18:34:58 <dguitarbite> #startmeeting training-labs
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18:35:10 <dguitarbite> #topic quick overview
18:35:15 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Hi
18:35:23 <rluethi> hi dguitarbite
18:35:24 <dguitarbite> Let us go though it.
18:35:58 <rluethi> some patches still up needing review.
18:36:05 <dguitarbite> Ok.
18:36:20 <dguitarbite> Last I checked it was Saturday.
18:36:31 <dguitarbite> *I did not get enough time since Saturday.
18:37:05 <rluethi> patches have been up for over a week.
18:37:16 <dguitarbite> Checking now.
18:37:56 <dguitarbite> Yes, I need to test them. I spent more time fixing the bug last week. I will give it some time in the next days.
18:38:08 <dguitarbite> Any news on the Python port?
18:38:14 <rluethi> Okay.
18:38:49 <rluethi> Python port: I did spend some time fixing the bugs in Liberty as well :). And I took last weekend off.
18:39:10 <rluethi> So it looks like something might be forthcoming next weekend.
18:39:11 <dguitarbite> :)
18:39:34 <dguitarbite> Sounds good. I will also keep my weekend free. We could do some discussions/pair-programming.
18:39:42 <rluethi> k
18:39:45 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Is is possible to SSH into one of your machines?
18:40:05 <rluethi> No. What for?
18:40:16 <dguitarbite> For pair-programming.
18:40:31 <dguitarbite> I could setup one of my machines for this but I would like to have the commits on your name.
18:40:38 <dguitarbite> But it is not critical to have.
18:41:25 <rluethi> Let's just do a reasonably clean python commit and then pile on top of that.
18:41:44 <dguitarbite> Ok.
18:41:49 <rluethi> as long as we don't break osbash, we should be good.
18:42:11 <dguitarbite> The parser was kind of stand still since I had some commitments this weekend and spent some time bug fixing and re-basing the patches.
18:42:27 <dguitarbite> I should get it anytime, may be also over the weekend I guess.
18:43:01 <rluethi> Yeah, I pulled the parser repo a couple of times and notices a distinct lack of updates.
18:43:31 <rluethi> So, we both have our work cut out for us.
18:43:39 <rluethi> Busy weekend.
18:44:08 <dguitarbite> Yes, you should see one last furstrating update. I also need to push more commits for creating the rst2bash repo upstream, governance changes, changes to the labs release model and update the website to remove liberty and add Newton.
18:44:22 <dguitarbite> Also test Newton on Windows7, and linux with vbox & kvm.
18:44:40 <dguitarbite> I will ping Julen later today|this week and get some help from him too.
18:44:52 <dguitarbite> Also I have to fix it for Windows 10 ;).
18:46:06 <dguitarbite> rluethi: Alive?
18:46:13 <rluethi> I'd keep Liberty for a while, it seems that some people are still doing training on that (as we learned last week).
18:46:39 <dguitarbite> Ok, I will add Newton on top and mention Liberty-EOL.
18:47:00 <dguitarbite> But I need to discuss this with Lana and Andreas before.
18:47:12 <dguitarbite> May be it is better to remove Liberty since it is EOL!
18:47:26 <rluethi> Also, I will try to get better at backporting fixes.
18:47:47 <dguitarbite> rluethi: No worries, it is a team effort. We all should keep an eye on it for all the patches.
18:48:04 <rluethi> People are using Liberty. That's good enough for me.
18:48:04 <dguitarbite> Make it a rule to review comment if backport is required/necessary for a given patch.
18:48:13 <rluethi> yes.
18:48:49 <dguitarbite> rluethi: I agree, and hear you about Liberty. I will try to think of something better if not, then I just add another button to download Newton :).
18:49:06 <rluethi> Perfect. I am done for now. You?
18:49:11 <dguitarbite> Me too.
18:49:15 <dguitarbite> TTYL.
18:49:17 <dguitarbite> Ciao.
18:49:19 <rluethi> bye
18:49:24 <dguitarbite> #endmeeting