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01:02:52 <zhiyuan> song has some network problems in his office
01:04:40 <xuzhuang> The patch I commited have completed create local router automatically, but I meet some problems when attach the net to the local router gateway  automatically.
01:04:48 <xuzhuang> In Region two there are an external network, a subnet, and a local router(created automatically by the path I commited). But when I using router-gateway-set to attach the net and the router in Region two, Neutron raise Exception,
01:04:48 <xuzhuang> RESP BODY: {"NeutronError": {"message": "Port security must be enabled and port must have an IP address in order to use security groups.", "type": "PortSecurityAndIPRequiredForSecurityGroups", "detail": ""}}.
01:04:49 <xuzhuang> I debuged the code and find create_port raise this exception, but I don't know how to deal with it.
01:07:31 <zhiyuan> that's because the security group attribute of the being created port doesn't pass the check
01:08:38 <zhiyuan> you can check why neutron rejects the security group attribute
01:08:59 <zhiyuan> from where the exception is raised
01:10:11 <xuzhuang> ok, I'll try
01:12:31 <song> hi,sorry for late! xiao han and ya guang have finish their task.are there some works for them to do?
01:15:24 <zhiyuan> can they spend some time digging into the CI issue?
01:16:25 <song> ok ,we will together to see it.
01:16:35 <zhiyuan> though we decide to temperately bypass the smoke test
01:17:37 <zhiyuan> it's so strange that we always fail in gate, not check
01:18:21 <song> we have check it last week in our own develop environment,but everything goes well.
01:18:25 <zhiyuan> a recent patch by zhuangzhuang can pass the "check" job
01:20:07 <song> look like a accidental and strange bug
01:20:17 <zhiyuan> I remember yaguang mention that smoke test failed in a fresh-install environment
01:20:40 <zhiyuan> after succeed after clean the environment and try again
01:20:59 <song> but reinstall all goes away.
01:21:55 <cyg> but I just run the trunk smoke test in a fresh-install environment is ok
01:22:46 <zhiyuan> hmm
01:22:55 <song> to cyg how about run all the test to have a check today?
01:23:37 <cyg> ok
01:25:07 <zhiyuan> what about we modify our script, wait for some time after the env is installed, then start the smoke test?
01:25:43 <song> add some sleep?
01:25:44 <zhiyuan> not sure if this will work
01:26:14 <xuzhuang> I installed Tricircle with new code in a node and boot a vm successfuly a few days ago.
01:26:19 <zhiyuan> I just guess in the CI it needs some time to let agents to register themselves
01:28:25 <zhiyuan> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/532097/, this patch passes "check" again, hope it can pass the "gate"
01:29:03 <song_> good luck with it!
01:33:15 <zhiyuan> after that patch is merged, we also need to recheck those pending patches...
01:34:24 <song_> never mind. we will do these together.
01:35:55 <zhiyuan> thanks
01:36:59 <song_> you are welcome. if it can not pass the gate. today I pull a path add some sleep to have a try?
01:37:41 <zhiyuan> in that patch the smoke test is already bypassed
01:38:03 <zhiyuan> you can try to submit another patch that smoke test is still enabled and you add some sleep
01:38:13 <song_> good!
01:38:58 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, you mention that you have a problem then setting gateway, but your patch can pass the CI. so that's part of the implementation?
01:39:25 <xuzhuang> the code haven't pushed
01:41:50 <zhiyuan> i see. does it depend on this patch? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/569087
01:43:56 <xuzhuang> no, this path is the first part of
01:43:56 <xuzhuang> Implement for l3 networking, in this path I will do create local router automatically and attach the exteranl net to the local router automatically. Now this path only include create local router automatically
01:45:16 <zhiyuan> ok, so this patch needs to be merged first, it that right?
01:46:33 <xuzhuang> No need to merge
01:46:48 <xuzhuang> I havn't finished
01:47:16 <zhiyuan> oh, then you can update the title to add [WIP]
01:47:42 <xuzhuang> ok
01:48:15 <zhiyuan> other topics?
01:48:26 <song_> no from me.
01:48:29 <Yipei> no from me
01:48:33 <xuzhuang> no from me
01:49:54 <zhiyuan> ok, thanks for attending
01:49:59 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting