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01:02:35 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
01:02:44 <joehuang> #info joehuang
01:03:36 <joehuang> hi
01:05:18 <joehuang> hi
01:06:04 <SamYaple> eaxiom: personally, i am not a huge fan of openstack-ansible
01:06:13 <SamYaple> some idealogical differences and what not
01:06:26 <SamYaple> it is certainly production grade, but it can be a pain to work with
01:07:14 <SamYaple> eaxiom: i am a big fan of kolla-ansible as well as the up-and-coming openstack-helm
01:07:34 <SamYaple> kolla-ansible works very well at scale, but is a bit more limited than openstack-ansible
01:07:41 <SamYaple> much faster and more reliable though
01:08:04 <SamYaple> it poses other challenges though, like building the images that docker will use
01:08:10 <SamYaple> everything has its ups and downs
01:22:18 <eaxiom> SamYaple:  Thanks for  your info. I will have a  look at openstack-helm and kolla-ansible  now
01:36:42 <SamYaple> eaxiom: openstack-helm is kubernetes based... and probably not quite ready for consumption just fyi
01:36:53 <SamYaple> kolla-ansible is and has been production ready for a while though
01:59:34 <eaxiom> SamYaple: Sure.. I am interested in kolla-ansible  more..  due to ansible
05:07:09 <frickler> #endmeeting