01:01:32 <zhiyuan> #startmeeting tricircle
01:01:32 <dongfeng> hi
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01:02:12 <zhiyuan> #topic integrate with cellv2
01:03:24 <zhiyuan> yesterday I downloaded the newest devstack and nova code and tried to integrate with them
01:04:31 <zhiyuan> there are some changes in the devstack code for the nova cellv2 deployment so our plugin.sh needs some modifications
01:05:25 <joehuang> yes, WSGI support is a common goal for all OpenStack projects
01:05:34 <joehuang> in pike release
01:05:57 <joehuang> this change may affect tricircle's integration with cells V2
01:07:35 <zhiyuan> I have done the modification and tested it. Shall we directly update the plugin.sh and our document?
01:07:59 <RonghUI> sorry for late, the network is a little poor
01:08:41 <zhiyuan> never mind, ronghui
01:10:36 <zhiyuan> I just have concern that some users may use an old version of devstack and nova
01:11:30 <RonghUI> a little more detail?
01:12:25 <zhiyuan> oh, we are discussing the integration with cellv2. some devstack scripts have been changed so we also need to update our plugin.sh and document
01:13:45 <RonghUI> no problem, also some little problem in our document and need to modify
01:15:30 <joehuang> I think we have created branch
01:15:48 <joehuang> for the master branch, it should work with nova master code
01:17:18 <joehuang> so we may send a notification in mail-list about this change?
01:18:48 <RonghUI> agree
01:19:26 <zhiyuan> fine, I will submit the patch for the change today
01:20:08 <zhiyuan> I see this link: https://docs.openstack.org/tricircle/pike/ so I think the old version of document is also kept
01:22:28 <zhiyuan> #topic feature progress
01:22:55 <xuzhuang> for default sg update, if we use sync methodes(prefer asyn),I think only need to delete the exceptions when update defaulte sg. I want to know if I miss something else?
01:24:42 <Yipei> for lbaas, i am fixing the local network case, and preparing the configuration guide
01:25:04 <zhiyuan> since we already have a job to sync security group rules, I think it will better to change the security group update to an aync way
01:26:00 <RonghUI> for qos, both net and port binding when vm creating is finished. The case, network /port binding before vm creating just finished last night and when vm creating, it also building qos and rule in local
01:27:23 <xuzhuang> yeah, i also prefer asyn, i just want know if my thought exits some problems(for sync method)
01:27:53 <zhiyuan> also we need to test what will happen if we specify two remote-ip-prefix ranges that overlap
01:28:11 <RonghUI> we try our best to let the qos feature publish on queen-1 :)
01:28:27 <dongfeng> I'm still work on tricircle client job pagination. 1'll update it recently.
01:30:23 <zhiyuan> to zhuangzhuang, the exception for udpating remote_group_id field needs to be kept
01:31:05 <zhiyuan> to yipei, have problem about the local network case?
01:31:49 <xuzhuang> yes, i mean delete the exception of "sg.name==default"
01:32:37 <Yipei> not tested yet, i think LBaaS in multiple regions should not be applied to the local network case
01:33:38 <zhiyuan> to ronghui, good, so the left cases are qos deletion, qos rules update and qos unbind?
01:34:07 <RonghUI> no qos deletion and qos unbind is also finished
01:34:15 <RonghUI> so left case is update
01:34:15 <zhiyuan> to zhuangzhuang, ok then
01:34:36 <xuzhuang> ok, thanks
01:34:49 <zhiyuan> fine, hopefully qos can be landed in queens-1
01:34:59 <RonghUI> and there is one problem
01:35:15 <RonghUI> if qos binding with net , then we create a port in this net
01:35:31 <RonghUI> the port should also binding with this qos ?
01:35:35 <Yipei> already installed a new environment to test LBaaS and finish configuration guide
01:35:45 <RonghUI> and this case we have not test
01:36:16 <zhiyuan> to yipei, agree, so we need a way to tell users that they cannot add a member in local network in region1 to LB in region2
01:37:37 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, yes, i think so
01:37:48 <zhiyuan> I think after you adding the local network check for get_subnet, adding a member in the above case will fail, but with a 404 error?
01:38:01 <zhiyuan> 404 for subnet not found
01:39:38 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, good idea, i will fix it
01:39:41 <zhiyuan> to ronghui, binding a qos to network doesn't imply that the ports in this network are also bound, I think
01:41:04 <zhiyuan> It will be better if you can return a 400 error, but I think it's not easy, we cannot touch the octavia code
01:41:58 <RonghUI> if the network have been binding with one qos , the new port creating after this binding , so this port needn't bound qos?
01:43:23 <zhiyuan> I think so, you can have a try on the original neutron server. Bind a network with qos, and see if the ports in that network are also bound.
01:43:50 <RonghUI> ok
01:44:33 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, for returning a 400 error, i will try anyway
01:45:26 <zhiyuan> thanks yipei
01:46:10 <zhiyuan> #open discussion
01:46:19 <zhiyuan> #topic open discussion
01:46:26 <zhiyuan> any other topics?
01:46:35 <RonghUI> yes
01:46:44 <xuzhuang> yesterday I deploy a multi pods,and used "openstack security group rule delete" deleted a sg rule with "remote group id" successly. I am confused about this, the code in tricircl will raise a exeception when delete a sg rule with "remote group id"(is going into neutron codes?)
01:49:19 <zhiyuan> the rule is in default security group?
01:49:48 <xuzhuang> yeah
01:50:22 <RonghUI> A good news. There are some new friends from SZZT Electronics. corp and also interesting in Tricircle, and will join our team for develop :)  PS: Changsha SZZT Cloud Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiaries of SZZT Electronics. Corp, which concentrates on cloud computing and IDC technology.
01:51:47 <zhiyuan> hmm, could you check whether delete_security_group_rule in tricircle is called?
01:52:06 <xuzhuang> ok
01:52:13 <RonghUI> and these guy is also in our meeting now
01:52:21 <joehuang> good news
01:52:29 <zhiyuan> great!
01:52:33 <joehuang> welcome to join the team!
01:52:44 <RonghUI> Most members of they are all from HUAWEI or ZTE.
01:52:49 <song> hi nice to meet everyone. i am song work for szzt company now.i am glad to work with this project from now on.
01:53:15 <joehuang> cool
01:54:36 <zhiyuan> awesome, have you tried installing tricircle yet?
01:55:35 <RonghUI> and my teacher Tang zhuo is also the vice president of SZZT Electronics. Corp
01:56:40 <song> i am recently study the doc for tricircle
01:57:13 <song> and will install it a little later on
01:59:00 <zhiyuan> you can ping us in #openstack-tricircle or the openstack-dev maillist if you have any questions :)
01:59:11 <ztang> hello all
01:59:35 <joehuang> mail-list discussion is a good way to open to all
01:59:37 <song> oh good !thank you!
01:59:40 <joehuang> hi, ztang
01:59:45 <cyg> hi nice to meet everyone. i am Chen Yaguang. I'm working for szzt company now.
01:59:57 <ztang> Today, I invite my team in SZZT to join our project.
02:00:06 <joehuang> nice to meet you Yaguang
02:00:14 <joehuang> welcome, ztang
02:00:30 <zhiyuan> welcome!
02:00:30 <zjt> my name is Zhu Jintao, Nice to meet you.
02:01:05 <zhiyuan> sorry to interrupt, but I think time's up for the meeting, we can move to openstack-tricircle
02:01:08 <joehuang> hi, JIntao
02:01:23 <ztang> The new member of SZZT are of the core programer at the IAAS department, they are familar with Openstack
02:02:08 <joehuang> sounds great
02:02:31 <ztang_> The new joined members of SZZT are of the core programers at the IAAS department, they are familar with Openstack
02:03:06 <ztang_> I hope they can achieve good results in the Tricircle
02:03:19 <joehuang> for sure
02:04:39 <zhiyuan> so let's make tricircle better and better together!
02:05:41 <song> yes, work together make it better an better.
02:07:13 <zhiyuan> let's move to openstack-tricircle channel, I am ending this meeting
02:07:19 <RonghUI> ok
02:07:56 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting