13:01:12 <joehuang> #startmeeting tricircle
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13:01:19 <zhiyuan> hello
13:01:21 <yinxiulin> hello
13:02:14 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
13:02:21 <joehuang> #info joehuang
13:02:33 <yinxiulin> #info xiulin
13:02:34 <dongfeng> #info dongfeng
13:02:34 <Yipei> #info Yipei
13:03:20 <Rong_hui> :)
13:03:26 <zhiyuan> #info zhiyuan
13:03:38 <Rong_hui> #info ronghui
13:03:43 <joehuang> #topic feature implementation progress review
13:03:43 <hejiawei> #info hejiawei
13:04:06 <joehuang> hello, please describe your feature implementation progress shortly
13:05:07 <Yipei> i have already submitted a patch, i will update the patch based on your comments. Further, i will try to finish the patch of adding resource_affinity_tag ASAP
13:05:35 <Yipei> go on updating the patch of dynamic pod binding
13:05:46 <joehuang> to Yipei, except resource_affinity_tag, also one field in pod binding
13:05:57 <joehuang> to represent current active binding
13:06:19 <dongfeng> I have commit a document of pod api features. tempest test for pod is still going on.
13:06:34 <zhiyuan> patches for resource clearing of floating ip, subnet, router have been submitted, but they all depends on the shared-vlan-l3 patch, which has not been merged
13:06:51 <joehuang> good, to Dongfeng, do you know how to do the tempest test?
13:07:07 <yinxiulin> I'm doing server action function. The action which only need server_id parameter  has been finished, and passed the unit  test.
13:07:24 <dongfeng> no, tempest doesn't contain the pod test cases. i am studying it.
13:07:32 <zhiyuan> now i am working on the separation of api-gateway and networking automation
13:07:35 <joehuang> to Zhiyuan, so we need to merge shared-vlan-l3 first, so that other patches can get merged
13:07:38 <Yipei> do we need to add a table to store historical binding relationship, instead of adding a field in binding table? i mean all the records in the binding table are active
13:07:56 <zhiyuan> to joe, that's right
13:08:02 <hejiawei> I read some document to learn how to test my patch ,and next week I will continue to test it .
13:08:03 <joehuang> to Xiulin, great!
13:08:04 <Yipei> or just add a field
13:09:43 <joehuang> no need to add a new table, just use active, deactive, and the time related field for example update_at to store the history information
13:10:20 <joehuang> to Zhiyuan, good job, quick reaction to new proposal
13:10:56 <joehuang> to Jiawei, learn from other's patch will accelearate your experience on how to do test
13:11:07 <Yipei> to joe, ok, got it. will add it into the binding table
13:11:13 <Rong_hui> For me, the environment meet some problems, and i solve it and record it in the our test and  uploading to wiki
13:12:11 <Rong_hui> and also do some creating the new organization for our team.
13:12:36 <zhiyuan> to ronghui, is the installation guide in wiki page ready?
13:13:15 <Rong_hui> i will finish it this week  and add some case for it
13:13:24 <joehuang> I suggest you guys who has no lots of experience on test, need to learn unit test and tempest test
13:14:13 <Rong_hui> ok
13:14:16 <dongfeng> ok
13:14:23 <Yipei> ok, got it
13:14:33 <hejiawei> I got it
13:14:40 <longxiongqiu> #info longxiongqiu
13:14:40 <zhiyuan> document for mock: http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/mock/
13:14:53 <longxiongqiu> hi joehuang, i will update my patch ASAP
13:15:12 <longxiongqiu> and continue my working  ASAP
13:15:14 <Rong_hui> xiongqiu has come back to our team
13:16:05 <joehuang> hi, Xiongqiu, shake hand
13:16:41 <longxiongqiu> :)
13:16:43 <joehuang> long time no see
13:17:49 <longxiongqiu> yes, i just come back yesterday
13:19:04 <joehuang> I'll try to find some material about unit test and functional test. and share that to you in #openstack---\\-\\\-tricircle
13:19:19 <joehuang> #openstack-tricircle
13:19:29 <Rong_hui> ok  i think is very helpful to us
13:20:17 <joehuang> #topic proposal to move tricircle forward for its big-tent application
13:20:23 <Rong_hui> also some material about the tempest
13:21:28 <joehuang> hello, last week we talked about that the TCs concerns on Tricircle big-tent application
13:21:43 <joehuang> and the proposal to move forward was prepared
13:21:50 <joehuang> #link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kpVo5rsL6p_rq9TvkuczjommJSsisDiKJiurbhaQg7E/
13:22:53 <joehuang> #info the basic idea for the proposal 2 is to divide tricircle into two sub-projects
13:23:19 <joehuang> #info one for networking automation
13:24:02 <joehuang> #info the other one for API Gateway for Nova/Cinder
13:24:21 <joehuang> so would like to know your comments
13:25:12 <joehuang> For proposal, plugin mechanism in Nova/Cinder will take long time to discuss
13:26:37 <joehuang> the proposal 2 will also make tricircle being more flexible in deployment for different scenario
13:28:28 <zhiyuan> the difference between proposal 2 and our current implementation is that we also need to add a new plugin in bottom Neutron server
13:28:28 <Rong_hui> i dont really understand about the plugin mechanism
13:29:41 <joehuang> to Ronghui, you mean Neutron or Nova/Cinder?
13:30:02 <Rong_hui> Cinder
13:30:03 <joehuang> Nova/Cinder don't support plugin mechnism yet in its API layer
13:30:34 <Rong_hui> ok
13:30:35 <liukun> #info liukun
13:31:07 <joehuang> For Nova/Cinder, if we want to add plugin mechanism then we have to develop that in Nova/Cinder, and need Nova/Cinder to approve it
13:31:18 <joehuang> hi liukun, welcome back
13:31:29 <liukun> thx
13:31:43 <joehuang> need long time discussion in Nova/Cinder team
13:31:53 <Rong_hui> got it
13:32:19 <Yipei> why do nova and cinder need plugins, in current implementation, we do not use plugins
13:32:39 <Rong_hui> +1
13:33:32 <joehuang> there is also proposal for Nova API-GW and Ciner API-GW for global objects like volume_type, flavor implementation to remove the overlapping implementation with Nova/Cinder
13:34:20 <shiyangkai> #info shiyangkai
13:34:37 <zhiyuan> in our current implementation, we need to implement nova/cinder api gateway, we need to handle api request ourselves, parse and validate the request body, process and return the response body
13:35:21 <joehuang> to Yipei, Because TCs worried about that the tricircle will introduce different in the Nova/Cinder API
13:35:23 <zhiyuan> if plugin mechanism is introduced, we can focus on the processing, no need to care about the request and response body
13:36:14 <joehuang> TCs want single API implementation and always keep the API consistency with the openstack documentation
13:36:21 <Yipei> ok, i see. actually, we do not introduce any different API
13:36:40 <joehuang> syntax or sematics difference
13:37:44 <joehuang> we have already used tempest to guarantee the syntax consistency, but they still worried that sematics difference will be there someday
13:38:09 <joehuang> welcome shiyangkai
13:38:51 <joehuang> how do you think about proposal for Nova API-GW and Ciner API-GW for global objects like volume_type, flavor implementation
13:38:54 <joehuang> to remove the overlapping implementation with Nova/Cinder
13:39:02 <shiyangkai> thank you very much
13:40:30 <zhiyuan> +1 for this proposal
13:40:35 <joehuang> before project dividen( we also look forward response from community and Monty/TCs etc
13:41:22 <joehuang> we can do first to move the networking automation trigger from Nova API-GW to local neutron plugin
13:41:51 <joehuang> and optimize the volume_type/flavor etc implementation
13:42:18 <joehuang> no matter we divide the project or not, these two proposal brings benefit to Tricircle
13:42:55 <joehuang> we can wait for comment from community to see if we need to divide the project or not
13:43:13 <Rong_hui> ok
13:43:15 <joehuang> how about your thoughts?
13:43:18 <Rong_hui> i got it
13:44:19 <Yipei> no other questions, i think it is a good idea
13:44:26 <Rong_hui> It is another way for us to let TCs accept more easy and also benefit to Tricircle
13:44:49 <joehuang> good
13:45:21 <joehuang> #info optimize tricircle to be prepared for divide
13:46:05 <joehuang> other topics?
13:46:22 <Rong_hui> no for me
13:46:39 <liukun> no
13:46:47 <yinxiulin> no for me
13:46:49 <zhiyuan> no for me
13:46:51 <Yipei> no for me
13:46:51 <dongfeng> no for me
13:47:23 <shiyangkai> no
13:47:40 <joehuang> ok, let's conclude the meeting
13:47:54 <joehuang> thank you attending the meeting, see you next time
13:47:59 <joehuang> #endmeeting