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14:01:08 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
14:01:13 <joehuang> #info joehuang
14:01:17 <dongfeng> #info dongfeng
14:01:22 <zhiyuan> #info zhiyuan
14:01:25 <Yipei> #info Yipei
14:01:29 <yinxiulin> #info xiulin
14:01:29 <WuCheng> #info WuCheng
14:02:05 <RongHui11> #info
14:02:11 <RongHui11> #info ronghui
14:02:23 <joehuang> #topic feature implementation review
14:02:30 <hejiawei> #info hejiawei
14:02:48 <joehuang> hello, let's have a short review for the features to be landed in next milestone
14:03:04 <joehuang> please describe the progress in brief, thanks
14:03:58 <Yipei> for lbaas, trying to build load balancer management network
14:04:19 <zhiyuan> (1) patch for flat network support has been submitted (2) patch for multi-gateway support has been submitted, Joe has left some comments, I will update the patch based on the comments tomorrow
14:04:25 <joehuang> as we discussed in last meeting, pike 1.5 will be scheduled on May 2
14:04:31 <dongfeng> for async job api, I am still updating it.
14:04:50 <RongHui11> for Qos Spec continue update
14:04:57 <Yipei> once the lb-mgmt-net is built, i think creating a lb should be successful
14:05:11 <joehuang> great
14:05:41 <joehuang> for async api, documentation is needed too
14:06:07 <hejiawei> for metering update, it will delayed one week update
14:06:24 <joehuang> and for multi-gateway, I'll prepare a networking guide just like other features
14:06:28 <dongfeng> ok
14:06:33 <hejiawei> Due to my math test in next week
14:06:57 <zhiyuan> thanks Joe
14:07:01 <joehuang> #info aync api documentation is need too
14:07:39 <joehuang> to yipei, is there any other patches are in review for LBaaS feature enabling?
14:07:40 <dongfeng> will async job api landed in pike1.5?
14:08:12 <joehuang> to Dongfeng, I think it should be able to be landed in pike1.5
14:08:22 <joehuang> if you update in time
14:08:28 <Yipei> to joehuang, no other patches
14:08:30 <dongfeng> ok, got it
14:08:51 <joehuang> for QoS code patches, it's inactive for some time
14:09:18 <joehuang> to Jiawei, one week delay is ok
14:09:26 <joehuang> for metering feature
14:10:23 <hejiawei> thanks
14:10:43 <joehuang> has the blueprint for QoS feature been registered?
14:10:49 <Yipei> one issue found today, after creating a port in lb-mgmt-net for listening, the port status is down, even after setting neutron port as the ovs port's interface id
14:12:02 <yinxiulin> vlan trunk already support  batch creation,  can submit a version tomorrow
14:12:05 <zhiyuan> "even after setting neutron ...", this setting is done manually or by agent?
14:12:25 <joehuang> you can find how the port is created in ocata devstack plugin
14:12:31 <Yipei> manually
14:12:34 <Yipei> not by agent
14:13:15 <joehuang> #link https://github.com/openstack/octavia/blob/master/devstack/plugin.sh
14:13:21 <Yipei> https://github.com/openstack/octavia/blob/master/devstack/plugin.sh#L206
14:13:22 <joehuang> to Xiuling, thanks
14:13:49 <Yipei> i follow the plugin.sh, the port status is always down
14:14:00 <yinxiulin> you are welcome
14:15:12 <joehuang> port mac and port IP must be set correctly
14:15:29 <zhiyuan> Is restarting OVS agent useful?
14:16:27 <joehuang> Hello, xiongqiu, will QoS code be ready for pike1.5?
14:16:36 <Yipei> to joehuang, i set the ip and mac of the neutron port to the ohs port, i.e., o-hm0
14:16:54 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, i did not restart ovs agent, i will try
14:17:21 <joehuang> have you done this sudo ip link set dev o-hm0 address $MGMT_PORT_MAC
14:17:42 <longxiongqiu> if qos spec is not problems, i will update qos code.
14:17:47 <joehuang> sudo dhclient -v o-hm0 -cf $OCTAVIA_DHCLIENT_CONF
14:18:34 <joehuang> to xiongqiu, don't need to upload all QoS code in one patch, you split it into several smaller patches
14:18:46 <zhiyuan> I think after restart, OVS agent will find the new port and send a RPC request to update the port UP
14:18:50 <joehuang> all code in one patch is too huge to review
14:19:22 <longxiongqiu> recently i prepare papers for graduation´╝î sorry for delaying
14:19:26 <longxiongqiu> ok
14:19:41 <longxiongqiu> i will split the patch to some small patch
14:19:51 <joehuang> zhiyuan's proposal may work
14:20:22 <Yipei> to joehuang, 'sudo dhclient -v o-hm0 -cf $OCTAVIA_DHCLIENT_CONF' fails
14:20:23 <zhiyuan> In the octavia plugin.sh, the creation of management port may be done before agent starts
14:20:36 <Yipei> i think it is due to the port status
14:20:40 <joehuang> to zhiyuan +1
14:20:46 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, i will have a try
14:20:53 <Yipei> restart the ovs agent
14:22:31 <joehuang> ok, Yipei, you can try it offline
14:22:32 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, i restart the ovs agent, the port status is ACTIVE
14:22:39 <zhiyuan> cool
14:22:39 <Yipei> it works
14:22:57 <joehuang> very good, it works immediately
14:23:01 <Yipei> yes
14:23:37 <joehuang> #topic Pike-1.5 (May.2) preparation
14:24:01 <joehuang> hello, for pike1.5
14:24:30 <joehuang> this release will be used in OPNFV Beijing summit for VNF high availability across OpenStack
14:24:51 <joehuang> let's list the things to do
14:27:53 <Yipei> i think creating load balancer can be done, but cannot ensure listener, pool, and member
14:28:16 <joehuang> ok
14:28:52 <joehuang> you can  submit small patch, it can be merged efficiently
14:29:32 <dongfeng> the async job api is bottom function. I'll try to make it merged May 1th
14:29:32 <joehuang> code for flat network and multi-gateway features are ready, only waiting for review and approve
14:29:53 <zhiyuan> Do we need to download OPNFV tool to test the integration?
14:30:08 <Yipei> actually, not much code, but many configuration. i think it is necessary to prepare a guide for lbaas
14:30:14 <joehuang> to dongfeng "bottom function"?
14:30:31 <joehuang> to zhiyuan, A team in OPNFV multisite is working on the intergration
14:31:00 <joehuang> I am only afraid the local_plugin may not work with Ocata Neutron
14:31:21 <joehuang> for central Neutron and Tricircle, it can be booted in a virtual machine
14:31:55 <zhiyuan> for your concern, we can do the experiment our own
14:32:06 <dongfeng> I mean not very useful. but useful for admin.
14:32:53 <joehuang> yes, to see whether it can work with Ocata Neutron for local plugin. The requirements may conflict
14:33:14 <joehuang> so we may have to use Ocata requirements
14:34:05 <joehuang> To yipei, the guide could be release after the whole LBaaS is working
14:34:19 <Yipei> ok, got it
14:36:57 <joehuang> #info test whether local plugin work under Ocata Neutron
14:38:16 <joehuang> feel free to discuss if you find something is very important in pike1.5
14:38:32 <joehuang> #topic open discussion
14:38:36 <joehuang> any other topics?
14:38:43 <Yipei> yes
14:39:14 <joehuang> please
14:40:12 <Yipei> when creating a port with specified security group in local neutron, it will fails. Because the security group is not created in central neutorn
14:41:30 <zhiyuan> you mean octavia will create a security group by itself?
14:41:43 <Yipei> yes
14:42:26 <joehuang> Ocatavia is configured to use central Neutron
14:42:31 <Yipei> not accurate
14:42:39 <joehuang> why it will create seg in local neutron
14:42:46 <Yipei> we have bottom port and top port
14:43:13 <Yipei> but we do not have bottom security group or top security group
14:43:30 <joehuang> not get your point
14:43:55 <zhiyuan> if SEG is not given, default SEG will be used
14:45:17 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, yes
14:46:05 <Yipei> for example, for the health management port, it is created in local neutron, and a top port is also created in central neutron
14:46:16 <zhiyuan> default SEG case is handled by local plugin
14:47:37 <Yipei> if we specified one as octavia does
14:48:26 <Yipei> i have to use default SEG when creating the port, and then update it with specified SEG
14:48:53 <Yipei> but top port's SEG is still default
14:49:22 <zhiyuan> when creating management port, Octavia will create a new SEG and use this SEG to create a port?
14:49:50 <Yipei> yes
14:51:33 <joehuang> Have you configured the Neutron endpoint to central Neutron or local Neutron in Ocatavia's configuration?
14:53:00 <Yipei> not for creating lb, just for building lb management net manually
14:53:35 <Yipei> tricircle cannot cover such cases, i.e., creating a port in local neutron with specified SEG of local neutorn
14:53:55 <zhiyuan> if it's manuall operation, you can create the SEG in central neutron first
14:53:56 <joehuang> If you create the network manully, you should create the network/subnet/SEG in central Neutron first
14:55:18 <joehuang> ok, other topic?
14:55:25 <Yipei> no for me
14:55:39 <zhiyuan> no for me
14:56:38 <joehuang> ok, thank you for attending the meeting
14:56:40 <joehuang> #endmeeting