13:01:20 <joehuang> #startmeeting tricircle
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13:01:22 <yinxiulin> hi
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13:01:37 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
13:01:42 <joehuang> #info joehuang
13:01:52 <Guest90275> #info shiyangkai
13:01:58 <zhiyuan> #info zhiyuan
13:02:02 <dongfeng> #info dongfeng
13:02:09 <yinxiulin> #info xiulin
13:02:11 <hejiawei> #info jiawei
13:02:15 <Yipei> #info Yipei
13:02:37 <joehuang> #topic freeze date
13:03:08 <joehuang> hello, as you know the Newton release is approaching
13:03:21 <liuzeyu> #info liuzeyu
13:03:33 <joehuang> it's around Oct.15 for Nova/Cinder/Neutron
13:03:49 <joehuang> so we need to define our freeze date now
13:04:17 <joehuang> i.e, the deadline for the patch to be merged in Newton release for Tricircle
13:05:05 <joehuang> after that no new pacth will be merged in Tricircle for newton release unless exception approved by PTL
13:05:57 <joehuang> and we need to leave some time to prepare Newton tricircle release, for example, release note, devstack change, etc
13:06:28 <joehuang> what about your proposals?
13:07:36 <zhiyuan> maybe two weeks before the Nova/Cinder/Neutron deadline
13:08:08 <joehuang> make sense
13:08:46 <joehuang> that means before Chinese Oct.1 public holidy
13:09:49 <joehuang> other proposal?
13:10:44 <Yipei> before Oct. 1 +1
13:11:10 <joehuang> I think you guy all want a relax holiday :)
13:11:24 <Guest90275> Oct.1 +1
13:11:24 <zhiyuan> that's right :)
13:11:39 <yinxiulin> oct.1 +1
13:12:58 <joehuang> ok, so let's define the freeze date as Sept.30, so you can enjoy your holiday without worry about your patch
13:13:19 <joehuang> #info freeze date Sept.30
13:13:31 <joehuang> good
13:13:46 <zhiyuan> As I replied in the maillist, I have submitted all the patches for the features going to be merged, so there is only work to review for my part.
13:14:28 <joehuang> ok, let's go through patch by patch
13:14:47 <joehuang> you can view all patches here https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/tricircle
13:15:03 <yinxiulin> me to
13:16:17 <joehuang> if the patche can and must be merged before freeze date, let's marked here with #info before that
13:16:26 <joehuang> for example
13:16:44 <joehuang> #info https://review.openstack.org/#/c/360848/
13:17:25 <Yipei> #info https://review.openstack.org/#/c/356187/
13:18:04 <hejiawei> #info https://review.openstack.org/#/c/359561/
13:18:13 <Yipei> #info https://review.openstack.org/#/c/323687/
13:18:13 <yinxiulin> #info https://review.openstack.org/#/c/366606/
13:18:27 <zhiyuan> #info https://review.openstack.org/354604
13:18:30 <yinxiulin> #info https://review.openstack.org/#/c/369958/
13:18:42 <zhiyuan> #info https://review.openstack.org/355847
13:18:57 <zhiyuan> #info https://review.openstack.org/360848
13:19:14 <joehuang> one moment
13:20:35 <joehuang> we need one etherpad to list, and short discussion and then put it here with #info
13:21:30 <joehuang> so put the patch in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/TricircleNewtonFreeze first
13:21:50 <joehuang> then if we think it's ok, we tag it here with #info
13:25:25 <shiyangkai> I see
13:28:24 <Yipei> #info https://review.openstack.org/#/c/356187/
13:30:48 <zhiyuan> how to distinguish the old info tag and new info tag?
13:33:44 <joehuang> this is my fault
13:34:17 <joehuang> I think through etherpad, we can identify which one must be merged before freeze date
13:34:57 <joehuang> is there any patch marked with info here not mentioned in the etherpad?
13:35:47 <joehuang> #info https://review.openstack.org/#/c/372414/
13:37:23 <zhiyuan> no for me
13:38:44 <zhiyuan> joe, I find you have added jiawei's
13:39:13 <joehuang> ok
13:39:45 <joehuang> xiongqiu's patch has not been updated for long time
13:40:14 <yinxiulin> no for me
13:40:22 <joehuang> and for volume type, another way is suggested
13:40:23 <hejiawei> we will update,if he have no time,I will update it
13:40:37 <hejiawei> for xiongqiu's patch
13:40:53 <joehuang> ok, it's good to have
13:41:16 <joehuang> for volume type, I think it should be "do not merge"
13:42:07 <joehuang> good, is there any patch missed in the discussion?
13:43:10 <joehuang> great, so let's work according to the etherpad
13:43:48 <joehuang> #info patches must be merged before freeze date is listed in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/TricircleNewtonFreeze
13:43:51 <rong_hui> hello
13:44:02 <joehuang> hi, ronghui
13:44:02 <rong_hui> sorry for late
13:44:14 <rong_hui> and i just came back
13:44:32 <joehuang> please go through  https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/TricircleNewtonFreeze to see if it works for you
13:44:47 <rong_hui> ok
13:46:57 <rong_hui> i think there is a function for cinder we must to do
13:47:34 <rong_hui> detach
13:48:38 <joehuang> ok
13:48:47 <rong_hui> and i test it
13:48:49 <joehuang> patch number>
13:48:54 <rong_hui> no number
13:49:00 <hejiawei> detach in xiongqiu's patch
13:49:20 <rong_hui> yes
13:49:35 <joehuang> which patch?
13:50:01 <joehuang> so please submit a patch immediately
13:50:07 <rong_hui> wait a second
13:50:12 <hejiawei> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/326192/
13:50:49 <rong_hui> yes  this patch
13:51:09 <rong_hui> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/326192/
13:51:28 <zhiyuan> this is listed in the etherpad
13:52:15 <joehuang> ok, so please ensure the patch pass all tests
13:52:43 <hejiawei> ok
13:53:29 <rong_hui> i think this patch can get the "must to have" level
13:53:54 <joehuang> ok, so let's end the meeting today
13:54:23 <rong_hui> ok and please review the https://review.openstack.org/#/c/372414/
13:54:31 <joehuang> please update your patch to get review in time
13:55:16 <rong_hui> ok
13:55:18 <joehuang> fo 372414, needs to include the update of shared VLAN L2/L3 network
13:55:41 <rong_hui> ok
13:55:45 <joehuang> other topics?
13:55:56 <zhiyuan> no for me
13:56:04 <yinxiulin> no for me
13:56:07 <dongfeng> the trio2o itself has defects and can not pass the "tox -e py27" test
13:56:09 <rong_hui> i will update it and if meet some problems  i will ask
13:57:36 <Yipei> no for me
13:57:36 <joehuang> to dongfeng, maybe, the repo just there, but fix needed
13:57:49 <rong_hui> no for me
13:58:03 <joehuang> ok, thank you attending the meeting
13:58:10 <joehuang> #endmeeting