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01:03:51 <zhiyuan> joe is attending the openstack summit so i think he will be absent for today's meeting
01:04:08 <zhiyuan> let's update our development progress
01:04:42 <song> good
01:07:03 <zhiyuan> smoke test for sfc is temporarily disabled by me because of a bug. I see that the fix patch has been submitted, I will try enabling the test after the patch is merged
01:07:32 <zhiyuan> here is the fix patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/518029
01:07:33 <patchbot> patch 518029 - networking-sfc - Update l2pop calls to use context instead of session
01:07:56 <Yipei_> for lbaas, tested configuration guide again, still try installing and depolying lbaas in nova cell with tricircle.
01:08:34 <Yipei_> for lbaas, test configuration guide again last week, still try installing and depolying lbaas in nova cell with tricircle.
01:08:50 <xuzhuang> For distinguishing the direction of requests, I have write the first version code of the component of filter. For default security group update, I will write a release note.
01:10:10 <zhiyuan> to yipei, fine, i will try following the updated guide to setup lbaas today. BTW, have you already uploaded the image? could you send me the link after the meeting?
01:11:13 <Yipei_> to zhiyuan, already uploaded the image, will send it to you
01:12:08 <zhiyuan> to xuzhuang, great, so you have figured out how to extract and insert request information.
01:12:45 <xuzhuang> to zhiyuan, In this version code I get the source tag from the request header, and put this tag into the req.environ. In the end I parse the req.environ into the context of request. Is there any problem?
01:13:49 <zhiyuan> where do you parse the req.environ?
01:15:39 <xuzhuang> in my filter code(__cal__), using left it for paste.filter_factory = neutron.auth:NeutronKeystoneContext.factory
01:15:53 <xuzhuang> or left it for
01:18:29 <zhiyuan> not quite get your idea. are you going to replace NeutronKeystoneContext with your filter?
01:20:53 <xuzhuang> no, wouldn't replace NeutronKeystoneContext, in NeutronKeystoneContext it has parse the environ of the request into the context of the request
01:21:31 <xuzhuang> one thought is just using it
01:22:42 <zhiyuan> but in NeutronKeystoneContext, your tag will not be inserted into context object
01:23:05 <xuzhuang> when request comes to  NeutronKeystoneContext filter, it will the environ of the request into the context of the request, so I just place source filter ahead of  NeutronKeystoneContext filter
01:24:01 <xuzhuang> ok, if my tag couldn't be inserted into context, I parse it into context in my own filter, is that ok?
01:24:57 <zhiyuan> yes, so your filter does two things. (1) extract tag from request header (2) insert the tag into context
01:25:05 <xuzhuang> yeah
01:25:27 <zhiyuan> i just worry about that whether you can get request header in your filter
01:26:58 <zhiyuan> your filter needs to be placed after NeutronKeystoneContext filter, I am not sure whether the request header will be passed to your filter
01:28:26 <xuzhuang> oh, I haven't think about this point
01:29:15 <zhiyuan> so you may check what's contained in req.environ
01:29:43 <zhiyuan> hopefully header will be stored in req.environ and will not be removed
01:30:03 <xuzhuang> in WSGI, the request will go through the filter, so I think we can get the header of request
01:30:21 <xuzhuang> ok
01:30:41 <zhiyuan> that's fine then.
01:32:46 <song> hi, i am song from szzt, is there any other bp we can do, we also have one people named zeng you who very familiar with openstack and he can do something for tricircle.
01:34:25 <zhiyuan> could you help chenyaguang to solve the qos problem first? I see that there is a problem in the qos-port binding
01:35:47 <zxh> hi,all,I run in the qos of the smoke test, when devstack just installed, the first time will fail, but as long as after restart svc0 service, can pass all the tests, I don't know what the reason, you have any good Suggestions
01:36:52 <song> we have see the problem recently but have not find the reason for it.
01:37:14 <zhiyuan> oh sorry, i make a mistake in the patc owner
01:37:21 <zhiyuan> s/patc/patch
01:37:44 <song> it do not matter.we are just one team.
01:38:49 <zhiyuan> without restarting svc0, can you successfully update the port with qos? i mean, manually update, not running the smoke test
01:42:24 <zxh> I'm going to test it
01:43:22 <zhiyuan> one possible reason that the problem is gone after restaring svc0 is that, the devstack script restarts svc0 before your qos configuration, so your configuration doesn't take effect
01:44:23 <zhiyuan> but it's weird since your API request to svc0 succeeds, so it doesn't seem like a configuration problem
01:46:28 <RongHui11> so  it maybe the qos configuration is working after the devstack restart svc0 service?
01:47:33 <song> to zxh add some log for it to verify it?
01:47:36 <RongHui11> but we can create qos policy and rule in centralRegion maually
01:47:40 <RongHui11> i test it
01:49:19 <RongHui11> now when update the network with qos , it is weird that the qos bound in CentralRegion is fail but in local it created and bound succeed
01:49:32 <zhiyuan> yes, that's why I say weird.
01:50:31 <zhiyuan> no sure the local creation and binding are succesfully, the smoke test stops when checking central qos binding
01:51:11 <RongHui11> and after restarting the svc0 it work.
01:51:42 <RongHui11> so we need some help from you guys
01:52:22 <zhiyuan> my suggesion is to first test whether we can manually update qos binding
01:52:29 <RongHui11> oh  i test manually ,  the local creation and binding  is succeed
01:52:31 <zhiyuan> before restarting svc0
01:53:08 <zhiyuan> with the newest neutron and tricircle code?
01:53:17 <RongHui11> weyes
01:53:18 <RongHui11> yes
01:53:25 <RongHui11> it is so weried
01:53:35 <RongHui11> and no error in logs
01:53:45 <zhiyuan> if so, you can move your check for central qos binding right after the port udpate
01:53:48 <RongHui11> just as i show you in wechat
01:53:51 <zxh> I just tested, binding the port and the network has a problem, the qos policy generates, feeling is the update port and the network has a problem
01:54:58 <RongHui11> yes we first need to solve the update problem in central
01:55:31 <RongHui11> even it is weird that qos bound can work in local
01:56:18 <zhiyuan> neutron will print out the configuration options when it starts, so you may check whether there are some differences before and after the restarting
01:56:38 <zxh> This test is to create the policy, the network, the port, then the binding
01:57:05 <RongHui11> good idea
01:57:47 <song> to zhiyuan thank you for your advice.we will try it after the meeting.
01:57:50 <zhiyuan> local neutron server uses the original qos and ml2 plugin, so it can work successfully if you send the correct request to it
01:58:05 <RongHui11> yes
01:58:27 <zhiyuan> thanks song
01:58:34 <RongHui11> so we just check the neutron.conf0?
01:58:47 <zhiyuan> no, check the log
01:58:59 <zhiyuan> loaded configuation will be printed out
01:59:07 <RongHui11> check the svc0 log?
01:59:40 <zhiyuan> yes, after devstack finishes, check the log; after restarting svc0, check the log, see the difference
01:59:57 <RongHui11> got it
02:00:04 <RongHui11> thank you so much
02:00:08 <zhiyuan> oh, i think time's up
02:00:13 <zhiyuan> you are welcome
02:00:36 <zhiyuan> let's end our meeting and discuss offline if needed
02:00:43 <RongHui11> ok
02:00:47 <song> good
02:01:10 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting