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18:01:07 <julen> the guy has not come yet
18:01:11 <dbite> julen: rock and roll \m/
18:01:34 <julen> well well... next week the meeting will be in Barcelona :)
18:01:44 <julen> \m/
18:01:50 <dbite> yes :D
18:02:00 <julen> any news about Roger?
18:02:02 <dbite> next meeting will have beers included
18:02:25 <dbite> not sure if he is still busy. We where working yesterday.
18:03:11 <rluethi> sorry, running late.
18:03:19 <julen> hi rluethi!
18:03:20 <rluethi> hi guys.
18:03:27 <dbite> rluethi: Hi!
18:04:20 <julen> rluethi: you rock!! I fixed bomsi thanks to you! :D
18:04:31 <julen> now it's 100% functional :)
18:04:33 <rluethi> ? I didn't do anything.
18:04:59 <julen> (I just compared all the config files with osbash and I found some little differences which were not documented)
18:05:20 <julen> well... you took care of solving the non documented issues for osbash... ;)
18:05:30 <julen> (or wrong documented...)
18:05:44 <rluethi> I am curious. What were those issues?
18:06:31 <julen> something with the glance "api_servers = http://controller:9292"
18:06:33 <julen> have to go
18:06:40 <julen> talk later
18:06:51 <rluethi> hmm.. interesting.
18:06:57 <rluethi> ttyl
18:07:27 <rluethi> so, pranav, any news from the KVM front?
18:07:37 <dbite> rluethi: Fixed it : )
18:07:39 <dbite> Now it works.
18:07:59 <rluethi> dbite: did I miss a patch?
18:08:01 <dbite> The shutdown command was not behaving mostly due to systemd I assume.
18:08:08 <dbite> rluethi: I have updated it with Newton port.
18:08:49 <rluethi> dbite: Cool. I'll check it out.
18:09:03 <rluethi> What were the issues on Windows 10 you mentioned?
18:09:50 <dbite> rluethi: May  be it is my installation but the hostonly networks fail to create.
18:10:17 <dbite> I created them manually and proceeded, after the base disk installation I gave up because it started giving shared disk issues which you were working to fix.
18:10:22 <rluethi> Did you ever test it on Windows 10 before?
18:10:41 <dbite> I do not remember if it was windows 10 the last time I tested on windows was 3-4 months back.
18:10:46 <dbite> I may have but I cannot really say :(
18:10:50 <rluethi> Is it possible it never worked with Win 10?
18:11:05 <rluethi> It could be a new security model.
18:11:09 <dbite> Yes it is or may be because I have home edition.
18:11:17 <dbite> I agree.
18:11:35 <rluethi> I had to do some trickery to get the privileges required to configure the hostonly interfaces
18:12:05 <rluethi> We need to sort this out soon. Windows 10 is a thing now, whether we like it or not.
18:13:18 <dbite> rluethi: I agree/
18:13:26 <dbite> rluethi: Otherwise, I guess Newton port is mergable.
18:13:38 <dbite> I really wish to move on with the parser and other things on top.
18:15:47 <dbite> #topic newton_port
18:15:55 <dbite> Agree to merge the newton patch?
18:16:54 <dbite> #topic newton_port
18:16:57 <rluethi> I guess. I just started testing with KVM, so it would have to be based on your results.
18:17:28 <rluethi> Also, someone needs to look into Win 10. Will you?
18:17:36 <dbite> rluethi: From my side Vbox and KVM for Linux works as expected. For mac vbox tested with 13 repeats till it hit the race condition.
18:17:54 <rluethi> which race condition?
18:18:10 <dbite> The one where it hits virtualization related race.
18:18:39 <rluethi> should I know about it? I don't know what you mean.
18:18:54 <dbite> We where talking about it, thinking if ECC RAM would help.
18:18:57 <dbite> Remeber?
18:19:10 <dbite> But after debugging it was nothing to do with Newton port.
18:19:25 <rluethi> Oh, that. I don't think it's a race. I think it's just plain old memory corruption.
18:19:33 <dbite> Yes, probably
18:20:39 <rluethi> Wth Newton I am seeing new error messages, but that could just be systemd reacting slightly different to the same type of problems.
18:21:04 <dbite> rluethi: I agree. Systemd has some things are changed.
18:21:19 <dbite> *With systemd some things have changed.
18:21:28 <rluethi> So, let's merge Newton and resolve to make any issues we find with Newton a top priority when they emerge.
18:21:45 <dbite> rluethi: :) sounds good.
18:22:13 <dbite> rluethi: The windows 10 one should be important as soon as we merge Newton.
18:22:28 <dbite> Anything else here?
18:22:34 <dbite> julen: Can you test Newton?
18:22:36 <rluethi> Having no Windows 10 system, I don't even know where to start.
18:22:43 <dbite> I will release newton immidiately.
18:22:48 <rluethi> I thought julen is gone?
18:23:15 <dbite> OOps, just saw that, NMy bad.
18:24:07 <dbite> *forgot about that. Re-read the messages again.
18:24:26 <dbite> Next topic?
18:24:27 <rluethi> dbite: can you try Mitaka on Windows 10? That would at least give us a hint.
18:24:48 <dbite> rluethi: Yes. I will test and debug it with complete details. Also send some patches on top :).
18:24:57 <dbite> #topic rst2bash
18:25:57 <rluethi> I am trying to update my repo and I am getting a merge conflict.
18:26:28 <dbite> Which one
18:26:31 <dbite> ?
18:26:42 <dbite> Just delete the branch and do a git-review -d $patch number
18:26:44 <dbite> or is it the parser?
18:26:47 <rluethi> I think you rewrote history again.
18:26:54 <rluethi> It's merged now.
18:27:15 <dbite> Alright! You mean the parser.
18:27:27 <rluethi> Yes.
18:27:56 <rluethi> I still think that running a program like ./parser.py should give some helpful output, not
18:28:02 <rluethi> File "./parser.py", line 31, in <module>
18:28:02 <rluethi> rstFile = sys.argv[1]
18:28:02 <rluethi> IndexError: list index out of range
18:28:08 <dbite> SOrry for that, this is the last repository that I am rewriting history in this horrible manner. Even my private/personal ones, I hit some embarrassing issues due to horrible commit messages etc.
18:28:28 <dbite> You have to do a git submodule init && git submodule udpate. THen give the RST file to it.
18:28:56 <dbite> Sorry for these weird issues, in a day or two I will have the parser automatmically parse and launch labs to install the cluster :).
18:29:00 <dbite> It will be one click.
18:29:10 <dbite> rluethi: Meanwhile I had some news :).
18:29:26 <rluethi> k?
18:29:47 <dbite> I will be creating a new repository for the parser.
18:30:05 <dbite> It is to keep the commit history independent and this will not be a project but just a repo under docs.
18:30:36 <dbite> After a few months of using and stabilizing the parser we will think about the next step for the parser. May be it is a oslo lib or a sphinx extn.
18:31:03 <dbite> Meanwhile, I will be create a non-compulsory check with jenkins.
18:31:21 <rluethi> Hah. I think you will need a reviewer who will remind to clean up your code :).
18:31:43 <dbite> Yes, I will add the training-labs core team as the maintainer and reviewer rights for the same :),.
18:33:07 <rluethi> Totally unrelated question: do you thinks your shutdown patch was KVM specific? If so, why, and what were the symptoms?
18:33:24 <dbite> rluethi: It is nmore systemd specific.
18:33:30 <julen> I'm back
18:33:36 <dbite> julen: Awesome!
18:33:38 <rluethi> welcome back
18:33:45 <julen> the old tenant came to get some super heavy stuff he left
18:34:05 <dbite> rluethi: It is more elegant with systemd to do so. I could fetch the exact specific reasons for doing this but it is a waste of time IMO.
18:34:11 <dbite> #topic general_discussion
18:34:14 <julen> wait, I read what you said
18:36:14 <dbite> rluethi: Do you not agree with the shutdown change?
18:36:16 <julen> dbite: last week I tested Newton on Ubuntu and it went good (except the test_horizon :P)
18:36:52 <dbite> julen: We have a lot of changes since then Additionally it would be awesome if you could run repeat test for a few hours.
18:37:44 <julen> dbite: well... with the new trick rluethi told me I'm not afraid anymore. I'll put it tonight right after this and will report right after
18:37:49 <rluethi> dbite: I was hoping to keep the systemd-specific changes confined to a few files and to write them so they would work with and without systemd, but most distros have switched to systemd anyway. So maybe it's for the better to use systemctl.
18:38:23 <dbite> rluethi: I agree, obs & rdo are all using systemd already
18:38:38 <rluethi> dbite: even debian.
18:38:47 <dbite> rluethi: THen it is a done deal.
18:38:52 <rluethi> dbite: agreed.
18:39:44 <julen> and we are only installing on Ubuntu...
18:39:48 <rluethi> Okay, so the Windows 10 issue still makes me nervous. Just when I thought I could relax for a few weeks.
18:39:52 <julen> aren't we?
18:40:14 <dbite> julen: With the parser it gets really simple to do it with all install guides supported distros.
18:40:18 <rluethi> julen: correct. but we had a half-working fedora setup once.
18:40:30 <julen> oh! ok, I undertand now
18:40:31 <rluethi> julen: and we still want to expand to centos.
18:40:45 <julen> rluethi: that sounds good
18:42:28 <dbite> Anything else to report?
18:42:31 <dbite> Or discuss?
18:42:42 <dbite> I think we could wrap it up early today :).
18:43:26 <julen> I'm good
18:43:46 <rluethi> good for now.
18:44:00 <dbite> Awesome! Great job guys. We have Newton release on time :D
18:44:10 <dbite> ANd a lot of features. But we are barely getting started!
18:44:12 <rluethi> but we should talk at least briefly before taking off for barcelona.
18:44:25 <dbite> rluethi: julen Yes, a meeting over the weekend would be good.
18:44:43 <rluethi> yes
18:45:01 <dbite> #endmeeting