01:00:15 <zhiyuan> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:01:14 <zhiyuan> I have sent out a mail to nominate song as the core reviewer of tricircle, please vote on that mail :)
01:01:33 <song> thanks for zhiyuan.
01:02:11 <zhujintao> OK
01:02:12 <xuzhuang> ok
01:03:26 <Yipei> ok
01:04:07 <Yipei> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-March/128142.html
01:04:08 <zhiyuan> Yipei, I have read your new spec, the overall proposal looks good. could you elaborate how routed network API is used to store the external network infomation in segments?
01:05:39 <Yipei> ok, no problem
01:06:34 <zhiyuan> fine, then you can start coding
01:06:48 <Yipei> ok
01:08:17 <zhiyuan> for the port deletion patch, I see CI fails
01:09:37 <zxh> pep8 failed
01:09:39 <zhiyuan> looking at the log, I guess that's because the handle function mistakenly processes "shadow port"
01:11:10 <zxh> just have to review
01:11:45 <zhiyuan> the "device_owner" of "shadow port" is "compute:shadow", so "_delete_bottom_unbond_port" will also process it
01:13:18 <zhiyuan> shadow ports will exist across regions, we don't need to delete it
01:13:32 <zhiyuan> they are deleted when the central port is deleted
01:15:20 <zxh> i got it
01:17:59 <zhujintao> hello, everyone~
01:18:07 <zhiyuan> hi jintao
01:18:19 <zhujintao> hello
01:18:55 <zhujintao> I am dealing with this problem
01:19:25 <zhujintao> 'oslo.config and oslo.service have implemented basic functions'
01:19:57 <zhujintao> but  Tricircle have not used these functions
01:20:22 <zhujintao> so I want to bring these functions to Tricircle
01:21:07 <zhujintao> so ,what can I get more information about it
01:21:59 <zhujintao> and which part of  source code I should concentrate on ?
01:22:26 <zhiyuan> the goal is to make tricircle api and xmanager support configuration dynamical loading
01:22:54 <song> it is the bp  enable mutable configuration in rocky?
01:23:09 <zhiyuan> yes
01:23:22 <song> good
01:23:34 <song> I would like do it with zhujintao student.
01:23:48 <song> i have see the rocky blueprint plan and i want to do the enable mutable configuration.
01:23:48 <song> i think we have miss two bps which are in q but have not  yet finished . we should also add they to the r. how about it?
01:23:48 <song> the miss two bps are  Service function chaining   and Driver-based implementation of Trunk
01:24:58 <zhiyuan> oh, please add them in the ethpad page
01:25:10 <zhiyuan> so you will co-work with jintao?
01:25:20 <song> thanks I will add they after meeting.
01:25:23 <song> yes.
01:25:33 <zhujintao> ok~
01:26:47 <song> so we can also add the bps which are in developing to lanuchpad?
01:28:55 <zhiyuan> if you would like to take it, register the feature in launchpad
01:29:47 <song> yes, I would like to do it.and which we register in the launchpad will promise to finished.
01:30:23 <xuzhuang> Has the work item port deletion in rokcy commited by xiaohan?
01:30:50 <song> yes,he is working no it now.
01:31:58 <song> sorry s/no/on
01:32:05 <zhiyuan> https://docs.openstack.org/oslo.service/latest/reference/service.html
01:32:39 <zhiyuan> i see both ProcessLauncher and ServiceLauncher have handle_signal() function
01:33:14 <zhiyuan> i think this can be used to catch sighup and reload configuration
01:33:54 <song> yes, also kill command and so on.
01:34:21 <song> i see the ceph code used the watcher and notify.
01:34:43 <song> when the conf change the will notify the watcher.
01:34:49 <zhiyuan> https://docs.openstack.org/oslo.config/latest/reference/mutable.html
01:35:02 <zhiyuan> and page of oslo.config
01:35:44 <song> good.thanks for zhiyuan. we will learn the doc after the meeting.
01:36:29 <zhujintao> thanks for your help~
01:36:50 <song> it is our pleasure.
01:37:53 <zhiyuan> and for tricircle code, tricircle/cmd/api.py tricircle/cmd/xjob.py are the entrypoints of api and xmanager
01:39:05 <zhujintao> got it
01:40:52 <zhiyuan> ok, other topics?
01:41:25 <song> no for me.
01:41:27 <Yipei> no from me
01:42:13 <zhujintao> no for me
01:42:18 <xuzhuang> no from me
01:43:25 <zhiyuan> ok, then let's finish our meeting
01:43:29 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting