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01:00:43 <song> hello I am song from szzt. last week we fininshed the tricircle qos test case  . and we have
01:00:43 <song> pass all in ourself dev envirment.But we heared that the test envirment has some problem
01:00:43 <song> so we do not push the pr until the test envirment is ok.
01:00:58 <joehuang> hello
01:01:27 <song> morning
01:01:35 <zhiyuan> to song, yes, that's the first topic I would like to discuss
01:01:45 <zhiyuan> #topic zull v3 check
01:02:24 <zhiyuan> infra team is migrating zuul from v2 to v3, and it is not stable enough currently
01:03:10 <zhiyuan> but according to the message from the mail list, "It is however non-gating, in the sense that it will not attempt to
01:03:13 <zhiyuan> merge a change nor prevent it from merging.
01:03:14 <zhiyuan> "
01:03:50 <song> so we push the qos test pr until it is stable enough,how about?
01:04:01 <zhiyuan> so I think if the patch passes the jenkins check pipeline, we just merge the patch?
01:04:47 <joehuang> Infra should provide a stage phase for zuul V2
01:04:51 <zhiyuan> like this patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/508496/
01:04:56 <song> agree with it
01:05:01 <RonghUI> hi all sorry for late
01:05:46 <zhiyuan> the patch above also fix the configuration of rabbitmq, which affects the jenkins check
01:06:10 <joehuang_> hello
01:06:31 <zhiyuan> hi joe
01:06:34 <joehuang_> there are should be v2 and v3 job in paralell
01:06:53 <joehuang_> and make sure v2 jobs are still working
01:07:07 <joehuang_> and v3 jobs can be non-voting jobs
01:07:33 <joehuang_> after v3 jobs and zuul v3 become stable, switch v2 jobs to v3 jobs
01:07:41 <zhiyuan> as the test result of patch 508496 shows, both jenkins and zuul pipeline are running
01:07:50 <Yipei> there does exist some problem with the configuration of rabbitmq, making the installation fail
01:08:07 <Yipei> yesterday, i tried to install tricircle with devstack, it fails
01:08:10 <zhiyuan> to yipei, yes, it's fixed in 508496
01:08:34 <joehuang_> so we should merge 508496 anyway
01:08:50 <RonghUI> yes
01:08:58 <zhiyuan> i think so, since zuul pipeline is non-gating
01:09:31 <joehuang_> legacy-tricircle-dsvm-functional	POST_FAILURE in 28m 53s
01:09:48 <joehuang_> legacy-tricircle-dsvm-multiregion	RETRY_LIMIT in 4m 04s
01:10:05 <joehuang_> both these two jobs only in zuul v3 not working
01:10:40 <joehuang_> ok, approve the patch to be merged first
01:10:55 <zhiyuan> yes, sometimes the ansible master fails to connect to other nodes so it fails to post the logs
01:12:36 <zhiyuan> it's also said that infra team is planning to roll forward out of the partial Zuul v3 rollback starting at 11:00 UTC on Wednesday October 11
01:12:57 <zhiyuan> so there wil be some CI downtime
01:13:38 <RonghUI> that's too regretful
01:15:05 <zhiyuan> ok, the jenkins gate pipeline is working
01:15:12 <zhiyuan> from zuul.openstack.org
01:15:52 <zhiyuan> but i notice the python27 test fails :(
01:16:23 <zhiyuan> i will update the patch later
01:17:27 <joehuang_> almost all failure.
01:18:25 <joehuang_> The following packages have unmet dependencies: libcurl4-gnutls-dev : Depends: libcurl3-gnutls (= 7.47.0-1ubuntu2.2) but 7.47.0-1ubuntu2.3 is to be installed
01:18:46 <joehuang_> maybe because some requirements update not merged
01:19:30 <zhiyuan> oops
01:19:54 <joehuang_> or recheck
01:20:26 <RonghUI> i just see the requirements update patch from OpenStack Proposal Bot, all failure
01:20:54 <zhiyuan> for dependency issue like this, I think the global requirement needs to be updated
01:21:39 <RonghUI> you mean we should manual upgrade the global requirement?
01:24:15 <zhiyuan> oh, it seems that it's the dependency issue of app, not python library
01:25:06 <RonghUI> ok
01:25:09 <zhiyuan> i will check the mail list to see if there's some discussion about this
01:25:58 <zhiyuan> #topic queens-1 plan
01:26:33 <zhiyuan> queens-1 deadline is from Oct16 to Oct20
01:27:10 <zhiyuan> i feel like we have risk to finish our plan for queens-1
01:28:31 <zhiyuan> lb, default group update, user distinguish are targeted in queens-1
01:28:42 <xuzhuang> For default security group update i havecommited the first version code.
01:29:17 <Yipei> i will submit the configuration guide this week, hope it can work in other environments
01:29:31 <zhiyuan> i see it. there may be several runs of modification for it
01:30:16 <Yipei> still don't know why the amphora doesn't work, very annoying
01:32:53 <zhiyuan> will test it
01:33:13 <dongfeng> About tricircle client, new patch for job pagination is committed.
01:33:51 <zhiyuan> do we need to postpone lb to queens-2?
01:34:55 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, if the configuration guide works, i think don't need to postpone it
01:36:02 <xuzhuang> And there are some problems, i haven't find the solution. Waiting for your review
01:36:21 <zhiyuan> it may also be some midifications on the configuration guide
01:36:47 <Yipei> ok, i see, so we postpone it to queens-2
01:39:03 <zhiyuan> it seems that joe is temporary offline
01:39:47 <joehuang_> hello, just come back
01:40:17 <joehuang_> seems lots of our work were blocked by infra-issue
01:40:42 <zhiyuan> yes, so we are talking about that we may have risk to finish the queens-1 plan
01:41:39 <joehuang_> we can move these to queens-2
01:42:26 <joehuang_> tricircle is not strict mile-stone aligned project
01:42:52 <joehuang_> we can adjust the milestone date if needed
01:43:18 <joehuang_> https://releases.openstack.org/reference/release_models.html
01:43:51 <joehuang_> our release model is "cycle-with-intermediary", https://releases.openstack.org/reference/release_models.html#cycle-with-intermediary
01:44:18 <joehuang_> no need to strict follow community milestone date, sure it'll be better if we can.
01:44:37 <zhiyuan> ic, so do we tag queens-1 around Oct16 to Oct20? at least the integration test with nova cell v2 is done
01:45:28 <joehuang_> of course we can, it's a great step to work with cells v2
01:46:15 <zhiyuan> ok, hopefully the py27 error can be fixed soon
01:47:02 <song> hi,all.the qos test case are most made by szzt team xiaohan zhang and he is very family with the openstack especially with the openstack network.so what next plan we can do?
01:48:50 <zhiyuan> we have a schedule in this page: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tricircle-queens-ptg
01:50:00 <zhiyuan> what about this: Network deletion reliability
01:50:46 <song> ok, we will see this detail after the meeting and choose one.
01:51:01 <zhiyuan> ronghui first would like to have a try but not confirmed yet, so there is a "TBD"
01:52:10 <zhiyuan> fine, we can talk about the detail offline
01:52:26 <song> thank you. we will seen it after the meeting.and conform it a little later.
01:52:54 <zjt> ok
01:53:08 <joehuang_> I found the etherpad is not linked to wiki page, just working on it
01:53:28 <zhiyuan> thanks, joe
01:55:03 <zhiyuan> any other topic?
01:55:28 <RonghUI> no for me
01:55:30 <xuzhuang> no for me
01:55:40 <dongfeng> no for me
01:55:45 <zjt> nor
01:55:47 <Yipei> no
01:55:48 <joehuang_> no
01:56:04 <song> no
01:56:35 <zhiyuan> ok, thanks for attending the meeting
01:56:39 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting