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01:01:31 <zhiyuan> #topic resource deletion
01:01:56 <zhiyuan> I see Joe post some comments on the spec for resource deletion feature
01:02:24 <song> oh it is a little change. just words change.
01:03:15 <zhiyuan> and the implementation still doesn't pass the smoke test
01:03:33 <song> i see it last day.
01:03:37 <zhiyuan> I feel like that this feature cannot catch up with milestone3
01:03:55 <song> what is the time for milestone3?
01:04:20 <song> I can try fix the smoke test in this week.
01:04:43 <zhiyuan> the deadline is 26th
01:05:17 <song> oh I try fix this before that.
01:05:35 <song> the spec look like do not have many changes.
01:06:46 <zhiyuan> the spec is possible to be merged
01:07:40 <zhiyuan> please update it soon so we can merge it today or tomorrow
01:07:52 <song> oh that is no problem
01:08:01 <song> I will update it today.
01:08:37 <song> just after this meeting.
01:09:46 <zhiyuan> great!
01:13:41 <zhiyuan> for the implemenation, I find the CI failed to upload the log, so I have rechecked the patch
01:14:30 <song> I have debug it last day.
01:14:47 <song> it is failed in single_gw_test for delete routes.
01:14:58 <song> but i have do not find the reason.
01:15:26 <song> I will continue do with it today.
01:15:50 <zhiyuan> thanks, after the log is uploaded by CI, I will check the log to see if I can find some hints
01:16:21 <song> that is welcome.
01:17:01 <song> i reinstall my devstack. so it waste me about one week times...
01:17:39 <zhiyuan> how does it take so long? you remove all the source code before installing?
01:17:55 <song> yes, all clean reinstall.
01:18:12 <song> because some pkg conflict.
01:18:27 <zhiyuan> I see
01:19:22 <zhiyuan> my experience is that updating all the project and also the "requirements" project can solve the pkg conflict
01:20:24 <song> the newer requirements some new pkg do not in douban.so need to install by hand.
01:20:44 <song> but that is all fixed.
01:22:28 <zhiyuan> ok, so far for this feature
01:22:38 <zhiyuan> #topic new l3 networking model
01:23:58 <zhiyuan> Yipei, I have one question on your spec. Bridge network is not visible for users, how do users trigger attaching a port to bridge network?
01:27:03 <Yipei> you mean attaching a port of tenant network to bridge network?
01:29:23 <zhiyuan> in the graph showed in the spec, R3 is attached to the bridge network, when does this happen?
01:31:45 <Yipei> when running "router add port R3 EXTERNAL_GATEWAY_PORT", so the logic of adding port to router should be modified. if the port is a gateway port of an external network, then R3 and R1 are attached to the bridge netowrk
01:33:07 <Yipei> if the port is a gateway port of an external network, then R3 and the corresponding local router are attached to the bridge netowrk
01:34:41 <zhiyuan> but R3 is not attached to an external network, in the graph, R3 is attached to net1, net2 and bridge network
01:34:56 <zhiyuan> R1 and R2 are attached to "real" external network
01:39:23 <Yipei> yes, it seems that the logic does not mach the topology
01:41:50 <zhiyuan> so I feel confused about the spec
01:44:36 <Yipei> yeah, i see. do you have any idea? since i checked the cli, it seems that cli does not cover the case where two routers are connected
01:45:18 <zhiyuan> how about also hiding R1 and R2
01:46:01 <zhiyuan> oh, one router cannot have more than one external gateway
01:46:12 <zhiyuan> so we need the local router ...
01:47:09 <Yipei> great!
01:48:25 <zhiyuan> if we want to hide R1 and R2, we need some way to pass more than one external gateway info to R3
01:50:36 <zhiyuan> then after the external gateway info is updated, you automatically create R1/R2, attach R1/R2 to external network and bridge network
01:52:54 <Yipei> OK, i see
01:54:23 <zhiyuan> time's up, let's think about this issue offline
01:54:30 <Yipei> ok
01:56:09 <zhiyuan> so much for today's meeting, thanks for attending
01:56:16 <song> bye
01:56:30 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting