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01:01:47 <zhiyuan> the openstack-wide goals for rocky has come out. there are two goals
01:01:57 <zhiyuan> https://governance.openstack.org/tc/goals/rocky/enable-mutable-configuration.html
01:02:00 <zhiyuan> and
01:02:04 <zhiyuan> https://governance.openstack.org/tc/goals/rocky/mox_removal.html
01:02:55 <zhiyuan> for the first goal, we need to support turning on/off debug logging without restarting tricircle services
01:03:49 <song> this means we have the two bp in rocky version?
01:03:57 <zhiyuan> and the second goal is to using mock instead of mox
01:04:28 <zhiyuan> the second one is already done since we use mock from beginning
01:05:31 <zhiyuan> the first need a bp
01:06:47 <song> that is good.
01:07:27 <zhiyuan> "oslo.config and oslo.service have implemented basic functions" so we need to investigate how to use these functions
01:07:57 <zhiyuan> both api and xmanager requires changes I think
01:09:53 <zhiyuan> anyone interested in finishing this goal?
01:11:15 <song> yes, i think we can add these to the rocky bp
01:11:41 <song> we would like to do one.
01:12:10 <zhiyuan> great! please refer to the link for detailed info
01:12:49 <song> is this link?https://governance.openstack.org/tc/goals/rocky/enable-mutable-configuration.html
01:13:24 <Yipei> #link https://docs.openstack.org/oslo.config/latest/reference/mutable.html
01:13:34 <zhiyuan> that's right
01:14:01 <song> oh thanks.
01:15:01 <song> do we need update the rocky bp?
01:16:00 <zhiyuan> you mean submit a spec for the goal?
01:16:26 <zhiyuan> if the change is simple, I think just submit the code
01:17:11 <song> I mean update the tricircle-queens-ptg to tricircle-rocky-ptg
01:17:52 <song> so people can know how many work in rocky more clearly.
01:18:20 <zhiyuan> oh I see, I will prepare one and share the link later
01:18:36 <song> thank you!
01:20:14 <zhiyuan> song, is it feasible to catch 404 exception in local plugin instead of using "_delete" to query network?
01:20:27 <zhiyuan> about the resource deleting patch
01:20:35 <song> oh i reinstall devstack last day.
01:20:47 <song> but have not finished.
01:21:33 <song> I will try test this today after I finished install the devstack.
01:23:45 <zhiyuan> ok, and Yipei, what about new l3 networking model?
01:26:37 <Yipei> trying routed network in real environment, some features are not as i expected before, needs more investigation.
01:28:59 <zhiyuan> what features do you expect?
01:32:11 <Yipei> always fail testing routed network in the environment, i installed the environment across multiple hosts
01:34:06 <zhiyuan> fail to create routed network in central neutron?
01:35:54 <Yipei> no, not with tricircle.
01:36:55 <Yipei> referring to this guide #link https://docs.openstack.org/newton/networking-guide/config-routed-networks.html
01:39:33 <Yipei> i think there exist some problem with the configuration of segment and aggregate
01:39:58 <zhiyuan> we only need to enable routed network in central neutron. it's only a data model for us to save information of external networks
01:41:02 <Yipei> not a real routed network?
01:41:46 <zhiyuan> in local neutron, we still use normal network
01:42:06 <Yipei> so every segment maps an real external network, the routed network is a logical concept?
01:42:27 <zhiyuan> that's right
01:42:44 <Yipei> oh, i see
01:43:35 <zhiyuan> when user attach a router to a central routed network, real external network is created in local neutron
01:44:30 <Yipei> and the info of the real external network is stored as a segment of the central routed network
01:45:50 <zhiyuan> yes
01:46:03 <Yipei> ok, got it
01:46:15 <zhiyuan> only enable routed network in central neutron
01:47:56 <Yipei> OK, got it
01:48:04 <zhiyuan> fine, any other topics?
01:48:30 <xuzhuang> for deleting security group, neutron has checked whether it is under using or not, need i recheck using status when deleting it in tricircle
01:50:08 <zhiyuan> our SEG implemenation inherit SecurityGroupDbMixin, will the base class check this?
01:54:24 <xuzhuang_> if bingding_port is not None, it will raise SecurityGroupInUse
01:55:18 <zhiyuan> then we just adopt this behaviour
01:55:48 <xuzhuang_> ok
02:00:08 <zhiyuan> fine, so much for today's meeting
02:00:31 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting