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01:01:46 <zhiyuan> i am going to submit the patch for our queens-2 release today. so queens-2 will include our lb and qos features
01:01:47 <Yipei_> hi
01:02:12 <zhiyuan> hi yipei
01:02:43 <zhiyuan> and let's finish the deletion reliability feature in queens-3
01:02:57 <song> that is good.
01:03:32 <zhiyuan> next let's sync the feature development progress
01:08:03 <xuzhuang> for distinguish the direction of request, I have completed plugin.sh
01:08:37 <Yipei_> 1) already sent mail to Michael, it seems that he did not get my point, plan to ping him in irc. 2) begin writing spec for l3 networking model
01:08:39 <song> for deleting reliability I have finished the code.but have not test it yet.
01:09:22 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang: yes, i see that. i will test and review your patch today
01:09:39 <song> to zhiyuan my code have included your 470659 pr.
01:13:56 <zhiyuan> yipei: i also see your mail, yes, need further discussion with Michael i think. for the new l3 networking model, i think you can consider how the existing code can be reused, instead of writing a whole new logic
01:15:41 <Yipei_> to zhiyuan, got it with thanks
01:15:59 <zhiyuan> song: could you prepare a patch and submit first? and what does "470659 pr" mean?
01:16:18 <song> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/476059
01:16:38 <song> I write the code base on your this pull request.
01:17:25 <zhiyuan> oh, that implementaion only saves "delete" state in memory, so it's not enough
01:17:47 <zhiyuan> are you changing it to save state in DB?
01:17:56 <song> I know I have use the db in center?
01:18:10 <song> I know I have use the db in center
01:18:56 <song> I will check in the center neutron in delete in db.
01:19:37 <zhiyuan> that's fine
01:20:15 <song> I will pull the patch after have tested fine in my own computer.
01:21:00 <song> but first need wait xuzhuang pr to be merged.
01:22:25 <zhiyuan> yes, i will test that patch today and hope it can be merged this week
01:22:37 <song> that is fine.
01:23:21 <zhiyuan> then what about the spec for deletion reliability? this feature requires data model change so I will a spec is needed
01:23:29 <zhiyuan> s/will/think
01:24:09 <song> that have finished by ronghui.
01:24:22 <song> he write spec and i finish the code.
01:24:49 <song> to RonghUI  hi?
01:25:17 <RonghUI> i am here
01:26:01 <zhiyuan> hi, please submit the spec once you finish. the spec needs to be merged before the code gets merged
01:26:32 <RonghUI> if xuzhuang want to do the security group deletion, we need to do some communication about the databases with him
01:26:52 <xuzhuang> ok
01:26:57 <song> yes that is right.
01:27:11 <song> we just use on data table.
01:27:30 <song> we just use the same data table in data base.
01:27:31 <RonghUI> since we need to add a table in db for deletion feature
01:28:09 <zhiyuan> yes, better to design the new model for general purpose so we can easily support other resources later, if needed
01:28:53 <song> that is right,can not agree with it more.
01:30:54 <zhiyuan> RonghUI: could you finish the spec this week?
01:32:05 <RonghUI> most of content has finished
01:32:17 <song> perfect!
01:32:27 <RonghUI> but consider it need to add a table in db
01:33:07 <RonghUI> so we need to determine the parameters in this table for deletion
01:33:22 <zhiyuan> song: in your current implementation, have you already added a table?
01:33:34 <song> yes.
01:34:03 <song> I remember last week meeting ronghui have said the detail of the table.
01:34:41 <RonghUI> and if xuzhuang want to do the security feature, need a communication for him if any parameters need to add in this table
01:36:03 <song> to xuzhuang you can communicate with us use wechart or email that is all ok.
01:36:22 <xuzhuang> ok
01:36:38 <zhiyuan> RonghUI: so I think you can submit your draft spec first, then both xuzhuang and me can see your current idea
01:36:57 <RonghUI> ok
01:37:12 <RonghUI> i will submit this spec in one week ASAP
01:37:24 <zhiyuan> then xuzhuang can think about how to finish the securty group part based on your design
01:37:34 <RonghUI> ok
01:38:19 <xuzhuang> yeah, waiting this spec
01:40:36 <zhiyuan> song: what about the bug I mentioned last week? and the service function chain update feature? any update from your team?
01:42:25 <song> the bug zxh in doing for it.
01:43:11 <song> the feature is in testing.
01:43:16 <RonghUI> good!
01:44:35 <cyg> to zhiyuan,I am doing the service function chain update feature,but there are some problems with my environment,I will fix it soon and update the sfc code
01:45:55 <zhiyuan> great!
01:46:49 <zhiyuan> so far for the progress update, any other topics?
01:47:28 <RonghUI> no for me
01:47:34 <song> no for me too.
01:47:43 <RonghUI> wait for a minutes
01:48:01 <Yipei_> no from me
01:48:13 <xuzhuang> no from me
01:48:39 <zhiyuan> RonghUI: please
01:48:42 <RonghUI> can we talk some for Trio2o, i just saw dongfeng submit a patch in Trio2o
01:49:50 <RonghUI> if not, we can communicate in Trio2o channe
01:50:00 <RonghUI> s/channe/channel
01:50:42 <zhiyuan> oh, let's talk this in trio2o channel
01:50:55 <zhiyuan> openstack-trio2o this channel?
01:51:15 <RonghUI> yep
01:53:18 <zhiyuan> ok, let's finish our meeting, thanks for attending
01:53:29 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting