstack-manuals
18:08:28 <dguitarbite> 3. Create a spec in docs.
18:08:38 <dguitarbite> 4. Push op-m repo upstream.
18:08:50 <dguitarbite> op-m ==> A new repo. in openstack documentation.
18:09:08 <dguitarbite> and push the code from modified install-guides to manuals repo.
18:09:32 <dguitarbite> 5. Publish a new non-compulsory job.
18:09:47 <dguitarbite> 6. Improve parser with linting features for validating the install-guides lofic.
18:09:50 <dguitarbite> *logic.
18:10:17 <dguitarbite> 7. Update the parser and training-labs for the job to stabilize.
18:10:32 <dguitarbite> 8. (Lot later on) majke the upstream job compulsory,
18:10:35 <dguitarbite> :)
18:10:51 <rluethi> so which steps are going to happen before barcelona?
18:10:52 <dguitarbite> Lot of things on my plate. The first few ones are a bit more difficult and time consuming.
18:12:17 <rluethi> are you still positive that we won't need to do a manual port for newton?
18:12:26 <dguitarbite> rluethi: yes.
18:12:28 <dguitarbite> *Yes.
18:12:34 <dguitarbite> *Ja ja ja.
18:12:36 <rluethi> okay.
18:12:39 <dguitarbite> :)
18:12:55 <dguitarbite> The install guides are not yet ready for Newton so ... there is still time.
18:13:02 <rluethi> do you know what julen is up to?
18:13:17 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Nope, we decided to have a meeting after this meeting for more fdetails on the parser.
18:13:23 <dguitarbite> But he is not here yet.
18:13:33 <rluethi> I see.
18:13:45 <dguitarbite> Ahh, I got his email.
18:13:54 <dguitarbite> He will be late ~20:30+.
18:14:02 <dguitarbite> I guess, I could catch him up later on.
18:14:39 <rluethi> If there's nothing left to discuss, I'll leave. I have a train to catch tomorrow at 5 am.
18:15:08 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Happy journey :). Did you buy your summit tickets?
18:15:12 <dguitarbite> *summit things?
18:15:20 <dguitarbite> I guess the best way is to book a hotel room.
18:15:23 <rluethi> oh yeah, I have the plane tickets.
18:15:35 <rluethi> what about our accomodation?
18:15:38 <dguitarbite> Awesome, do you still wish to AirBnB or just normal hotels?
18:16:40 <rluethi> just pick something already before there's nothing left.
18:16:51 <dguitarbite> Ok, let us go with hotels then.
18:17:08 <dguitarbite> I am not sure if we manage to get something nice before the end of this week. I have too many things to do already.
18:17:17 <rluethi> what happened to airbnb? you were all gung ho about them the other day.
18:17:40 <dguitarbite> Ok, I will write you an email by tomorrow evening if I manage to book them.
18:17:48 <dguitarbite> Just time wise :) Nothing else.
18:17:58 <dguitarbite> *Due to time restrictions.
18:18:41 <dguitarbite> Alright let's wrap up.
18:18:44 <rluethi> okay. I can't do anything, either. I will be out of town until Friday.
18:18:45 <dguitarbite> Ciao.
18:18:53 <rluethi> bye.
18:18:54 <dguitarbite> Ok.
18:18:57 <dguitarbite> #endmeeting