14:01:46 <joehuang> #startmeeting tricircle
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14:01:58 <RongHui11> hi
14:03:06 <joehuang> #topic feature implementation review
14:03:42 <joehuang> let's have a short review on feature implementation
14:04:30 <joehuang> please have a brief description of the progress for the feature your are working
14:05:08 <RongHui11> for Qos spec it is close to +2   and metering spec  i will submit in this week
14:05:21 <joehuang> great
14:05:35 <joehuang> QoS has been reviewed many rounds
14:05:51 <Yipei> for lbaas, already solve the missing lb-mgmt-net in central neutron
14:06:07 <joehuang> how do you solve the issue
14:06:10 <Yipei> have some problem with plugging vip to amphora
14:06:27 <dongfeng> for me, the async job admin api is committed, but it just an initial version.
14:06:28 <Yipei> delete the lb-mgmt-net in local neutron
14:06:38 <Yipei> then create one in central neutron
14:06:51 <joehuang> to Dongfeng, ok, will review that patch
14:07:01 <joehuang> to Yipei, good
14:07:16 <Yipei> and configure the new net and a security group id in octavia
14:07:20 <Yipei> and it works
14:07:28 <joehuang> what's the issue for plugging vip
14:07:40 <joehuang> could you describe in more detail
14:07:55 <Yipei> still checking logs
14:08:04 <Yipei> just find it today
14:08:53 <hejiawei> for metering, the first patch about metering spec can be submit this week
14:09:08 <joehuang> do you mean to assign the allowed address pair to the amphora port?
14:09:20 <joehuang> to Jiawei, thanks a lot
14:09:47 <Yipei> plugging the amphora to the newly created port of vip
14:11:14 <joehuang> amphora should have it's own port, and the port will have allowed address pair which contains the IP of VIP
14:13:18 <joehuang> ok, maybe need more investigation on the issue
14:13:32 <zhiyuan> hi, sorry i am late
14:13:41 <joehuang> welcome
14:13:53 <Yipei> yes, i think maybe it is caused by allowed address pairs
14:13:57 <joehuang> now we are reviewing the feature implementation
14:14:29 <zhiyuan> currently i am working on the implementation of the multi-gateway feature
14:14:47 <joehuang> Hi Yipei, whether the amphora VM has been booted successfully?
14:15:27 <joehuang> to Zhiyuan, very good
14:15:59 <Yipei> to joe, no
14:16:01 <joehuang> Is there any challenge
14:16:19 <joehuang> for multi-gateway feature
14:16:50 <Yipei> the name of the port is octavia-lb-vrrp-1dcca3b0-082d-43e3-ae70-8378d3dad028
14:17:09 <zhiyuan> no, the new model can fit our original logic well. but we need to modify the logic for network-router location validation
14:17:34 <joehuang> to zhiyuan, that's perfect
14:17:50 <zhiyuan> a cross-pod network is not allowed to be attached to a local router before change
14:18:20 <joehuang> so one overlay L2 network can be attached to multi-local router after implementation
14:19:01 <joehuang> to Yipei, the port you attached is the VIP port, not the amphora port?
14:19:24 <zhiyuan> I change the validation condition. A network can be attached to a local router if the regions of the network include the region of the router
14:19:26 <joehuang> overlay L2 network -> cross pod overlay L2 network
14:19:42 <joehuang> great
14:20:01 <Yipei> i think it is not the amphora port
14:20:07 <zhiyuan> If the router is not local type, we follow the original condition
14:20:34 <joehuang> I think the networking topology could be simplified in OPNFV PoC if cross pod L2 network can be attached to multi-local router
14:21:14 <joehuang> it's up to whether application wants to use such a networking topology
14:21:35 <joehuang> for centralized router it works, but for DVR it may not work currently
14:22:50 <joehuang> for east-west between cross pod L2 network
14:22:59 <zhiyuan> yes, with the new model, we can attach cross-pod l2 network to multiple local routers
14:23:42 <joehuang> it's enough there is only one cross pod L2 network for one project in OPNFV summit
14:25:40 <joehuang> to Yipei, please go on to fix the issue for VIP port, please discuss that in the #openstack-tricircle if needed
14:26:00 <Yipei> ok, got it
14:26:33 <joehuang> #topic Pike-2 planning
14:26:57 <joehuang> hello, as we discussed in last weekly meeting
14:27:31 <joehuang> OpenStack pike-2 milestone will not fit the OPNFV summit very well
14:29:04 <joehuang> we may have to introduce one intermediately release to include features which are needed, or move pike-2 ahead of community milestone date
14:29:29 <joehuang> what's your thoughts?
14:29:57 <joehuang> and what's to include in this intermediately release?
14:30:50 <RongHui11> i think Qos feature can include in this relaese
14:31:02 <zhiyuan> set the release date as the end of the May?
14:31:06 <joehuang> good, Ronghui
14:31:24 <Yipei> lbaas in one region can be included
14:31:31 <zhiyuan> I think multiple-gateway is esstential
14:31:51 <joehuang> zhiyuan, it's a little too late to integrate if we release at the end of may
14:32:14 <joehuang> yes, multi-gateway and flat network is essential
14:32:46 <joehuang> it'll be great to include QoS, LBaaS
14:33:17 <dongfeng> I think the async job api can be included if there has one month of time.
14:34:06 <joehuang> Beijing Summit will be held on Jun.12
14:34:18 <joehuang> from Jun,12 to Jun.15
14:34:32 <joehuang> to Dongfeng, +1
14:36:31 <zhiyuan> then around May 7th?
14:37:52 <joehuang> There are one week for OpenStack summit from May 8~12
14:39:02 <joehuang> We may have to release before labor day
14:39:39 <joehuang> if we want to make sure applications can have time to do on-board integration
14:39:58 <zhiyuan> this deadline is fine for the multi-gateway and flat network feature
14:40:20 <zhiyuan> not sure for other planning features
14:40:27 <joehuang> I counted the work days after OpenStack summit, there are 3 weeks
14:40:47 <joehuang> it's tight application
14:41:06 <joehuang> sorry, it's tight schedule for application on board
14:41:20 <joehuang> first time to work on multi-site scenario
14:41:50 <joehuang> for other features, we'll try our best
14:42:16 <joehuang> we can follow openstack schedule to have pike-2' at Jun.9
14:43:04 <joehuang> if features which are not able to catch the May.1, then can be included in Jun.9
14:44:23 <zhiyuan> ok
14:44:36 <dongfeng> ok
14:44:40 <joehuang> how about set the pike-2 on May.2, and pike-2' on Jun.9?
14:44:49 <RongHui11> ok
14:44:52 <dongfeng> fine for me
14:46:02 <Yipei> it is fine for me
14:46:35 <electrocucaracha> ok
14:46:42 <zhiyuan> fine
14:47:10 <joehuang> the name could be more accurate: pike-1.5 on May.2, pike-2 on Jun.9
14:47:29 <joehuang> no conflict with community pike-2
14:48:50 <joehuang> #info pike-1.5 on May.2, pike-2 on Jun.9
14:49:20 <joehuang> #info if features which are not able to catch the May.2, then can be included in Jun.9
14:49:30 <joehuang> thank you for the planning discussion
14:49:49 <joehuang> #topic open discussion
14:50:00 <joehuang> other topics?
14:50:12 <RongHui11> no for me
14:50:21 <zhiyuan> no from me
14:50:26 <Yipei> no for me
14:50:30 <dongfeng> no for me
14:50:32 <electrocucaracha> well, the UT for all the commands of the client are there
14:50:37 <electrocucaracha> ready for reviews
14:51:02 <joehuang> yes, I saw patches, will review tomorrow
14:51:19 <electrocucaracha> once they're merged, we can proceed with releasing a stable version of and integrate it with devstack
14:51:30 <joehuang> everyone is encouraged to do review
14:51:50 <joehuang> cool, electrocucaracha
14:52:08 <zhiyuan> ok, and I can use it in my test
14:52:25 <zhiyuan> do not want to use curl anymore
14:52:31 <joehuang> good idea
14:52:43 <joehuang> the more we use it, the better it'll be
14:52:53 <electrocucaracha> :)
14:53:17 <joehuang> and don't hesitate to report bug if you encounter it
14:53:30 <joehuang> me too
14:53:34 <joehuang> : )
14:53:52 <joehuang> ok, thank you for attending the meeting
14:54:00 <joehuang> #endmeeting