01:01:35 <zhiyuan> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:01:56 <zhiyuan> #topic PTG plan
01:02:54 <zhiyuan> the official PTG for Queens circle is from Sep 11 to Sep 15 in Denver
01:03:56 <joehuang> I think maybe none of us will show in Denver
01:04:08 <zhiyuan> yes, since most of the developers of tricircle are in China, what about we follow what we did in Pike, we hold tricircle PTG in China?
01:04:41 <joehuang> good idea
01:04:47 <Yipei> +1
01:04:50 <dongfeng> +1
01:05:08 <zhiyuan> and we also discuss our idea in etherpad and #openstack-tricircle channel
01:05:45 <joehuang> How merhe and others can be involved in the PTG well
01:06:18 <joehuang> some one contacted me yesterday from VCCorp, they are also interested in multi-region solutions
01:06:35 <zhiyuan> I have prepared an etherpad for our discussion
01:06:42 <zhiyuan> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tricircle-queens-ptg
01:07:02 <joehuang> and sapd is joining in the #openstack-tricircle channel
01:07:49 <zhiyuan> after we figure out the time and place, we can tell in the mail list that others can add their topic and join the discussion in IRC
01:08:25 <joehuang> fine
01:08:56 <zhiyuan> any suggestion for the place? Shenzhen again?
01:09:58 <joehuang> sounds great, shenzhen
01:10:03 <dongfeng> it's fine for me.
01:10:45 <Yipei> shenzhen +1
01:11:48 <zhiyuan> ok, then we hold the PTG in Huawei headquarter, Shenzhen again
01:13:15 <zhiyuan> what about the time, I think we don't need a five-day period, what about Sep 14 and Seq 15?
01:14:13 <joehuang> maybe one day is enough?
01:16:20 <zhiyuan> what about you? ronghui and yipei? I think we can discuss QoS and LB during the PTG, do you think one day is fine?
01:16:49 <Yipei> I think one day is fine, since lb is almost done
01:17:34 <Yipei> once the creation of network and route updating are finished, lb is completed
01:17:57 <zhiyuan> ok, then we pick Sep 15?
01:18:45 <joehuang> +1
01:18:50 <dongfeng> +1
01:18:59 <Yipei> +1
01:19:38 <zhiyuan> fine, I will update the etherpad and also send out a mail after the meeting
01:20:05 <zhiyuan> please also add you topic and comment in the etherpad
01:20:57 <zhiyuan> #info tricircle team will hold PTG in Sep 15th in Huawei headquarter, Shenzhen, we will also discuss in IRC channel and etherpad
01:21:25 <zhiyuan> next topic
01:21:52 <zhiyuan> #topic progress update
01:22:44 <zhiyuan> let's sync the progress of feature development
01:23:14 <Yipei> already find the source of failure in adding member and west-east traffic, begin coding now
01:23:48 <zhiyuan> cool, so need to modify the logic of xmanager?
01:25:23 <Yipei> i think so, only have a rough idea, still needs more research
01:25:59 <zhiyuan> fine, we can also have further discussion during PTG
01:26:04 <dongfeng> I plan to implement job filtering/pagination for tricircleclient.
01:26:54 <zhiyuan> great!
01:27:26 <Yipei> if i complete lb before PTG, could i develop a new feature in Queeens?
01:28:01 <zhiyuan> of course!
01:28:40 <zhiyuan> then you can propose a topic in the etherpad
01:28:49 <Yipei> ok, i see
01:29:48 <zhiyuan> what about QoS? in the latest patch set, I find that there are some problems in the client handle registration.
01:31:41 <RongHui11> the network is too poor and we try to fix the problems
01:31:59 <RongHui11> and add the smoke test in Qos
01:33:21 <zhiyuan> we are using openstacksdk to interact with API in the smoke test
01:33:28 <zhiyuan> #link https://developer.openstack.org/sdks/python/openstacksdk/
01:33:44 <RongHui11> got it
01:34:02 <joehuang> the spec for smoke test is :https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kpVo5rsL6p_rq9TvkuczjommJSsisDiKJiurbhaQg7E/edit?usp=slides_web
01:34:10 <joehuang> sorry, wrong link
01:34:30 <joehuang> the spec for smoke test is : https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/master/specs/pike/smoke-test-engine.rst
01:34:45 <zhiyuan> openstacksdk already supports QoS operation so you can just use it
01:35:29 <RongHui11> that's cool
01:37:24 <zhiyuan> you can look at the yaml file and the engine implementation task_runner.py to see how your definition in yaml invokes openstacksdk
01:38:10 <RongHui11> ok
01:38:54 <zhiyuan> #topic open discussion
01:39:04 <zhiyuan> any other topics?
01:39:20 <joehuang> no
01:39:53 <Yipei> no
01:40:00 <dongfeng> no
01:40:22 <joehuang> stable/pike branch has been created, so we can try it, if any critical issue, we need to fix it ASAP
01:41:48 <zhiyuan> ok
01:43:16 <zhiyuan> since no more topics, let's end our meeting, thanks for attending
01:43:50 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting