01:01:02 <zhiyuan> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:01:52 <zhiyuan> i see our our unit test fails, there may be some changes in neutron code that cause the problem
01:03:03 <zhiyuan> do you have time to fix it?
01:03:21 <Yipei_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/396351/
01:03:43 <Yipei_> i already checked and tried to fix it
01:04:46 <zhiyuan> thanks Yipei!
01:05:56 <zhiyuan> adding [Urgent] tag in the commit message title so we will merge it soon once the unit tests pass
01:06:13 <Yipei_> ok, got it
01:07:25 <zhiyuan> next let's update the development progress
01:08:04 <zhiyuan> I've just +1 on the distinguish source of request patch, sorry for the late comment
01:08:32 <song> I wait this pr to be merged.
01:09:14 <zhiyuan> i think joe will merge it once he sees the update
01:09:37 <zhiyuan> but we also need to fix the current unit test failure first
01:10:02 <song> i am not hurry.^.^
01:10:40 <zhiyuan> what about the spec for resource deletion reliability? it seems that it hasn't been submitted yet
01:11:13 <song> oh, I know it have finished. I will ask CRH.
01:11:32 <song> look like he does not in here now.
01:12:24 <song> if he does not have time . I pull it a little later.
01:13:20 <zhiyuan> fine, have you discussed with zhuangzhuang offline?
01:13:33 <zhiyuan> oh, ronghui is online now
01:13:42 <RongHUI> hello
01:13:54 <song> we have discuss the spec
01:14:12 <song> they are waiting for see it.
01:14:23 <xuzhuang> yeah
01:14:23 <song> i think you have finished already.
01:15:15 <RongHUI> ok i will finish the specc this week
01:15:15 <song> because my code already finished.^.^
01:16:13 <zhiyuan> hopefully the spec won't change too much during the review
01:16:37 <song> never mind.
01:17:02 <Yipei_> 1) i am working on the spec for l3 networking, 2) for lbaas, plan to join weekly meeting of octavia to discuss installation automation.
01:17:46 <zhiyuan> what's the time of the weekly meeting?
01:18:05 <Yipei_> 20:00 UTC on Wednesdays
01:18:50 <zhiyuan> oh, it's 4 am beijing time
01:19:57 <zhu> excuese me,hello everyone. zxh and me is fixing a bug about port-delete.
01:20:06 <Yipei_> i was busy with some personal business last week, so i cannot always be online to discuss with the octavia team
01:20:07 <zhu> but i have some confusions that what the meaning of shadow network and shadow port. sorry to disturb all.
01:21:33 <song> hi zhu
01:21:42 <song> zhu is a student new to here.
01:21:46 <song> welcome
01:22:04 <zhiyuan> Yipei, that's fine, take your personal business first. I think the automation is not that hurry
01:22:05 <zhu> Are there some documents to introduce these conceptions?
01:22:36 <zhiyuan> hi zhu, welcome
01:22:53 <zhu> thank you , zhiyuan.
01:22:57 <zhu> hi
01:23:19 <zhiyuan> for the shadow network and port mechanism, we have a spec discussing about it
01:23:25 <zhiyuan> https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/master/specs/pike/cross-neutron-vxlan-networking.rst
01:23:29 <Yipei_> ok, thanks, zhiyuan
01:24:00 <zxh> to zhiyuan, i met a problem, i create vm in region1 and delete port when creating vm in region2, then delete vm in region2, when in region1 again to create the vm, there will be a virtualInterfaceCreateException error. if set vif_plugging_is_fatal=false in nova-cpu.conf, create vm success but ping failed.
01:25:50 <zhu> ok , thank you, zhiyuan.
01:25:53 <zhiyuan> what about the vm creation in region2, success or not?
01:26:14 <zxh> success
01:26:35 <zhiyuan> the port is also deleted in region1, is that right?
01:28:01 <zxh> use delete_resources function in central to delete port in region1
01:29:15 <zhiyuan> delete_resources funtion in which module?
01:30:13 <zxh> tricircle.common.client
01:31:22 <zxh> _get_client(region_name).delete_resource(constants.RT_PORT, t_ctx, port['id'])
01:32:18 <zxh> port will be normal delete in region1
01:32:55 <zhiyuan> oh, i think the resource mapping also need to be deleted
01:33:36 <zxh> also deleted use e
01:33:54 <zxh> use core.delete_resources
01:37:03 <zhiyuan> hmm, so the procedure looks fine
01:38:23 <zhiyuan> what is the time between you create the vm in region2 and delete vm, recreate in region1?
01:40:56 <zxh> delete vm in active status, list server is null, recreate vm in region1.
01:43:11 <zhiyuan> so this doesn't seem a concurrent problem
01:43:52 <zhiyuan> could you provide me more context about the error via mail? and also your fixsing code
01:44:01 <zhiyuan> s/fixsing/fixing
01:44:59 <zxh> good, thanks
01:48:52 <zhiyuan> is ronghui still online?
01:49:33 <RongHUI> yes
01:50:01 <zhiyuan> is your spec ready to be submitted?
01:50:35 <RongHUI> no  is there anything need to add ?
01:51:55 <song> I think we can pull it first. let all people to review.maybe it is not very perfect.
01:52:11 <zhiyuan> +1, song
01:52:18 <RongHUI> ok
01:52:36 <song> thanks to RongHUI.
01:53:12 <zhiyuan> is it fine for you to submit the patch by the weekend?
01:53:21 <RongHUI> yes
01:54:45 <zhiyuan> good, thanks ronghui
01:55:41 <zhiyuan> so far for the progress update, any other topics?
01:56:07 <song> no for me
01:56:13 <RongHUI> no for me
01:56:52 <xuzhuang> no
01:58:00 <zhiyuan> ok, thanks for attending the meeting
01:58:05 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting