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00:59:54 <zhiyuan> Yipei, what's the progress of new l3 networking model?
01:01:49 <xuzhuang> It can be done this month.
01:02:10 <xuzhuang> the part one of new l3 networking
01:02:46 <Yipei> i update the spec, part2 is ongoing, already tested routed network, working on setting gateway of routed network to router..
01:05:05 <Yipei> i think part2 can be finished in this month, too
01:05:10 <zhiyuan> ok, will review it soon
01:06:04 <zhiyuan> great! then we can have a tag on June
01:07:08 <zhiyuan> I see the CI fails with the same scheduling problem, so I think we need to do some changes for our smoke test script
01:08:13 <zhiyuan> song is busy and cannot follow the fresh install test these days
01:09:15 <zhiyuan> could you or xuzhuang do this test? I think you need to test your code in a fresh install env
01:10:09 <xuzhuang> I can do this test
01:12:07 <zhiyuan> thanks, just update all the related projects to the newest version(including devstack), install tricircle with devstack, and see if a VM can be successfully booted
01:12:30 <xuzhuang> ok
01:12:58 <zhiyuan> hi, zhangchi
01:13:07 <zhangchi> hi zhiyuan
01:14:39 <zhiyuan> any updates from you?
01:15:54 <zhangchi> Trunk plugin into driver is rewrite  https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/master/tricircle/network/central_trunk_plugin.py
01:16:54 <zhangchi> It's on progress now
01:18:12 <zhiyuan> fine, do you also spend some time on trio2o?
01:20:50 <zhangchi> yes The trio2o enviroment is being builted up just now
01:22:43 <zhiyuan> great! you can also do some configuration change to make trio2o works with tricircle
01:23:25 <zhangchi> by manully  ok
01:27:40 <zhiyuan> yes, first manual setup then we can try to write some automatic install script
01:32:46 <zhiyuan> any other topics?
01:32:49 <zhangchi> ok Should i make it to devstack way like tricircle
01:34:08 <zhiyuan> better to have that, so developers can easily try it
01:39:21 <zhiyuan> if no other topic, we can end our meeting earlier
01:40:37 <xuzhuang> no
01:40:43 <Yipei> no
01:41:31 <zhiyuan> ok, thanks for attending, bye
01:41:46 <xuzhuang> bye
01:41:56 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting