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01:01:24 <zhiyuan_> the patch for distinguishing request source has been merged, so it's time for us to move on and finish the resource deletion reliability feature
01:02:18 <zhiyuan_> the spec for that feature is submitted and under review, what about the implementation?
01:02:43 <song> the code have finished, i need to test it.
01:02:58 <song> after the test i pull it.
01:04:02 <zhiyuan_> ok, thanks song
01:04:19 <song> you are welcome.
01:06:06 <zhiyuan_> xuzhuang, have you read the spec? any comment? since you are going to finish the security group deletion part
01:06:48 <xuzhuang_> yes, I have readed and gived some comment
01:08:50 <xuzhuang_> I think the workload of deleting sg is not much. It's better to write the first version of code and test it.
01:10:22 <xuzhuang_> Now I need the api the deleting_resource, I will complete the first version of code as soon as possible after son has pushed.
01:11:27 <zhiyuan_> yes,  you can download his code via "git review -d ID" and start from his code
01:11:50 <xuzhuang_> ok
01:11:54 <song> yes, I can give you my code.
01:12:03 <zhiyuan_> ID is the number you can see in the review page link
01:12:53 <xuzhuang_> Got it
01:14:10 <joehuang> or you can get the code from the upper right link (download) of the patch
01:15:02 <zhiyuan_> joe, will this way also keep the commit history?
01:15:21 <zhiyuan_> or just download the patch files
01:17:04 <joehuang> just download files
01:17:16 <zhiyuan_> ic
01:17:50 <xuzhuang_> Got it
01:18:27 <joehuang> there are several links: checkout, pull, cherry pick, I did not try all of them, may be check out can keep the git commit history
01:18:58 <zhiyuan_> xuzhuang, you can have a try :)
01:19:14 <xuzhuang_> yeah
01:19:56 <zhiyuan_> next, new cross-neutron l3 networking model, Yipei, have time to investigate it?
01:20:12 <Yipei> i have already finished my own business
01:20:27 <Yipei> already working on it
01:22:43 <zhiyuan_> have risk? we have about one month for the last milestone
01:26:14 <Yipei> i think it is difficult to finish the implementation before the last milestone. but it will try my best, and need you guys' help
01:26:28 <song> the next openstack is q,  i know it is about in next year  2.28. that is right?
01:27:37 <zhiyuan_> Yipei, fine, I can support you
01:27:59 <Yipei> ok, thanks a lot, zhiyuan
01:29:32 <zhiyuan_> the final release for Q is from Feb26th to Mar2nd
01:30:48 <song> thanks zhiyuan .out project milestone is early than it?
01:31:47 <song> can we can start the new milestone after the next month?
01:31:52 <zhiyuan_> we follow the openstack schedule, have three milestones, RC1 and the final RC
01:32:15 <zhiyuan_> here is the schedule: https://releases.openstack.org/queens/schedule.html
01:32:27 <song> oh thanks.
01:33:40 <zhiyuan_> so far for the progress update, any other topics?
01:34:46 <song> no for me.
01:34:52 <xuzhuang_> no for me
01:35:11 <Yipei> no from me
01:35:36 <zhiyuan_> then we just finish our meeting a bit earlier, thanks for attending
01:35:48 <zhiyuan_> #endmeeting