01:02:48 <zhiyuan_> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:03:06 <joehuang> hi
01:03:09 <zhiyuan_> hi joe
01:04:10 <zhiyuan_> I have submitted the patch for queens-1 tag, the nova cell v2 integration is included in this tag
01:05:36 <joehuang> great
01:05:56 <zhiyuan_> I see neutron team has updated their patch for queens-1 tag,so I will check if we need to update correspondingly
01:06:47 <zhiyuan_> especially recenetly we merge one patch from yipei to adapt the neutron change
01:07:42 <joehuang> ok, and one more patch this morning
01:07:52 <joehuang> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/514683/
01:08:27 <Yipei_> yes, yesterday this patch receives a timeout error
01:08:38 <Yipei_> i resubmit it today
01:08:55 <zhiyuan_> i see
01:09:27 <zhiyuan_> in this patch, a new atribute "tap_enabled" is added
01:09:41 <zhiyuan_> is this attribute also open to API?
01:09:53 <Yipei_> yes
01:10:15 <zhiyuan_> if so, I think our sfc plugin code and xjob also need to be updated
01:12:24 <Yipei_> not sure, i think it is not
01:13:24 <joehuang> we may need to wait for the sfc functional test result
01:13:41 <joehuang> to check to see if api is affected or not
01:13:47 <Yipei_> ah, it added a flag
01:14:02 <Yipei_> --enable-tap and --disable-flag
01:14:10 <Yipei_> so it should be open in api
01:14:25 <zhiyuan_> the reason I think we need to update is that our xjob will sync the central sfc resource to local sfc resource, if xjob isn't aware of the new attribute, this attribute may be lost
01:15:02 <Yipei_> i see
01:15:14 <Yipei_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/449954/
01:16:06 <Yipei_> i will further improve the patch
01:17:40 <zhiyuan_> at least we can set this attribute in our smoke test and check if the local resource is correctly created
01:18:05 <zhiyuan_> before we do some changes on the plugin and xjob code
01:19:36 <zhiyuan_> this can be put in another patch since 514683 is an urgent patch
01:22:42 <Yipei_> good idea, i would like to go on fixing it
01:23:31 <zhiyuan_> thanks yipei
01:24:36 <Yipei_> zhiyuan, you are welcome:)
01:25:47 <zhiyuan_> the patch for default security group has been submitted, what about the other feature, passing the client information to the context, so central neutron server know where the request is from
01:26:51 <xuzhuang> now i'm doing the direction of requests
01:27:47 <zhiyuan_> cool
01:31:42 <zhiyuan_> for the qos patch, I find some errors in unit tests like test_create_policy_rule, so I think this is qos specific issue
01:36:03 <zhiyuan_> oh, it seems that the owner of the qos patch is offline currently
01:37:12 <joehuang> maybe ping the owner after the meeting?
01:37:33 <zhiyuan_> ok, will do that
01:41:50 <zhiyuan_> just check the neutron queens-1 tag patch, the change "consume load_class_by_alias_or_classname from neutron-lib" that affects our project is not included in queens-1
01:41:52 <joehuang> Sorry I have to leave now for another meeting
01:42:10 <zhiyuan_> fine, bye joe
01:43:05 <zhiyuan_> if no other topics, we can also end our meeting a bit earlier
01:43:10 <Yipei_> bye, joe
01:43:26 <xuzhuang> no for me
01:43:30 <Yipei_> no
01:43:34 <dongfeng2> no
01:44:43 <zhiyuan_> ok, I will ping then qos patch owner offline, thanks for join the meeting
01:44:53 <zhiyuan_> s/then/the
01:44:58 <zhiyuan_> #endmeeting