13:01:06 <joehuang> #startmeeting tricircle
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13:01:19 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
13:01:25 <liukun> #info liukun
13:01:26 <joehuang> #info joehuang
13:01:32 <JunSik> Hello
13:01:34 <dongfeng01> #info dongfeng
13:01:37 <yinxiulin> #info xiulin
13:01:43 <WuCheng> #info Wucheng
13:01:45 <Yipei> #info Yipei
13:01:50 <JunSik> #info JunSik
13:02:18 <zhiyuan> #info zhiyuan
13:02:59 <joehuang> #topic VxLAN L2 networking/L3 DVR issue
13:03:33 <liuzeyu> #info liuzyu
13:03:35 <joehuang> last week we discussed VxLAN network across Neutron
13:04:09 <joehuang> and one action is to contact Neutron team how we can contribute to the VTEP in port
13:04:23 <joehuang> but not received response yet
13:04:38 <joehuang> and also not see any new progress in this topic recently
13:05:20 <joehuang> so I discussed with Zhiyuan offline to find out whether we can have some way to address this issue if no improvement from Neutron
13:05:47 <joehuang> Zhiyuan, could you share the idea in short
13:07:07 <zhiyuan> ok, give me some time to type :)
13:07:27 <joehuang> fine
13:12:00 <zhiyuan> let's say we have one vm port1 created in pod1 and one vm port2 created in pod2, to connect port1 and port2, we create a shadow port for port1 in pod2 and also a shadow agent in pod2, so the ovs agents in pod2 will get information of shadow port1 and the VTEP information from the shadow agent, and create the VxLAN tunnel to pod1
13:12:53 <zhiyuan> the shadow agent has the same host ip as the agent port1 in pod1 is bound to
13:14:01 <joehuang> yes, and the shadow agent will not work as RPC server
13:14:17 <joehuang> so no RPC message will be sent to the shadow agent
13:14:55 <joehuang> but L2 population will carry all fdb entry including the shadow port to local agents
13:15:11 <joehuang> this is the rough idea
13:15:16 <joehuang> at the same time
13:15:19 <zhiyuan> the intuition is that we "cheat" local Neutron server in the other pod with shadow ports and shadow agents information, to let local Neutron server consider the remote ports as local ones
13:15:31 <Yipei> are all the vm ports in one pod share the same agent?
13:15:51 <joehuang> to Yipei, this mode could work as L2GW mode
13:16:18 <joehuang> i.e, all shadow ports are located in one shadow L2GW agent
13:16:42 <Yipei> ok, i see
13:17:21 <zhiyuan> otherwise, each agent in one pod has shadow agents in other pods, if shared VxLAN networking is needed in those pods
13:17:28 <joehuang> but if we want tunneling from compute node to compute node, then they are on different shadow agents just like the virtual site
13:17:58 <joehuang> to Zhiyuan, this is the CN <-> CN mode
13:18:23 <zhiyuan> yes
13:18:40 <joehuang> if only one shadow agents for one pod, then it's CN(s) -> L2GW mode
13:18:56 <joehuang> And one more point
13:19:34 <joehuang> I also think that the DVR mac issue(can't recogized by the other OpenStack) can also be addressed by this mode
13:19:49 <joehuang> i.e, introduce shadow DVR mac
13:20:10 <joehuang> as shadow agent
13:20:34 <joehuang> to Junsik, do you think it's feasible?
13:22:57 <joehuang> hello, Junsik?
13:22:58 <JunSik> Yes, I think so.
13:23:26 <joehuang> and others' thought?
13:25:21 <joehuang> ok
13:25:40 <joehuang> any questions
13:27:44 <joehuang> This is one interesting direction we can move, and it's fully decoupled from Neutron implementation
13:28:24 <joehuang> and we can work on this direction and keep eye on the Neutron's improvement at the same time
13:29:14 <zhiyuan-cai> yes, need to test if this solution works
13:29:32 <joehuang> #info one idea is to use shade ports/shadow agents to address VxLAN network across Neutron
13:29:53 <joehuang> #info poc test is needed to see if it's feasible
13:30:05 <joehuang> great!
13:31:25 <joehuang> who are interested in the poc test of this idea?
13:32:06 <joehuang> I think for the poc can just hard code to create shadow ports/agents in local neutron plugin
13:32:17 <joehuang> and to see if it works
13:33:53 <zhiyuan-cai> maybe I have a try
13:34:04 <joehuang> thanks
13:34:34 <joehuang> #topic Ocata feature development review
13:35:25 <joehuang> hello, let's have a short review on the feature development, please describe in short thanks, and discuss as needed
13:36:14 <joehuang> for me, the scripts for multi-region gate/check test job is almost ready
13:36:39 <dongfeng01> for me, 1) go on with the table clean work and spec file. 2) write the release note of resource routing api.
13:36:50 <joehuang> need to submit patch and wait for review/approvement from 3 repositories :)
13:37:19 <joehuang> to Dongfeng, yes saw and reviewed your patches
13:40:17 <dongfeng01> some questions exist in the inline comments for each patch, after they are fixed I will update the patch.
13:40:35 <zhiyuan-cai> 1) spec for bridge network combination has been merged 2) resource deletion, manual installation guide, got +2 3) implementation of bridge network combination, dvr support, under review
13:40:38 <joehuang> there are lots of patches in the review queue
13:41:04 <zhiyuan-cai> 4) recently i also submit the patch for xjob reliability improvement
13:41:22 <joehuang> to Zhiyuan, great job, you have submitted so many patches
13:41:23 <Yipei> for lbaas, i already understand how neutron-lbaas works with agent, but still have some problem with octavia. plan to install tricircle with octavia, test whether it works to add members from other pods, and try to understand how octavia works
13:41:55 <joehuang> to Yipei, very good
13:41:57 <yinxiulin> I am doing port resource update
13:42:40 <joehuang> for members from other pods, may only IPs are applicable, using port may not work unless we have shadow ports there
13:43:02 <Yipei> oh, yes
13:43:02 <joehuang> to Xiulin, good, look forward to your new patch
13:43:31 <yinxiulin> ok
13:44:26 <joehuang> to xiulin, please confirm that the fields which are update-able for network/subnet/port compared to Neutron API document
13:45:18 <yinxiulin> i will
13:45:46 <joehuang> there are also some committer which are not able to attend the meeting
13:47:15 <joehuang> so please review the patches by searching https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/tricircle
13:47:47 <joehuang> sorry /s which who
13:48:38 <joehuang> #topic open discussion
13:48:49 <joehuang> any other topics?
13:49:23 <zhiyuan-cai> no from me
13:49:29 <dongfeng01> no for me
13:49:31 <joehuang> Christmas and New year is approching
13:49:44 <JunSik> no
13:49:58 <dongfeng01> ^_^
13:50:21 <joehuang> so wish all of us have a pleasant holiday
13:50:37 <zhiyuan-cai> thanks joe
13:50:51 <joehuang> and a better 2017
13:51:07 <joehuang> and wish Tricircle can be used in production in 2017
13:51:18 <JunSik> :D
13:51:24 <dongfeng01> :)
13:51:24 <zhiyuan-cai> :)
13:51:43 <yinxiulin> :)
13:51:47 <joehuang> good, if no more topic, let's conclude the meeting
13:51:57 <joehuang> thank you for attending the meeting
13:52:15 <joehuang> #endmeeting