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01:00:27 <AndroUser> hi
01:00:40 <song> welcome
01:01:01 <zhiyuan> hello, AndroUser
01:02:27 <zhiyuan> Yipei, how's the investigation about routed network? is it possible to attach a router to it in central neutron?
01:03:04 <xuzhuang> sorry for late
01:03:27 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, it's fine
01:05:04 <Yipei> i think maybe we need to add a gateway port to the routed network, but we do not allocate IP to the port
01:06:11 <zhiyuan> so when user queries the router, he/she will see a gateway port without IP?
01:11:25 <Yipei> not test yet. if the port do not have an IP, i can get the info by cli
01:12:03 <zhiyuan> floating ip allocation will be another problem. I guess routed network also doesn't support allocation a floating ip from it
01:13:53 <Yipei> the field of ip_allocation is deferred. I can test it this week
01:14:01 <zhiyuan> one question, when booting a VM in a routed network, what kind of port will be created?
01:14:13 <zhiyuan> a port with IP in both segment?
01:14:18 <Yipei> just a port without IP
01:14:58 <Yipei> the IP will be allocated based on the placement of the vm
01:15:29 <zhiyuan> so after the placement of the VM, nova updates the ip of the port?
01:15:52 <Yipei> it is allocated by the dhcp agent in the compute node
01:16:44 <zhiyuan> then at least the port should belong to a subnet
01:17:49 <Yipei> no, when the port is created, it does not belong to any subnet, it just belong to the routed network
01:18:33 <Yipei> if the port is plugged to a vm, then the port is allocated to a subent
01:18:44 <Yipei> s/subent/subnet
01:19:23 <zhiyuan> and from API, the port is still without IP after VM booted?
01:19:32 <Yipei> yes
01:19:44 <Yipei> sorry, not
01:19:59 <Yipei> after vm booted, an IP will be allocated
01:20:45 <zhiyuan> so I think nova tells neutron which segment to allocate IP
01:23:20 <Yipei> yes
01:29:47 <zhiyuan> so after xmanager finishes the local router setup, we can get both the gateway IP, the question is where to store these IPs so user can query via the central gateway port
01:30:40 <zhiyuan> if I am correct, port can only contain IPv4 and IPv6 address, not several IPv4 addresses
01:32:22 <Yipei> yes, i know your concern.
01:34:16 <zhiyuan> is it hard to break such constraint for central gateway port?
01:34:48 <zhiyuan> I guess we need to disable some validation in central plugin
01:35:07 <Yipei> you mean we can add multiple IPs to a central gateway port?
01:35:36 <zhiyuan> yes, since it's only a data container
01:35:58 <zhiyuan> or we put the IPs info in description??
01:36:14 <Yipei> or tag?
01:36:47 <zhiyuan> tag is also fine
01:38:55 <Yipei> ok, so let's put the IPs info in tag?
01:40:04 <zhiyuan> will tag be showed by default when running "openstack port show"?\
01:40:25 <Yipei> yes, i tested
01:40:40 <Yipei> hold on
01:40:40 <zhiyuan> ok
01:41:24 <Yipei> yes, tested
01:41:31 <Yipei> tag is shown
01:41:34 <zhiyuan> fine :)
01:42:25 <zhiyuan> so floating ip follows the same way. when created, it's a port without ip, after the local FIP is created and bound to VM, we update the central FIP
01:42:50 <zhiyuan> this time, we can directly update the IP, not via tag
01:44:42 <Yipei> ok
01:45:13 <zhiyuan> so much for new l3 model, other topic?
01:45:31 <song> Use top_name plus top_id to set the name of bottom resource
01:45:31 <song> DB api reconstruction (to support different db access abstration tool, currently we are using SQLAlchemy)
01:45:31 <song> Upgradable(RPC message, db), support OVO
01:45:31 <song> Support different version of neutron API(different Region's Neutron may work in different version) compatibity
01:45:39 <song> hi,zhiyuan. these fours works,which one do you think is the most import for us to do?
01:46:43 <zhiyuan> the first and the forth
01:47:04 <song> thanks I will do the first one.:)
01:47:42 <zhiyuan> that will make user easily to get the relation between central and local resource
01:48:33 <song> does it need a spec? or just write the code?
01:49:01 <zhiyuan> I think just code is fine
01:49:07 <song> good
01:50:22 <zhiyuan> if no other topic, let's end our meeting
01:50:38 <song> no from me.
01:50:52 <Yipei> no from me
01:50:54 <xuzhuang> no from me
01:50:57 <zhiyuan> ok
01:51:02 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting