13:01:02 <joehuang> #startmeeting tricircle
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13:01:16 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
13:01:25 <joehuang> #info joehuang
13:01:33 <zhiyuan> #info zhiyuan
13:01:41 <Yipei> #info Yipei
13:02:18 <longxion_> #info longxiongqiu
13:02:40 <joehuang> #topic tempest
13:03:20 <joehuang> just submit a patch for tempest to discover tricircle tempest plugin
13:03:42 <ronghui_1> #Ronghui
13:03:49 <ronghui_1> #info Ronghui
13:03:52 <ronghui_1> hello
13:04:23 <joehuang> tempest is for system test, that means Tricircle is tested as a running system
13:04:28 <joehuang> hi ronghui
13:05:40 <joehuang> not like unit test, the Tricircle is not running
13:05:44 <longxion_> @joe you mean tricircle now need support unit test and tempest?
13:06:30 <joehuang> after several patchces, we need to enable tempest test
13:07:14 <joehuang> in fact, tempest can test Nova/Cinder/Neutron, and these test cases should work for Tricircle too
13:07:58 <joehuang> but because we have not finished all functions, so we need to select some test cases to be executed
13:08:34 <joehuang> in tricircle tempest plugin
13:08:56 <longxion_> ok
13:09:36 <joehuang> for example, for cinder volume type, there are already some test cases in Cinder Tempest, we can reuse that
13:11:20 <joehuang> ok, later we can continue discuss about the tempest and how to enable it for new features
13:11:25 <longxion_> ok, i will find it in cinder code
13:12:50 <joehuang> #topic L2 networking, pod binding and volumetype
13:13:07 <ronghui_1> i update the spec and there is review replay "-2" but there is no change requests
13:13:35 <ronghui_1> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/304540/
13:13:44 <ronghui_1> patch set 23
13:14:12 <joehuang> dont worry, Shinobu will go through the new patch set
13:14:34 <joehuang> he may remove -2 if he think the patch is ok
13:14:59 <zhiyuan> for l2 gateway, i have successfully deployed l2 gateway services in devstack and connected VMs in one host to the l2 gateway in another host. will start try the remote l2 gateway feature tomorrow
13:15:02 <ronghui_1> ok  thank for all of you guys
13:15:30 <joehuang> great news
13:15:39 <joehuang> could share the link for the code
13:15:59 <joehuang> #info successfully deployed l2 gateway services in devstack and connected VMs in one host to the l2 gateway in another host.
13:16:32 <zhiyuan> but l2 gateway require vtep simulator whose installation package is only available for version 15.04 or higher if using Ubuntu
13:16:36 <longxion_> great for shared code
13:17:00 <joehuang> there is some limitation here
13:17:08 <ronghui_1> that is not good news for us
13:17:19 <zhiyuan> #link https://github.com/oferby/networking-l2gw/tree/HA4
13:17:20 <ronghui_1> we need to update our Ubuntu
13:17:26 <longxion_> but we can learn how to code
13:17:32 <ronghui_1> yes
13:17:34 <zhiyuan> repos for l2 gateway plugin
13:17:47 <ronghui_1> i will update the Ubuntu tomorrow
13:17:55 <zhiyuan> or you can compile the code ...
13:17:57 <ronghui_1> to the version 16
13:18:47 <Yipei> is there any guide for compiling the code?
13:18:50 <zhiyuan> #link https://github.com/openvswitch/ovs/blob/master/vtep/README.ovs-vtep.md
13:19:00 <zhiyuan> link for vtep simulator
13:19:28 <zhiyuan> i am also writting a summary how to try l2 gateway
13:20:01 <ronghui_1> great
13:20:26 <zhiyuan> l2 gateway doesn't need to run with your openstack, so you can just add a new VM
13:20:46 <zhiyuan> no need to upgrade your VM which runs openstack
13:21:05 <ronghui_1> got it
13:21:07 <Yipei> OK, got it.
13:21:50 <ronghui_1> u mean run another devstack to run the L2 gateway?
13:22:32 <zhiyuan> no, l2 gateway is just a openvswitch-vtep plus a vtep simulator
13:22:52 <zhiyuan> nothing to do with openstack
13:23:19 <ronghui_1> ok
13:23:34 <zhiyuan> your l2 gateway agent in your openstack talks to the openvswith-vtep service
13:24:18 <ronghui_1> yes
13:25:06 <joehuang> but L2GW plugin needs to be installed
13:25:32 <joehuang> sorry, this could be done next step
13:25:43 <joehuang> make data plane work first
13:26:17 <zhiyuan> yes, you need to install it in your openstack but l2 gateway plugin is pure python
13:26:26 <zhiyuan> easy to instll
13:26:37 <zhiyuan> s/instll/install
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13:27:40 <zhiyuan> after i finish the experiment i will send out the summary
13:27:50 <Guest_74577> galaxies are not doing Allah is doing
13:28:00 <ronghui_1> waiting for ur summary
13:28:02 <Guest_74577> oceans are not doing Allah is doing
13:28:02 <zhiyuan> then you can try it in your own environment
13:28:08 <ronghui_1> ok
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13:29:15 <joehuang> great to see Yipei also submit a patch today
13:29:30 <Yipei> Shinobu gives a lots of comments about the new patch, i will update it tomorrow.
13:29:45 <Guest_74577> job is not doing Allah is doing
13:30:15 <Yipei> for the framework, i still don't have much idea, is there any code i can refer to?
13:30:27 <joehuang> review is to help the quality
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13:32:06 <zhiyuan> maybe refer to nova scheduler filter?
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13:32:38 <longxion_> @joehuang  for volumetype patch, is there have an suggestion for me?
13:33:13 <Guest_74577> customers are not doing Allah is doing
13:33:21 <Yipei> OK, i will try
13:33:32 <joehuang> I'll review it tomorrow morning for your new update
13:33:38 <Guest_74577> you can not get a job without the permission of allah
13:34:16 <joehuang> is Guest_74577 a robot
13:34:59 <longxion_> yes
13:35:34 <joehuang> Yipei, you can start from bug fix first
13:36:15 <joehuang> and refer to nova scheduler and cinder scheduler
13:36:31 <Guest_74577> you can not get married without the permission of allah
13:36:34 <Yipei> OK, i will try.
13:37:45 <Yipei> dose my spec file miss any function or technical details? i think more technical details may help design the framework
13:38:19 <Yipei> i will try to fix the bugs next week and go on updating the spec file
13:38:47 <Guest_74577> nobody can get angry at you without the permission of allah
13:39:05 <Yipei> along with trying to design the framework
13:39:10 <joehuang> you can learn nova source code like http://www.aboutyun.com/thread-10121-1-1.html
13:39:41 <Yipei> OK, thanks a lot for the link
13:39:54 <joehuang> it's not the new one
13:40:14 <joehuang> just learn how to search, knowledge is in the internet
13:40:32 <Yipei> maybe i can help me understand the rationale
13:40:55 <joehuang> ok, any other topics?
13:41:03 <Yipei> OK, i will do some research on cinder/nova scheduler
13:41:11 <Yipei> no for me
13:41:34 <Guest_74577> light is not doing Allah is doing
13:41:41 <longxion_> no for me , please review for volumetype, glade to see more comments
13:41:43 <Guest_74577> fan is not doing Allah is doing
13:42:19 <joehuang> ok, let's end the meeting
13:42:23 <ronghui_1> also no for me
13:42:29 <joehuang> #endmeeting