13:02:41 <joehuang> #startmeeting tricircle
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13:02:43 <Pengfei__> Hi joe
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13:02:51 <joehuang> hi Pengfei
13:02:59 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
13:03:06 <joehuang> #info joehuang
13:03:11 <Khayam> because funtion will automatically return a response incase of invalid input
13:03:11 <Yipei> #info Yipei
13:03:15 <Pengfei__> #help
13:03:17 <BeanZhang> #info Bean
13:03:23 <Pengfei__> #info Pengfei
13:03:50 <liuhaixia> Hi, joe
13:03:54 <liuhaixia> Hi, Pengfei
13:03:57 <joehuang> hi Haixie
13:04:03 <joehuang> sorry Haixia
13:04:12 <joehuang> to Khayam, yes
13:05:48 <joehuang> as to exception test, just use a fake function to raise exception, and check to see if the caller can catch and print correct logging including stack trace
13:07:08 <Khayam> ok
13:07:19 <liuhaixia> I have a research on VTN, it can bridge multiple different vlans to a vBridge. Thus can realize vlan l2 networking accross openstacks.
13:07:33 <joehuang> great news, haixia
13:07:41 <liuhaixia> But it seems to require hardware switch to support.
13:07:53 <joehuang> :(
13:08:05 <joehuang> no software solution?
13:08:58 <liuhaixia> software solution can be supported, but I really don't kown if it can support vxlan.
13:09:03 <joehuang> to Khayam, what I am afraid is that some parameter in Log.exception has not been initialized when using in the log.Exception
13:09:43 <liuhaixia> I asked somebody, still cann't get futher information.
13:10:32 <joehuang> to Khayam, if some variable is used without initilization, a new excetion will be throw and exit
13:11:01 <joehuang> You mean VTN can connect two VLAN to one L2 network
13:11:08 <liuhaixia> I have another concern, even vtn support L2 bridging with software. We need to replace bottom agent  with ODL. May some features will be lost.
13:11:14 <liuhaixia> yes,
13:11:22 <joehuang> but can't make sure these two VLAN will be bridged with VxLAN
13:11:40 <liuhaixia> yes, joe. it's my concern.
13:12:00 <joehuang> this is a little bit too heavy
13:12:41 <joehuang> Pengfei and Bean, do you have some new ideas about L2 networking across pods
13:13:35 <Khayam> thanks. let me know if anyone is interesterd in linuxcon tokyo from july 13 to 15
13:14:10 <BeanZhang> I have no idea for the moment
13:14:32 <joehuang> ok. we may discuss it tomorrow in #openstack-tricircle
13:14:58 <joehuang> L2GW has uploaded code for review
13:15:10 <Pengfei> we may need to familiar with neutron first.
13:15:22 <joehuang> but not sure it support software L2GW or not currently
13:15:25 <Pengfei> I have write a blog last week, and add it in the FAQ of wiki.
13:15:31 <Pengfei> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Tricircle
13:15:36 <joehuang> Great!
13:15:48 <BeanZhang> last week, i have installed the devstack and tricircle with virtualbox
13:16:03 <BeanZhang> and review the code commited by Pengfei
13:16:21 <BeanZhang> I have encountered a problem when i reboot the host with devstack. I run ./rejoin_stack.sh, but it didn’t work.
13:16:30 <BeanZhang> Run ./unstack.sh and ./stack.sh, it echos Error: Service g-api is not running, Error: Service g-reg is not running, [ERROR] /home/stack/git/devstack/functions-common:1646 More details about the above errors can be found with screen, with ./rejoin-stack.sh
13:16:38 <BeanZhang> Maybe it’s the devstack’s issue or tricircle’s issue. Then i run ./unstack.sh, ./clean, rm -rf /opt/stack/*, reboot the host and ./stack.sh again. It works.
13:16:47 <liuhaixia> I have a idea.Maybe we can bridge vlan and vxlan with  some softeware instance, like L2GW. But we need to have a little change to the bottom.
13:16:49 <BeanZhang> Do you have any good method to deal with the problem when the devstack doesn’t work ?
13:17:01 <BeanZhang> https://bugs.launchpad.net/magnum/+bug/1479475
13:17:01 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1479475 in Magnum "Document recovery steps if devstack host restart" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Vilobh Meshram (vilobhmm)
13:17:16 <zhiyuan_> pengfei: i found you add a link to paste.openstack.org, but that link is not permanent
13:17:58 <Pengfei> so what I need to do?
13:17:59 <BeanZhang> it will expire in 30 days
13:18:58 <joehuang> to Haixia, what's change? it would be better to use un-touched bottom openstack, or some package could be installed from git repository
13:19:04 <zhiyuan_> pengfei: maybe put the content directly in your blog?
13:19:39 <Pengfei> ok~ thanks for your suggestion.
13:20:34 <liuhaixia> hi, joe, I know what you mean.
13:20:49 <liuhaixia> So we have to keep research on it.
13:20:49 <BeanZhang> Any one has good suggestions?
13:21:14 <liuhaixia> Hi, pengfei, do you have any ideas on L2 networking accross openstack?
13:21:41 <joehuang> I think we can start design the framework for different L2 networking cross pods
13:22:28 <joehuang> and first use shared VLAN for demonstration of the framework
13:22:29 <Pengfei> no ideas...囧
13:22:30 <liuhaixia> hi, joe, you mean overlay and vlan, we can design differently?
13:22:44 <zhiyuan_> beanzhang: rejoin-stack.sh works well for me sometimes after host reboots, if problem occurs, you need to check the log to find out why...
13:22:47 <liuhaixia> I know.
13:22:58 <joehuang> a frame work with different driver for different L2 netwoking solution
13:23:36 <liuhaixia> yeah, for vlan, we can use this first.
13:24:09 <BeanZhang> ok
13:24:31 <BeanZhang> in https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/master/devstack/local.conf.node_2.sample OVS_BRIDGE_MAPPINGS=bridge:br-bridge,externn:br-ext
13:24:35 <joehuang> but the first driver is shared VLAN, than means, to create a network with same VLAN segment id in bottom pods
13:24:36 <BeanZhang> The externn is misspelled?
13:25:20 <joehuang> hi Bean, please file a bug and fix it
13:25:30 <BeanZhang> OK
13:27:36 <zhiyuan_> joe: so the hosts in the bottom pods need to be in the same network? I mean, connected to the same physical switch?
13:27:51 <zhiyuan_> for shared VLAN mode
13:27:59 <liuhaixia> for the second driver is different vlan. We can keep searching for existing solutions for bottom. But if there's doesn't yet, what should we do?
13:28:14 <joehuang> yes if the switch doen't support VxLAN gateway function
13:28:48 <Pengfei> How can we begin formally writing codes? Are there some tutorials about such as how to name the function and what python library to import for using?
13:28:56 <joehuang> if hardware switches support VxLAN gateway function, like TOR as VTEP
13:29:25 <joehuang> then we have to configure the TOR with 1:1 VLAN to VxLAN mapping
13:29:48 <joehuang> then no need for different pods must connect to same switch
13:30:38 <joehuang> one pod one switch, but switches are interconnected with VxLAN for VLAN segment
13:31:08 <joehuang> If not ,then pods must connect to same switch for the shared VLAN
13:31:20 <joehuang> is it clear?
13:31:28 <zhiyuan_> pengfei: you mean coding style?
13:31:35 <Pengfei> yes
13:32:18 <zhiyuan_> pengfei: http://docs.openstack.org/developer/hacking/
13:32:45 <joehuang> the VLAN to VxLAN configuration in TOR or core switch should be configured mannually if we want deploy different pod connecting to different switch
13:33:04 <liuhaixia> I know what you mean. But I have some other concerns. It's usually used with port hierachy binding. Vlan is 'local vlan', and maybe have some conflict to existing vxlan networks.
13:33:25 <Pengfei> thanks a lot!
13:33:25 <liuhaixia> as what I did in agile controller.
13:33:50 <joehuang> is there any open source agile controller version
13:33:52 <liuhaixia> But maybe there's other methods can implement what you said.
13:34:05 <liuhaixia> It's not open.
13:34:13 <liuhaixia> Enterprise line's product.
13:34:16 <joehuang> yes, shared VLAN can help us to do this
13:34:27 <joehuang> no controller needed
13:34:58 <liuhaixia> joe, I will have a deep research on it.
13:35:00 <joehuang> it should be  shared VLAN segment id exactly
13:35:19 <joehuang> ok, please
13:35:50 <liuhaixia> if anybody interest on it , please contact me.
13:36:14 <joehuang> to pengfei, for coding style, you can use pep8 or flake8 to check your style
13:36:36 <zhiyuan_> simply run "tox -epep8"
13:36:38 <liuhaixia> joe, xiaojie  have some researches on L3 netwoking. shall we have a talk on it today?
13:37:23 <joehuang> sudo tox -epep8
13:37:57 <joehuang> to Haixia, please
13:38:32 <joehuang> to Yipei, how about you
13:38:36 <Pengfei> thanks to joe and zhiyuan, I will read about it
13:39:18 <joehuang> if you use pycharm, wrong coding style could be promopted instantly
13:39:21 <Yipei> I have some finding when fixing the bug of devstack of installation on two nodes.
13:39:36 <Yipei> Simply setting OS_REGION_NAME as RegionOne on node2 does not work on my vm
13:39:41 <joehuang> ok, can it work now
13:39:46 <Yipei> yes
13:39:49 <liuhaixia> joe, xiaojie have some problems with wireless.  I will doi.
13:40:04 <joehuang> to Haixia, ok
13:40:32 <liuhaixia> Thirst one, there's a bug fix for router, to suport vxlan to other routers.
13:40:35 <Yipei> the two nodes share one keystone
13:40:41 <Yipei> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/489778/
13:41:07 <liuhaixia> by add flooding vtep list or by multicast to suport this.
13:41:09 <joehuang> to Haixia, I noticed it
13:41:35 <liuhaixia> yeah, but i think some limits.
13:41:47 <Yipei> When create_XXXX_accounts, it is required to go for keystone in RegionOne to verify whether the orperation is legal. Because node1 and node2 share the same keystone service.
13:41:51 <Yipei> is it correct?
13:41:52 <joehuang> but it's freezed in Mitaka, and can't support DVR currently
13:42:09 <liuhaixia> if pods num is large, flooding list will be increaing.
13:42:16 <liuhaixia> yeah, I konw.
13:42:42 <liuhaixia> even it supports DVR, i really don't think flooding is a good method.
13:42:49 <joehuang> They assume only one
13:43:12 <liuhaixia> yeah~
13:43:37 <joehuang> to Yipei, I am afraid you installed two independent regions with shared KeyStone, but no Tricircle insatlled
13:43:45 <Yipei> yes
13:44:12 <Yipei> i install devstack on two nodes with tricircle
13:44:26 <Yipei> but when booting vm, i encounter some problems
13:44:32 <joehuang> to Yipei, could follow Pengfei's blog? He has installed two nodes and L3 networking successfully
13:44:59 <Yipei> yes, i read it
13:46:04 <joehuang> Hi, all I think we have a lot to discuss, as more and more items are doing
13:46:05 <Yipei> but simply setting OS_REGION_NAME as RegionOne on node2 does not work on my vm
13:46:06 <liuhaixia> Second one, with  port hierachy binding,  vlan and vxlan mapping is 1:1, if router use shared vlan and it's mapped to  vxlan. So tenants cann't be isolated for the same vxlan.
13:46:24 <liuhaixia> but if router or tenants used diffent vlan, 4096 is the limit.
13:46:41 <Yipei> I need to switch the OS_REGION_NAME to RegionTwo when necessary, during installing devstack on node2.
13:46:51 <Yipei> when uploading image to glance, we need to set the OS_REGION_NAME as RegionTwo, since node2 has its own glance service.
13:47:10 <joehuang> to Yipei, use shared Glance now
13:48:01 <joehuang> no need 1:1 for hierarchy port binding
13:48:01 <Yipei> but i need to it will have some problems when executing upload_image
13:48:18 <zhiyuan_> i think glance services are disabled in node2 from the config sample
13:48:19 <joehuang> ok, let's move the talk to #openstack-tricircle tomorrow
13:48:26 <Yipei> ok
13:48:33 <joehuang> the time is limited
13:49:04 <joehuang> to Haixia, we can discuss your concerns tomorrow in #openstack-tricircle
13:49:21 <liuhaixia> ok.
13:49:45 <liuhaixia> it also on 1:00 pm UTC?
13:49:50 <joehuang> We need to keep online in #openstack-tricircle, so that more frequently communication
13:50:03 <joehuang> no time limitation if we are online
13:50:06 <BeanZhang> Yipei, github tricircle Cross-pod L3 networking with DevStack, from my perspective, there is no RegionTwo
13:50:08 <liuhaixia> oh, I know.
13:50:21 <BeanZhang> Just RegionOne, Pod1, Pod2
13:50:26 <Yipei> i know, pod2 i mean
13:50:27 <joehuang> to Bean, agree +1
13:51:03 <Yipei> RegionTwo->pod2
13:51:06 <Pengfei> to Bean, agree +1
13:51:18 <joehuang> ok, let's conclude the meeting and continue discssion in #openstack-tricircle
13:51:25 <BeanZhang> ok
13:51:38 <joehuang> see you
13:51:46 <joehuang> #endmeeting