13:08:43 <joehuang123> #startmeeting tricircle
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13:09:12 <joehuang123> hi RHcao, could you introduce yourself briefly
13:09:20 <RHcao> ok
13:09:50 <RHcao> i am the doctor of hunan university
13:10:14 <tommouse> RHCao is a ph.D candidate
13:10:32 <RHcao> College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
13:10:41 <joehuang123> hi, Tommouse, also first time to meet you here
13:11:04 <tommouse> hi joe, I am zhuo tang.
13:11:14 <joehuang123> great, RHcao and tommouse, welcome to join tricircle
13:11:33 <joehuang123> ok, also a brief introduction
13:11:51 <RHcao> there is another member longxiongqiu
13:12:03 <longxiongqiu> Hi joe
13:12:09 <tommouse> i am very interested to join this group.
13:12:13 <joehuang123> o, a big team. Xiongqiu
13:12:51 <joehuang123> really nice to see more and more people are interested in Tricircle
13:13:02 <joehuang123> #topic rollcall
13:13:07 <joehuang123> #info joehuang
13:13:26 <zhiyuan_> #info zhiyuan
13:13:34 <haixia> hi, I spent about 30 min to join the meeting.
13:14:07 <tommouse> Yes, i think Tricircle will be more and more perfect under the leader of joe.
13:14:08 <joehuang123> really thick great wall
13:14:35 <joehuang123> #topic progress review
13:14:47 <joehuang123> let's look at the todo list
13:14:59 <joehuang123> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/TricircleToDo
13:15:20 <joehuang123> please mark down the item are doing and finished
13:16:22 <zhiyuan_> how about security group? mark it as done?
13:17:59 <joehuang123> SEG marked done, but add one more item, default SEG rule update
13:18:14 <joehuang123> this one need to be discussed
13:18:22 <haixia> hi, joe, for hared vlan, there's no todo list.
13:18:36 <joehuang123> please add one item
13:18:37 <zhiyuan_> ok
13:18:45 <joehuang123> #info SEG marked done, but add one more item, default SEG rule update
13:19:00 <joehuang123> #info add shared VLAN todo item
13:21:40 <haixia> @Joe, I have not been authorized to add a new one.
13:21:50 <joehuang123> hi, MITAKA release is approching, so I suggest to move some todo items from phase III to pahse 4
13:22:13 <joehuang123> To haixia, it's OK, I can see the item you added
13:22:25 <haixia> OK
13:23:08 <haixia> Maybe this friday, if you are free, we can have a discuss, then I work on the spec.
13:25:15 <joehuang123> I am going to Guangzhou for USA visa this Friday, we can have chat tomorrow in #openstack-tricircle
13:25:26 <haixia> ok
13:27:04 <joehuang123> Hi, For Mitaka is close to release
13:27:32 <joehuang123> So we need also to follow the release pace, and have one release based on MITAKA
13:27:43 <tommouse> @joe, we are considering how can we take part in the development process as soon as possible. Hence we can have the related task items in Todo. Maybe we can disscuss the task distribution about the team from Hunan University later.
13:27:50 <joehuang123> many phase 3 items not finished are moved to phase 4
13:28:09 <joehuang123> that's ok
13:28:25 <joehuang123> we can also keep touch in #openstack-tricircle channel
13:28:32 <tommouse> OK
13:28:40 <joehuang123> you can pick up the items you are interested in
13:28:49 <tommouse> OK
13:29:14 <joehuang123> and after Mitaka, I suggest to use BP/spec to follow new item
13:29:31 <joehuang123> so that we can have better design review
13:29:55 <tommouse> @RHcao we need to discuss the items in todo later.
13:30:19 <joehuang123> currently a new framework based on the stateless design is basicly available in Mitaka
13:30:28 <zhiyuan_> joe: that's fine
13:30:47 <joehuang123> but all of us can see that there are still lot of things to do
13:30:50 <RHcao> ok
13:31:14 <joehuang123> and more and more people join, we need a way for communication and review, discussion
13:31:48 <joehuang123> hi, Yipei, how about your environment setup?
13:32:38 <Yipei_> Hi, Joe, I install devstack in two nodes separately as you suggested. Although Devstack can be installed successfully in both nodes, respectively, I think there are some problems with the neutron on node1.
13:33:22 <Yipei_> When I reboot the node1 and execute rejoin-stack.sh, the errors are pasted in the link. #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/490678/.
13:34:01 <Yipei_> neotron fails to start up
13:34:06 <Yipei_> neutron
13:34:46 <joehuang123> RPC not setting correctly
13:35:01 <zhiyuan_> reboot host and then run rejoin-stack.sh is not working properly in devstack
13:35:27 <zhiyuan_> maybe cause problem sometimes
13:35:42 <joehuang123> did you run ./stack.sh again after reboot host?
13:35:58 <RHcao> hi, Joe , i install  devstack in one node  and  in the RegionOne can't see the imformation  of  Pod1.  The single node precept is working?
13:36:20 <Yipei_> @joe, no
13:36:30 <tommouse> what is the stateless model in todo?
13:36:33 <joehuang123> to Yipei, you need to do so
13:36:40 <Yipei_> ok, i see
13:37:31 <joehuang123> to RHcao, do you add pod1 using CURL, and have the Pod1 registered successfully in KeyStone?
13:38:31 <zhiyuan_> tommouse: now we are working on the stateless model of Tricircle
13:38:41 <joehuang123> to tommouse statless model is the current design, the old design is statefull, the top is one whole openstack instance
13:39:20 <RHcao> i run the stack.sh and edit the local.conf
13:40:02 <zhiyuan_> RHcao: did you follow the steps described in our README.md?
13:40:08 <RHcao> yes
13:40:34 <RHcao> and  i run the old order nova-manage service list
13:40:51 <RHcao> nova-api and  nova-metedata is down
13:41:47 <joehuang123> follow the steps described in README in https://github.com/openstack/tricircle is recommended
13:43:03 <RHcao> ok
13:43:07 <zhiyuan_> RHcao: what's the result of running "openstack endpoint list"?
13:44:02 <RHcao> the list is right
13:44:25 <joehuang123> #info after Mitaka, suggest to use BP/spec to follow new item
13:45:17 <joehuang123> How about this one curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \     -H "X-Auth-Token: $token" -d '{"pod": {"pod_name":  "Pod1", "az_name": "az1"}}
13:45:42 <joehuang123> This command is to add Pod1 in Tricircle
13:45:45 <zhiyuan_> RHcao: then it's fine. If I am correct, "nova service-list" will send request to our nova api gateway, but nova api gateway doesn't handle this request
13:45:58 <RHcao> yes
13:46:16 <RHcao> that's my puzzled
13:46:22 <RHcao> and i chech the log
13:46:36 <RHcao> nova-api alos report ERROR
13:46:37 <joehuang123> Nova-API gateway not support the service-list yet
13:47:15 <RHcao> i also to find the way to start the nova-api server in devstack
13:47:19 <RHcao> but failed~
13:47:41 <zhiyuan_> RHcao: no need to start nova-api in RegionOne
13:47:45 <joehuang123> You mean pod1 nova-api or Tricircle nova-apigw
13:47:53 <RHcao> pod1 nova-api
13:48:03 <joehuang123> no Nova-API in Tricircle
13:48:32 <joehuang123> OK, let's move this discussion to #openstack-tricircle tomorrow
13:48:40 <zhiyuan_> try "nova --os-region-name Pod1 service-list"
13:48:57 <zhiyuan_> so you can check the service in Pod1
13:48:57 <joehuang123> it's time to conclude the meeting
13:48:58 <RHcao> the webpage of RegionOne  there is no imformation of Pod1
13:49:34 <joehuang123> doesn't work well in horizon, not check yet. only command tested
13:49:43 <Yipei_> @joe, sorry about the slow progress. I have been busy with my graduate thesis and Ph.D. admission interview during last two weeks. This weekend, they both come to an end. And I will devote myself to the project next week and try to finish the installation.
13:49:53 <RHcao> ok  i see  thank so muc
13:49:55 <RHcao> much
13:50:15 <joehuang123> that's ok, no problem. Yipei
13:50:53 <joehuang123> ok , see you , let's continue discussion in daily communication channel #openstack-tricircle
13:51:03 <joehuang123> #endmeeting