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01:00:57 <song> hi,zhiyuan I would like to introduce an old friend to you!
01:01:13 <zhangchi> hi caizhiyuan
01:01:44 <zhiyuan> wow, zhangchi!
01:02:05 <song> zhangchi have joined in our  team.
01:02:18 <song> he will work in tricircle.:)
01:02:44 <zhiyuan> welcome to join tricircle, zhangchi!
01:02:54 <zhangchi> no long no see tks
01:03:06 <zhangchi> long time no see
01:05:30 <zhiyuan> cool, zhangchi developed the first version of tricircle, which is called cascading!
01:05:59 <song> yes,we all hope he can do more in tricircle.
01:06:41 <song> make the tricircle more perfect!
01:07:30 <zhangchi> try my best:)
01:10:53 <zhiyuan> ok, I see the patch for port releasing after vm deletion is updated, thanks for fixing this bug!
01:11:25 <zhiyuan> since we introduce shadow port, this bug is a bit complex to solve
01:12:16 <song> you are welcome . yes xiaohan is good at network.
01:13:24 <song> and he can do some new work in tricircle.
01:16:38 <zhiyuan> what's the progress of the "local resource naming" feature?
01:17:05 <song> it look like we do not need change any code for this.I have search the func for prepare_top_element,it is only be used
01:17:05 <song> in central_plugin,but  look here it look like it is already used name+id.look below link:
01:17:05 <song> https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/4b5b0b7ce40bf8febf98c8066311adf2953d23ee/tricircle/network/central_plugin.py#L1504
01:20:54 <zhiyuan> the line shows "net_name = t_constants.bridge_net_name % project_id", only project_id is injected
01:22:36 <song> so s/project_id/id?
01:23:59 <zhiyuan> I think prepare_top_element is creating central resource, what we need to rename is local resource
01:25:16 <song> https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/b44f108a6b0d1f869b2dd4f1b55e7b4b4e2e53e2/tricircle/network/helper.py#L224
01:25:20 <song> this one?
01:27:00 <zhiyuan> yes, you can see "get_bottom_network_name" is called
01:27:19 <zhiyuan> so for network, local name is id+name
01:27:31 <zhiyuan> https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/master/tricircle/common/utils.py#L123
01:29:48 <song> oh,got it.ths!
01:31:44 <zhiyuan> at least we can rename subnet and port
01:34:01 <zhiyuan> Yipei, how about the new l3 networking model, any update?
01:34:01 <song__> agree with it.
01:35:36 <Yipei> enable external network with transparent local router is ongoing, it will be complete in a week or two
01:37:06 <Yipei> next part is introducing routed network, and then is the floatingip creation
01:37:48 <zhiyuan> not quite get the first part, what does "transparent local router" mean?
01:39:08 <Yipei> create a external network as well as creating a local router for the external network
01:40:18 <zhiyuan> you mean creating the local router when the external network is created?
01:40:28 <Yipei> yes
01:42:01 <zhiyuan> but external network may be created before central router
01:44:56 <Yipei> yes, i mean the router creation includes local and central router creation, "the local router" means "a non-distributed router" which is only attached to one external network
01:45:31 <zhiyuan> create central router automatically?
01:46:11 <Yipei> yes, and the router is transparent to users
01:47:57 <zhiyuan> hmm, this interaction is different from the normal one. normally user (1) create external network (2) create router (3) set router gateway
01:51:14 <zhangchi> zhiyuan  any more infos about the task "Driver-based implementation of Trunk the current implementaion is plugin-based"?
01:52:16 <Yipei> i think there are two logic: (1) create a routed network(including real external networks); (2) create a distributed router; (3) set router gateway; the second one is when creating real external networks, a router is created and attached to the external network.
01:53:14 <zhiyuan> zhangchi, our current implementation of trunk is to rewrite the whole plugin, but neutron expost trunk driver so I think we can write a new tricircle driver for trunk plugin
01:53:19 <zhiyuan> https://github.com/openstack/neutron/tree/master/neutron/services/trunk/drivers
01:53:24 <Yipei> when setting the gateway of routed network to the distributed router, the local routers and the distributed router are connected via bridge network
01:57:13 <zhiyuan> so when will local router be created? when setting gateway or when creating central router?
01:57:18 <zhangchi> ok I read it first  kind of you :)
01:58:13 <Yipei> all the three steps are done when creating a external network
01:58:54 <zhiyuan> so we don't provide user the chance to create central router?
01:59:50 <Yipei> yes, they only need to create one distributed router
02:00:58 <zhiyuan> does user need to set external network gateway as the distributed router?
02:02:13 <Yipei> they only need to set the gateway of the routed network as the distributed router
02:02:46 <zhiyuan> oh i see, so the distributed router is what I mean "central router"
02:03:30 <Yipei> oh, i see, not the router in central neutron
02:04:13 <zhiyuan> I think time's up, let's discuss offline
02:05:01 <song__> good
02:05:54 <zhiyuan> thanks for attending the meeting
02:06:24 <song__> bye
02:06:44 <xuzhuang> bye
02:06:45 <Yipei> bye
02:06:51 <zhangchi> enjoy  bye
02:06:58 <zhiyuan> bye
02:07:01 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting