18:03:22 <julen> #startmeeting training-labs
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18:03:41 <julen> rluethi around?
18:04:58 <dguitarbite_> Hello
18:05:06 <dguitarbite_> I guess rluethi is busy today.
18:05:10 <julen> dguitarbite_ : have you seen roger?
18:05:11 <julen> aha..
18:05:30 <julen> well.. then, let's get started
18:05:47 <julen> #topic python-port
18:06:45 <julen> from my side, I tried the standard cluster and everything worked fine
18:07:01 <julen> dguitarbite_: did you have time to take a look?
18:07:06 <dguitarbite_> Yes I did.
18:07:21 <dguitarbite_> For linux with kvm
18:07:26 <dguitarbite_> it worked fine
18:07:43 <dguitarbite_> I still have to test other platforms.
18:07:54 <julen> maybe the windows and MacOS are going to be the tricky ones...
18:08:22 <julen> does it come with python binaries for windows?
18:08:36 <dguitarbite_> Not yet,
18:08:50 <dguitarbite_> julen: It works in the same way for Windows like with osbash
18:09:50 <julen> but does it mean that it does not require python to be installed in windows?
18:10:00 <dguitarbite_> Yes.
18:10:15 <julen> wow... cool :)
18:10:28 <julen> I haven't looked at that part yet
18:10:41 <dguitarbite_> julen: Me too ;)
18:10:48 <dguitarbite_> I will take a look at it this week.
18:11:01 <dguitarbite_> Also I need to test the same with Virtualbox and more work on top.
18:12:14 <julen> I might be able to give it a try on MacOS, but I'm sure rluethi tested it already
18:13:24 <julen> we have to come up with ideas to automate more tests
18:14:05 <julen> if we have more testing scripts, making sure that everything works is as easy as running the cluster and then running all the tests scripts
18:14:44 <julen> dguitarbite_: any news about the parser?
18:15:45 <dguitarbite_> julen: There?
18:17:00 <julen> dguitarbite_: There X ?
18:17:04 <julen> X = ?
18:17:18 <dguitarbite_> haha
18:17:26 <dguitarbite_> So the parser is delayed by a few days.
18:17:36 <julen> #topic parser
18:17:40 <julen> tell me more
18:17:41 <dguitarbite_> I should have the required patches up and running by tomorrow to create the repository,
18:17:54 <dguitarbite_> I guess this would be a long week for me but it should all be fine :).
18:18:05 <dguitarbite_> Nothing major to report yet.
18:19:09 <julen> I think I haven't looked at the parser since Barcelona :P
18:19:25 <dguitarbite_> Good, because I did not update it since Barcelona ;).
18:19:37 <dguitarbite_> But I should get things running soon(ish).
18:20:02 * dguitarbite_ is in big trouble if Roger sees this!
18:20:26 <dguitarbite_> Any more questions for this topic?
18:20:40 <julen> nope
18:20:45 <julen> anything about the mascot?
18:22:10 <dguitarbite_> Not yet.
18:23:03 <julen> and any other bureaucratic stuff?
18:24:46 <dguitarbite_> Not today.
18:24:54 <dguitarbite_> I am mostly busy with implemetation.
18:25:01 <dguitarbite_> Basically I had a sync up call with Roger
18:25:06 <dguitarbite_> And we merged the python spec.
18:25:15 <dguitarbite_> We should merge the python port this week.
18:25:25 <dguitarbite_> So it would be great if you could test the python port out :),
18:25:46 <julen> well.. I will put the ubuntu kvm running right after this
18:26:05 <julen> the ubuntu VB works fine
18:26:25 <dguitarbite_> Great!
18:26:34 <dguitarbite_> Roger is a Genius!
18:26:38 <julen> so, rluethi won't make it today at all?
18:26:48 <julen> yeah... that code looks like art :)
18:27:13 <dguitarbite_> I guess not. I checked my emails 2 mins ago to see if he has sent one.
18:27:23 <dguitarbite_> Nothing yet. But no biggie :)
18:27:35 <dguitarbite_> We all miss them meetings ;)
18:27:51 <julen> :P
18:27:55 <dguitarbite_> As long as we are in sync and work well. This is mostly for the community and being open.
18:28:29 <julen> yeah...
18:28:43 <julen> so, from my side, not much more to say...
18:29:19 <dguitarbite_> Alright, lets call it a day then.
18:29:20 <julen> waiting for the hardware
18:29:24 <dguitarbite_> Good bye.
18:29:34 <julen> and I'll let you know how the test with Ubuntu KVM went
18:29:37 <dguitarbite_> Best of luck and  thansk for getting the HW
18:29:46 <dguitarbite_> Yep.
18:30:01 <julen> thanks to you, for the motivation :)
18:30:13 <julen> well... see you next week
18:30:17 <julen> bye
18:30:30 <julen> #endmeeting