13:06:37 <joehuang1> #startmeeting tricircle
13:06:38 <admir_> hello
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13:06:41 <yinxiulin> hi
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13:06:44 <joehuang1> hi
13:06:47 <zhiyuan> hi
13:06:54 <admir_>13:07:00 <joehuang1> #topic rollcall
13:07:08 <joehuang1> #info joehuang
13:07:09 <Yipei_> hi
13:07:15 <hjw> hi
13:07:21 <liukun> hi
13:07:24 <huangdongfeng> hi
13:07:28 <yinxiulin> hi
13:07:38 <joehuang1> hello, a lot o new contributors, could you introduce yourself a little?
13:07:58 <yinxiulin> ok
13:08:23 <liukun> My name is Liu Kun, I am studying at Hunan University. I am more familiar with java language, and I did some projects on Bigdata.I am very happy to be here and study together, to make contribution to the open source community.
13:08:47 <joehuang1> welcome Liukun
13:09:01 <hjw> Hello I'm Jiawei He.I'm a new master student of Hunan University.It,s my honor to ateend this meeting.That's all ,thank you.
13:09:20 <joehuang1> welcome Jiawei
13:09:37 <zhiyuan> welcome, new members
13:09:47 <hjw> thx.
13:09:54 <liukun> thanks
13:10:55 <longxiongqiu> welcome
13:11:26 <joehuang1> the Tricircle project is applying big-tent project
13:11:52 <joehuang1> and one concerns in the application from the TCs is micro-version and api consistency
13:12:38 <joehuang1> we need to prompt the implementation priority of microversion feature
13:13:36 <joehuang1> #link https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/nova-specs/specs/kilo/implemented/api-microversions.html
13:14:03 <joehuang1> #link http://developer.openstack.org/api-guide/compute/microversions.html
13:15:06 <joehuang1> this feature has been moved to this phase
13:16:37 <longxiongqiu> is this a new featrue?
13:17:33 <joehuang1> it's a new feature, and mainly for api backward compatibility and cross version interaction
13:18:12 <joehuang1> espcailly useful in production cloud
13:18:22 <joehuang1> and xiulin is interested in this feature
13:18:38 <joehuang1> xiulin, could you introduce your understanding a little
13:21:11 <joehuang1> to Xiongqiu, for tempest test in Nova, you can refer to the new patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/343517/
13:22:17 <joehuang1> I found that the regex has to be expressed in one line for multiple filter, so a patch is needed to update the script
13:22:31 <longxiongqiu> ok, thanks. i will finish in this week.
13:22:41 <joehuang1> hi xiulin? are you online?
13:23:40 <yinxiulin> sorry, my net work is not very good
13:23:48 <joehuang1> understand
13:25:33 <joehuang1> ok, next topic
13:25:50 <joehuang1> #topic tricircle api feature parity
13:26:31 <joehuang1> a feature parity for tricircle in Newton release is prepared
13:26:39 <joehuang1> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yXdxGtQq_6YJUtJtjmPICyhq4SbP8E6uWyzn0zev8bI/edit#gid=308439069
13:27:27 <joehuang1> every one can work on the items you are interested in
13:27:49 <joehuang1> becaure all features are expected to be merged in the Newton release
13:27:53 <longxiongqiu> the table is very clear. :)
13:28:14 <joehuang1> that means the feature should be implemented before Oct.1
13:28:51 <joehuang1> so that we can have a release in parallel with Newton, which will be released on Oct.15(or so)
13:29:09 <joehuang1> to Xiongqiu, thank you very much:)
13:29:35 <joehuang1> o, xiulin is very fast
13:31:10 <joehuang1> one suggestion is it would be better to set different due date for different feature(may be several APIs together)
13:34:27 <joehuang1> hello, there is some connection issue to access the file for me now :(
13:35:36 <longxiongqiu> need we add our name below owner col of the feature table?
13:36:23 <joehuang1> yes, please
13:36:46 <joehuang1> we need to use English in the table
13:36:58 <zhiyuan> you just assign the feature you would like to implement to yourself
13:37:23 <longxiongqiu> ok
13:37:29 <Yipei_> ok, got it
13:38:18 <joehuang1> and set due date(when the feature could be merged, before Oct.1)
13:40:14 <longxiongqiu> got it
13:40:30 <joehuang1> please evaluate the features you would like to contribute
13:41:44 <Yipei_> since the admin apis are related to pods, Dongfeng and I would like to implement them
13:41:48 <longxiongqiu> not Privilege  to edit
13:42:10 <zhiyuan> i will finish the networking feature first :) before working on nova and cinder api gateway
13:42:30 <longxiongqiu> please promote my Privilege。:)
13:42:38 <joehuang1> and let's have a meeting in #openstack-tricircle on UTC 1:00, Friday(Beijing time 9:00am) to discuss on features you may have questions
13:43:00 <longxiongqiu> Ok
13:43:02 <joehuang1> you need to send me your gmail address, so that I can add you to the editor list
13:43:04 <Yipei_> ok
13:43:11 <huangdongfeng> ok
13:43:16 <hjw> got it
13:43:20 <longxiongqiu> i have send email to you, plz check it
13:43:54 <joehuang1> you can send me your gmail address to joehuang@huawei.com
13:44:35 <joehuang1> becaure google doc only can be edited if you have google account
13:45:02 <longxiongqiu> yes , i have gmail
13:47:14 <joehuang1> the content in the tricircle admin-api is blank, I don't know why
13:47:51 <zhiyuan> joe, i can see the content
13:48:11 <zhiyuan> maybe the content has not been loaded yet
13:48:11 <huangdongfeng> me too
13:48:45 <joehuang1> o, my god
13:49:25 <zhiyuan> maybe you can change your proxy server, joe
13:50:07 <joehuang1> ok, so please contribute based on your interest, and align with the project's plan, let's have a meeting on friday to discuss more
13:51:27 <joehuang1> #info a meeting for tricircle API feature parity on UTC1:00, Friday(Beijing Time, 9:00am, Friday)
13:51:35 <joehuang1> any other topics?
13:51:40 <zhiyuan> no from me
13:51:52 <Yipei_> no for me
13:51:58 <huangdongfeng> no for me
13:52:46 <joehuang1> we have so many contributors, you can also add more items in the table :)
13:52:59 <joehuang1> if it's not listed in the table
13:53:32 <joehuang1> thank you for attending the meeting
13:53:40 <joehuang1> see you next time
13:53:47 <joehuang1> #endmeeting