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01:01:29 <zhiyuan_> thanks for yipei and xiaohan's hard work, we have merged the patches for lb and qos feature
01:02:14 <song> you are welcome!
01:02:28 <song> xiaohan will come a little later!
01:02:48 <zhiyuan_> for qos, another patch for the document of qos is needed
01:02:49 <Yipei_> you are welcome, zhiyuan :)
01:03:08 <zhiyuan_> i think it could be part2
01:03:14 <RonghUI> the document for qos will finish ASAP
01:03:57 <zhiyuan_> great, it will be better if we can finish in queens-2
01:04:04 <song> yes I agree with RonghUI
01:04:30 <zhiyuan_> it's around Dec 4th to Dec 8th
01:04:36 <zhiyuan_> the release day
01:06:24 <song> that means we have one week to finish the qos doc?
01:07:37 <zhiyuan_> see if we can finish it in one week, otherwise we put it in queens-3
01:08:28 <song> that is all right.
01:09:27 <zhiyuan_> and for lb, yipei, have you contacted with the octavia team about the auto installation of tricircle with octavia?
01:10:48 <Yipei_> not yet, do we need to solve the gateway issue first? or contact octavia team now?
01:13:16 <zhiyuan_> gateway issue is not that easy, in our design, the gateway ip in central neutron and local neutron will always be different
01:14:32 <Yipei_> ok, so i will contact the team this week
01:15:01 <zhiyuan_> thanks yipei
01:15:51 <zhiyuan_> then what about the "distinguish request source" feature?
01:16:18 <zhiyuan_> the modification of plugin.sh is needed to enable that filter automatically
01:16:29 <xuzhuang> yeah
01:17:02 <xuzhuang> i try to modify plugin.sh
01:17:31 <song> Is it also need a test case or spec for it?
01:17:53 <song> I need this patch in my BP.
01:18:07 <song> but i do not know how use it ?
01:18:45 <zhiyuan_> song, are you working on the "network deletion reliability" feature?
01:18:58 <song> yes
01:19:35 <song> I seed a email to xuzhuang last day.
01:19:56 <song> to ask how to use this feature.
01:21:43 <zhiyuan_> it's easy to see how it works from the code, the filter will fill the USER_AGENT field in the context object, so you can check where the request is from by checking the USER_AGENT field in plugin
01:21:48 <xuzhuang> i have recieved the mail, i will give a responce quickly. And to zhiyuan i want do the feature of deleting security group
01:22:21 <zhiyuan_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/518421 the implementation
01:22:34 <joehuang> hi
01:22:47 <zhiyuan_> hi joe
01:23:24 <song> to zhiyuan xuzhuang thank you!
01:23:26 <zhiyuan_> we are talking about the "distinguish request resource" and "resource deletion reliability" features
01:25:02 <zhiyuan_> xuzhuang, i think you can discuss with song offline to see how you can co-work. in my opinion, song will finish a framework for deletion reliability and take network as an example, xuzhuang can continue to finish the security group part based on the framework
01:25:49 <song> I agree with zhiyuan about it.
01:26:13 <xuzhuang> ok
01:26:17 <RonghUI> so for the network deletion, the database table that we may add includes four parameter: top_id,bottom_id,pod_id,resource_type  is that enough?
01:27:43 <zhiyuan_> ronghui, you can discuss how those fields are used in your spec, so we can see if all the fields are needed, or whether we lack some fields
01:28:16 <song> to xuzhuang you can add my wechat, to zhiyuan i have send a request to add wechat for you last day :)
01:28:50 <RonghUI> to zhiyuan, ok
01:29:02 <xuzhuang> to song, ok
01:29:55 <zhiyuan_> oh, it's you!
01:30:08 <joehuang> I found that several patches have been merged, great progress
01:30:09 <song> yeah.haha!
01:32:47 <song> great! and our team xiaohan have finished the qos. is there any other bp for him?
01:33:46 <zhiyuan_> there is a bug that can be fixed
01:34:04 <zhiyuan_> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tricircle/+bug/1701508
01:34:04 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1701508 in Tricircle "port not deleted in original region" [Undecided,New]
01:34:27 <song> good!
01:34:36 <zxh> good!
01:35:05 <zhiyuan_> let me describe this bug a bit more
01:36:02 <song> welcome.
01:36:18 <zhiyuan_> to reproduce this bug, we create a port via central neutron, then boot a VM with this port in region1, then delete this VM. Here, though VM is deleted from region1, the port in region1 is still there
01:36:45 <zhiyuan_> next, we boot a VM with this port in region2, the result is that both region1 and region2 have that port
01:38:25 <song> oh that sounds we should release the port in region1 after delete the vm in region1.
01:39:39 <zhiyuan_> currently we will delete both ports in region1 and region2 when port in central neutron is deleted
01:39:43 <RonghUI> or to delete the port in region1
01:40:58 <zhiyuan_> but to fix this bug, we need a mechanism to delete the port in region after the VM is removed, OR after the port is used in another region
01:42:53 <RonghUI> when VM in region is deleting, can we do the same operation to the port in region?
01:44:39 <zhiyuan_> we need some way to trigger the deletion of port
01:46:33 <zxh> nova need to do something?
01:47:22 <zhiyuan_> no, we cannot touch nova. nova will not delete the port if the port is not created by nova
01:47:46 <zhiyuan_> in our case, we create a port before booting a VM, so nova will not delete the port
01:53:48 <RonghUI> is this some problem for qos ?
01:54:57 <zhiyuan_> ?? no, only document is needed for qos
01:55:57 <RonghUI> oh yes  if the port is deletion the qos which is bound with this port is deletion too
01:57:31 <zhiyuan_> yes, so no need to modify the qos part
01:58:08 <zhiyuan_> i think time's up, if you find out the solution, please submit a patch to fix the bug
01:58:20 <RonghUI> got it
01:58:37 <zhiyuan_> and thanks for attending the meeting
01:58:54 <zhiyuan_> #endmeeting