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01:00:52 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
01:00:56 <joehuang> #info joehuang
01:00:58 <zhiyuan> #info zhiyuan
01:00:59 <Yipei> #info Yipei
01:01:03 <dongfeng> #info dongfeng
01:01:03 <RonghUI> #info ronghui
01:01:29 <yinxiulin_> #info xiulin
01:01:51 <joehuang> #topic Pike-1.5 (May.2) review
01:02:14 <joehuang> hello, pike 1.5 (3.2.0) has been tagged on May.2
01:02:24 <hejiawei> #info jiawei
01:02:40 <joehuang> The gate/check test was blocked by devstack update
01:03:37 <joehuang> after the issue is fixed, you can try pike1.5 locally through devstack
01:03:39 <joehuang> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/458020/
01:04:08 <joehuang> devstack has removed auth_uri, identity_admin
01:04:19 <zhiyuan> I noticed that multi-region test failed
01:04:25 <joehuang> and they also try to remove /v3 everywhere
01:04:57 <joehuang> but it doesn't work if we remove /v3 in identity_url in Tricricle
01:05:28 <joehuang> for the patches planned to land in Pike 1.5
01:05:48 <joehuang> MUST TO HAVE patches had been merged
01:06:18 <joehuang> Include tricircleclient installation, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/437719/ also merged
01:06:39 <joehuang> So tricricleclient can be included after the devstack issue addressed
01:06:49 <joehuang> #info tricricleclient can be included after the devstack issue addressed
01:07:20 <joehuang> Basic devstack gate run script: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/455615/ also get merged
01:07:53 <joehuang> #info now each patch to be merged needs to pass the smoke test
01:08:31 <joehuang> Other nice to have patches not being merged yet
01:09:21 <joehuang> any question or topic about Pike1.5?
01:10:06 <dongfeng> async job api and doc will be landed in pike 2?
01:10:28 <joehuang> It's close to merge, maybe one or two more review
01:11:13 <dongfeng> because the async job api needs online test. after changes I haven't do online test for them because env is crashed.
01:11:49 <joehuang> for async job, the job "router" should be "configure_extra_route"?
01:12:06 <zhiyuan> env crashed? because of the code change?
01:12:09 <joehuang> "router" is not easy to understande
01:12:29 <dongfeng> yes, router can be changed to "configure_extra_route".
01:12:47 <dongfeng> to zhiyuan, the devstack setup failed.
01:13:06 <dongfeng> so I doesn't tricircle env to do test.
01:13:16 <dongfeng> so I doesn't have tricircle env to do test.
01:13:21 <joehuang> ok
01:13:41 <zhiyuan> "configure_extra_route" can be changed to "extra_route" for short
01:14:01 <hejiawei> devstack setup also failed in Trio2o
01:14:05 <joehuang> ok
01:14:32 <dongfeng> so, the job type for router will be changed to "extra_route"?
01:14:47 <RonghUI> for
01:15:06 <joehuang> to Dongfeng +1
01:15:16 <dongfeng> ok, got it.
01:15:19 <joehuang> I wondering whether need to update the code too
01:15:40 <RonghUI> for some Trio2o it also failed in devstack setup for same reason
01:15:57 <joehuang> Trio2o is not the topic in Tricircle's meeting
01:16:33 <joehuang> let's focus on Tricircle in this meeting
01:17:09 <hejiawei> Ok
01:17:16 <zhiyuan> we now have smoke test, so I think it's safe to change it
01:17:51 <dongfeng> you mean change the async job api?
01:18:45 <joehuang> async job API has already added with functional test cases
01:19:07 <dongfeng> but for functional test, the xrpcapi is mocked.
01:19:31 <joehuang> for the "router" job, seems extra-route is not exactly what the job did
01:19:41 <zhiyuan> to dongfeng, I mean changin the job type constant from "router" to a more proper one
01:19:41 <joehuang> it also will configure host route
01:20:18 <zhiyuan> so "configure_routes" ?
01:20:33 <joehuang> good
01:20:42 <joehuang> both for extra routes and host routes
01:21:50 <joehuang> to Dongfeng, how do you think about the rename of the job?
01:22:22 <dongfeng> it's no difficult
01:22:45 <dongfeng> I can apply such changes asap
01:23:23 <joehuang> #info update the "router" job to "configure_route"
01:23:46 <zhiyuan> hi joe, for the identity_url format, I found an example to use keystoneauth module: "auth = v3.Password(auth_url='https://my.keystone.com:5000/v3'"
01:23:46 <dongfeng> got it.
01:23:52 <zhiyuan> version is included in the url
01:24:44 <joehuang> you have to configure the "v3" in the auth_url
01:24:56 <joehuang> #topic feature implementation review
01:25:20 <joehuang> hello, please update your progress about the feature implementation in short
01:26:53 <dongfeng> 1)the async job api needs further modification. 2) the doc for async job api is there(better to have more comments) 3) the release note for async job api is there.
01:27:27 <Yipei> for lbaas, the amphora is always be deleted by health manager, and fails to boot a new one
01:28:05 <Yipei> i think there are some issue in health manager configuration
01:28:06 <joehuang> to Yipei, amphora is not heathy, so it's kicked by the health manager
01:28:17 <Yipei> to joehuang, yes
01:28:18 <joehuang> maybe
01:28:31 <RonghUI> for QoS spec, the newest version has been update this morning
01:28:47 <Yipei> i am trying to reconfigure the health manager
01:29:34 <Yipei> but the authentication issues is a new trouble
01:29:40 <joehuang> ok, the more frequent you update the patch, the more review will be done, and so that your patch can get merged early
01:29:51 <hejiawei> for metering spec, zhiyuan have some comments to it, I need update it.
01:30:04 <joehuang> authentication needs to be updated
01:31:08 <joehuang> identity_url =         auth_url =
01:31:21 <joehuang> if you use latest devstack
01:32:00 <Yipei> already change the url in the existing env, but still does not work. i think i need to reinstall my env
01:32:11 <joehuang> ok
01:33:36 <joehuang> for feature implementation, please move fast, so that not to miss pike 2
01:33:48 <dongfeng> ok.
01:33:54 <Yipei> ok, got it
01:34:48 <yinxiulin_> i am update trunk patch
01:35:08 <hejiawei> ok
01:35:37 <yinxiulin_> and implement sfc patch
01:36:30 <joehuang> #topic Open Discussion
01:36:42 <joehuang> now the time for open discussion
01:36:50 <joehuang> any topic?
01:37:14 <dongfeng> no for me.
01:37:38 <zhiyuan> I propose to chage the db query to api query after the job api is merged, for our smoke test
01:37:58 <zhiyuan> currently we are using db query to check if there is failure
01:38:36 <joehuang> great
01:38:47 <joehuang> and more smoke test cases can be added
01:39:15 <zhiyuan> the problem of db query is that we need to adapt different db backend
01:39:18 <joehuang> the async job redo multi-tenancy issue also need to be checked
01:39:34 <dongfeng> it seemed the tricircle meeting in America is going to be held. is there any channel like etherpad or irc?
01:39:38 <joehuang> #info update db query to api query from smoke test
01:40:09 <joehuang> to Dongfeng, this summit has two meeting tricircle is involved
01:40:37 <joehuang> one is presentation "when one cloud is not enough...", the other one is project on-boarding
01:40:56 <joehuang> no design summit session in the Boston OpenStack summit
01:41:34 <joehuang> yes, for the Boston summit, may we skip next weekly meeting ?
01:42:22 <joehuang> and I also want to get more feedback on Tricircle from operators and developers in Boston OpenStack summit
01:42:47 <dongfeng> if any video about the presentation, please share. :)
01:43:01 <joehuang> Youtube
01:43:23 <dongfeng> fine
01:43:39 <joehuang> Because "when one cloud is not enough..." is one official session, I am sure they will record the video and publish on Youtube
01:43:55 <joehuang> but for project on-boarding, I am not sure video will be recorded or not
01:44:17 <joehuang> #info share Boston summit video if there is
01:45:04 <joehuang> #info skip next weekly meeting for OpenStack summit
01:46:24 <dongfeng> ok.
01:46:26 <joehuang> one more information
01:46:58 <joehuang> the environment for OPNFV to use tricircle to help application high availability across OpenStack clouds are ready
01:47:50 <joehuang> and the PoC demo is accepted by OPNFV
01:47:53 <joehuang> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16Qfm3D1yhrW31ZEVRYea8mcyKI06fQ3a6Okk4VhFGkQ/
01:48:38 <joehuang> I think OPNFV foundation may provide hardware facility in OPNFV summit for the demo
01:49:09 <joehuang> any other topic?
01:49:20 <zhiyuan> no from me
01:49:25 <dongfeng> no for me.
01:49:49 <RonghUI> no for me
01:51:35 <joehuang> ok, thank you for attending the meeting
01:51:41 <joehuang> #endmeeting