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01:05:44 <zhiyuan> at first, just to remind that we have merged an urgent patch for the smoke test: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/507340/
01:05:44 <patchbot> patch 507340 - tricircle - [Urgent] Add domain infor in smoke test (MERGED)
01:06:31 <ztang> Last week, Song, zeng you, Yaguang, Xiaohai have join TriCircle. They have finished the compile of the source code in their local envionment.
01:06:32 <zhiyuan> if your patch failed to pass the smoke test, please do a rebase or recheck
01:07:15 <RongHui11> got it and thank zhiyuan so much for fix this problem
01:08:08 <zhiyuan> to ztang, so they have started the devstack environment with tricircle?
01:08:17 <song> yes
01:08:47 <song> our szzt  team are working on the qos test
01:09:12 <zhiyuan> cool, any problem found during the environment setup?
01:09:28 <RongHui11> help to complete the qos smoke test :)
01:09:30 <song> because of the fire wall it not ease to environment setup
01:09:39 <ztang> Song, please introduce the whole works of our team in TriCircle in the past week. I hope everyone can have a specific module division in this project.
01:09:41 <zxh> hi,I am xiaohan zhang from szzt,nice to meet everyone!
01:10:41 <song> we have set up the dev environment and plan to finish all the qos test case this week.
01:12:01 <ztang> Very well
01:12:22 <zhiyuan> to song, there are two parts of works for the smoke test. (1) modify devstack/plugin.sh to automatically setup the environment with qos enabled (2) write a yaml file to define the test
01:13:03 <song> yes,thank you for help. we have read the source code of the tricircle test.
01:14:10 <song> but we have a little question about the test environment.
01:14:20 <zhiyuan> please
01:14:39 <song> it is the test environment have fix machine.
01:14:59 <ztang> to zhiyuan, four new developers have joined to finish the QoS module.
01:16:33 <ztang> Song is in the Top 50 contributors for CEPH in the world.
01:16:48 <xuzhuang> sorry for late, (can't connet to freenode this morning)
01:16:59 <zhiyuan> great, this can significantly speed up the development!
01:17:23 <song> we do not clear about the test environment such as the ip and net,are these all changeless.
01:17:44 <song> to ztang yes i am working on ceph in before new to openstack.
01:18:05 <zhiyuan> openstack CI will schedule some virtual machines to run the test
01:18:08 <song> but out team have other peoples all good at in openstack.
01:18:41 <song> to zhiyuan oh got it.thank you !
01:20:20 <song> we found the doc for tricircle devlop is a little few, do we plan to add more doc for develop
01:20:26 <zhiyuan> you can refer to tricircle/tempestplugin/gate_hook.sh to see how to obtain the IP, if necessary
01:21:32 <song> to zhiyuan i will set if after the meeting. thanks again.
01:22:19 <zhiyuan> yes, we lack a doc for how to write yaml definition, but we have a spec: https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/master/specs/pike/smoke-test-engine.rst
01:22:37 <zhiyuan> which can be linked somewhere in our doc
01:22:53 <song> i have read the specs.to write yaml it is really a good idea.
01:25:41 <zhiyuan> one thing to mention, currently the smoke test only validate whether the resources have been correctly created in local neutron, we don't login the VM to ping other VMs, to test real data plane connectiviry
01:25:52 <zhiyuan> s/connectiviry/connectivity
01:26:18 <RongHui11> got it
01:27:52 <zhiyuan> so you can see that the "validate" task just list resources in local neutron then check their attributes
01:29:05 <song> do we have the test interface to do that? if not add one for all the test case to use.
01:30:35 <zhiyuan> no, currently we don't have such interface. need to see how this is implemented in tempest
01:32:04 <song> oh,got it. i think the interface it is need to add. maybe in the local neuron is ok. but it is not really ok.
01:33:37 <zhiyuan> yes, that's possible
01:37:09 <song> i also have a little question about the pr.it is that ok to put the test code and source code in diff pr?
01:38:58 <zhiyuan> ?? tricircle repos contains both source and test
01:39:15 <song> oh got it because we have diff people to finish the work.
01:40:20 <zhiyuan> you can put the feature implementation in one patch, and test in another patch that depends on the former one
01:41:17 <zhiyuan> how about the lbaas feature, yipei? I see your reply in the mail list, so michael's reply doesn't solve your problem?
01:41:39 <song> to zhiyuan oh thank sir.got it.
01:41:45 <Yipei> no, it doesn't
01:42:44 <Yipei> i tried his solution to verify whether the route table is correct
01:43:01 <Yipei> it is correct in my env
01:45:43 <zhiyuan> how the amphorae image is generated?
01:46:24 <Yipei> it is generated by octavia itself during installation
01:49:18 <zhiyuan> hmm, seems like the problem of haproxy
01:49:33 <zhiyuan> very strange
01:49:35 <johnsom> Yipei maybe I mis-understood the scenario.  Can you reply with a set of reproduction instructions?
01:50:01 <johnsom> I will try to reproduce it again
01:50:12 <Yipei> ok, sure
01:51:40 <Yipei> to johnsom, in the mailing-list or here?
01:52:15 <johnsom> Mailing list would be best, or etherpad and post the link in the lbaas channel
01:52:34 <Yipei> ok, got it, thank you, johnsom
01:52:49 <johnsom> Sure, I will try to help
01:54:09 <Yipei> i will send a mail in the mailing list
01:55:02 <zhiyuan> any other topics to discuss?
01:55:11 <Yipei> no
01:55:43 <xuzhuang> for default security group update, i have write the first version code(not test). But I'm
01:55:43 <xuzhuang> puzzled about how to test xjob, i'm looking a solution.
01:57:09 <zhiyuan> if the job fails, you can stop xjob, do some midification, then restart xjob
01:57:20 <zhiyuan> xjob will re-run the failed job
01:57:22 <xuzhuang> for default sg update, could you give me some advice(or some example) about how to use xjob and how to test
01:58:42 <zhiyuan> configure_security_group_rules in xmanager.py is used to sync security group rules
01:59:11 <xuzhuang> enen
01:59:58 <zhiyuan> after sg update, you can call the rpc api in common/xrpcapi.py
02:00:21 <zhiyuan> there is a function with the same name
02:01:22 <xuzhuang> yeah, I am using this solution
02:01:57 <zhiyuan> then xjob can be informed to run the job
02:02:43 <zhiyuan> oh, time's up
02:02:50 <xuzhuang> yeah, thanks
02:03:20 <zhiyuan> let's end our meeting, thanks for attending
02:03:45 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting