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01:01:27 <Yipei> hi
01:02:03 <zhiyuan> welcome back after the spring festival!
01:03:09 <zhiyuan> and let's start working on rocky circle
01:03:57 <song> that is good.
01:04:14 <song> openstack q will release tomorrow?
01:04:18 <song> or today?
01:04:52 <zhiyuan> already released before spring festival
01:05:17 <zhiyuan> the stable/queens branch is created
01:06:49 <song> i mean all the openstack assemble not only tricircle.
01:07:38 <song> i see openstack doc today is the last day.
01:08:31 <zhiyuan> oh yes, "coordinated release will happen on 28 February 2018"
01:08:51 <song> oh thank you!
01:10:18 <zhiyuan> in this circle, I think we can finish the work left in Queens, like resource deletion and new l3 networking model
01:10:46 <song> resource deletion i have finished.
01:11:12 <song> last day I found the smoke test have error again.
01:11:25 <song> it is because the neutron have new code update
01:11:42 <song> in the qos,neutron do not allow the same rule.
01:12:17 <Yipei> yes, i think the new l3 networking model should be delivered in rocky
01:12:34 <zhiyuan> only unit tests fail, smoke test is successful
01:13:02 <song> oh sorry s smoke/unit
01:13:11 <song> I mean unit test
01:13:21 <zhiyuan> song, do you have time to fix this error? this also affect the global requirement update patch submitted by robot
01:14:15 <song> I pull a pr last day. but my devstack have problem again.
01:14:40 <song> so i can not test in my local before i reinstall the devstack.
01:16:01 <Yipei> unit tests fail due to this change #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/546436/
01:16:06 <Yipei> ?
01:16:14 <zhiyuan> i think for unit test debugging, devstack is not required
01:16:25 <zhiyuan> I am using pycharm to debug unit test
01:16:46 <zhiyuan> pycharm has community version
01:17:08 <song> that is ok.
01:17:27 <song> i use vim in linux.....
01:18:02 <zhiyuan> Yipei, seem like that's the cause
01:18:58 <zhiyuan> song has posted a patch to import neutron-lib, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/548223, but unit test still fails
01:20:31 <zhiyuan> linux without GUI?
01:21:05 <song> that do not matter. I do not install gui in linux.
01:22:42 <song> https://github.com/openstack/neutron/commit/a91d84cfb44a9def517f2990d164b4972023709a
01:22:54 <song> I think it is because this pr.
01:23:03 <song> out unit test can not pass.
01:23:28 <song> our unit test can not pass.
01:26:12 <zhiyuan> in this test _test_create_policy_rule, we create two bandwidth limit rules with the same qos policy
01:26:27 <song> yes
01:26:31 <song> remove one?
01:26:38 <zhiyuan> I think that's why QoSRulesConflict error is raised
01:26:52 <zhiyuan> change one of them to other type?
01:27:02 <song> good.
01:27:27 <song> but i see the test case in that pr.
01:27:53 <song> add additional should be also ok.but do not known why failed.
01:29:50 <song> but that do not matter. I can see it after meeting.
01:30:12 <zhiyuan> if rule.duplicates(rule_obj), this line check if two rules are the same
01:30:32 <song> yes
01:31:30 <zhiyuan> Yipei, have you investigated routed network?
01:33:52 <Yipei> yes, already did and go on writing spec.
01:34:53 <zhiyuan> good, have you tried using a routed network as an external network?
01:37:15 <Yipei> not yet, i will try routed network in real environment and update spec at the same time
01:39:08 <zhiyuan> fine, please also consider how to save info of external networks of several regions in one central routed network
01:39:40 <Yipei> ok, got it
01:42:23 <zhiyuan> also, create one central routed network means creating several local network. for simplicity, we may still do it in a sync way
01:44:08 <Yipei> ok
01:44:52 <zhiyuan> ok, so much for feature development
01:44:56 <zhiyuan> any other topic?
01:46:23 <Yipei> no from me
01:46:28 <song> no for me
01:46:34 <xuzhuang> no
01:46:38 <dongfeng> no
01:47:16 <zhiyuan> ok, thanks for attending
01:47:20 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting