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01:02:18 <zhiyuan> i see the smoke test for reliable resource deletion implementation fails
01:02:25 <song> yes
01:02:37 <zhiyuan> the log shows that there is a DB operation error
01:02:46 <song> deleting_resource = core.query_resource(t_ctx, models.DeletingResources, resource_filters, [])
01:02:54 <song> BError: (pymysql.err.InternalError) (1054, u"Unknown column 'deleting_resources.created_at' in 'field list'")
01:02:55 <song> [SQL: u'SELECT deleting_resources.created_at AS deleting_resources_created_at, deleting_resources.updated_at AS deleting_resources_updated_at,
01:02:55 <song> deleting_resources.resource_id AS deleting_resources_resource_id, deleting_resources.resource_type AS deleting_resources_resource_type \nFROM
01:02:55 <song> deleting_resources \nWHERE deleting_resources.resource_type = %(resource_type_1)s AND deleting_resources.resource_id = %(resource_id_1)s']
01:02:57 <song> [parameters: {u'resource_type_1': 'network', u'resource_id_1': u'37117fc9-a7d5-463a-a779-eebed903294d'}]
01:03:30 <song> I use the query resource method.why it add updated and create?
01:04:07 <song> our table do not have these two paras.so it failed!
01:05:18 <zhiyuan> just have a look at your code
01:06:11 <zhiyuan> in db/models.py, you inherit DeletingResource from TimestampMixin, so the two fields are added
01:06:33 <zhiyuan> but in the migration script, these two columns are not created
01:08:22 <song> deleting_resource = core.query_resource(t_ctx, models.DeletingResources, resource_filters, [])
01:08:28 <song_> sorry for our network disconnect.
01:10:00 <zhiyuan> do you see my last reply?
01:10:46 <zhiyuan> the two fileds are added because DeletingResource inherits from TimestampMixin
01:11:27 <song__> oh got it!
01:11:34 <song__> thanks to zhiyuan!
01:11:44 <song__> it is my mistake.
01:13:25 <zhiyuan> and for the spec, it seems that there is some miss understanding
01:13:29 <song__> I will change it after the meeting. and CRH will see the today meeting talk.
01:13:48 <song__> he is busy with some ppt today.so can join it today.
01:13:57 <song__> I will tell him to change that.
01:14:06 <zhiyuan> I think we agree to return the deleting resource when user query it
01:14:14 <zhiyuan> not 404
01:14:19 <song__> yes
01:14:51 <song__> so the user can know which resource is in deleting.
01:17:07 <zhiyuan> yes, and this description is not accurate: "When user"
01:17:07 <zhiyuan> re-deleting the network if something wrong happens, central neutron will
01:17:10 <zhiyuan> return the resource being deleted to user"
01:18:57 <zhiyuan> server will not return the resource body for deletion request
01:20:26 <song__> for this user re-deleting return 204 or 200?
01:20:56 <zhiyuan> let me check the neutron api
01:21:16 <song__> thanks.
01:22:03 <zhiyuan> neutron api returns 204 so i think we should follow it
01:23:07 <song__> that is good.
01:23:23 <zhiyuan> since we only touch the plugin, we just normally return in the "delete" function and the framework code will wrap the response for use
01:23:27 <zhiyuan> s/use/us
01:24:14 <song__> CRH will see today talking after the meeting.and he will change the spec.
01:24:18 <song__> got it.
01:24:32 <zhiyuan> ok
01:25:31 <zhiyuan> BTW, for the patch implementing sfc update feature, smoke test is needed
01:25:46 <cyg_> OK
01:26:48 <zhiyuan> Yipei: what about the spec for new l3 model?
01:27:13 <Yipei> have two questions
01:27:48 <Yipei> One for cross neutron l2 network, if a cross neutron l2 network is attached to a central router, will the interfaces of the network be added to the local routers� namespace?
01:30:00 <zhiyuan> "a central router" is a local router or non-local one?
01:30:11 <Yipei> a non-local
01:31:39 <zhiyuan> yes, we will reserve one interface ip for each region and the interface is attahced to the router in that region
01:32:02 <zhiyuan> the non-local router is also splited to several regions
01:32:53 <Yipei> ok, i see. the other is for dvr
01:33:36 <Yipei> The other for dvr, in dvr scenario, for snat, the traffic still goes though network node, is that right?
01:37:34 <zhiyuan> yes, neutron will create a snat ip and the north-south traffic goes there
01:38:40 <Yipei> So if a local router�s gateway is a real external network, in the dvr scenario, only dnat is processed in a distributed way?
01:40:44 <zhiyuan> in neutron without tricircle, dnat and east-west traffic is processed in the compute node, but snat is processed in the network node
01:43:17 <Yipei> what happens if tricircle is added?
01:43:41 <Yipei> any difference?
01:45:46 <zhiyuan> since tricircle cannot handle dvr-mac currently, we need to attach the bridge network as external network
01:46:47 <zhiyuan> dvr-mac is used in the east-west traffic for dvr
01:47:39 <Yipei> ok, i see, only these two issues to clarify. i will improve the spec and submit it today.
01:48:53 <zhiyuan> thanks Yipei
01:49:03 <zhiyuan> any other topics?
01:49:10 <song__> no for me
01:49:15 <Yipei> no from me
01:49:20 <xuzhuang_> no from me
01:49:32 <zhiyuan> ok, thanks for attending
01:49:36 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting