01:11:22 <zhiyuan> #startmeeting tricircle
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01:11:42 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, have you seen my comment?
01:11:47 <xuzhuang> yes
01:12:41 <xuzhuang> I have replied the review
01:13:34 <zhiyuan> give me some time to read it
01:15:57 <Yipei> hi, zhiyuan, about the route in spec, do we need to add the route to make sure the traffic can be routed to external net in other regions?
01:17:40 <zhiyuan> Yipei, I think traffic just go out from the external network in its own region
01:19:23 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, you create the bottom router during network creation, in the new l3 model case, this is a routed network, so several bottom routers need to be created
01:20:00 <zhiyuan> since the routed network will contain several network segments for real external networks
01:21:05 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, do we need to support service redundancy in case of region level failure?
01:22:27 <xuzhuang> In fact we only use routed network to maintian the relationship of several real external network. And in the bottom region we only use real external network not the segments of routed  network.
01:23:44 <xuzhuang> We will create a local router for each real external network in bottom region.
01:26:13 <zhiyuan> Yipei, the purpose of multiple external networks is that each region can have its own external network, so I think we can support it later
01:26:41 <Yipei> ok, got it, i will update the spec
01:27:09 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, yes, but user only know the routed network
01:27:48 <zhiyuan> after the routed network is created, the real local network should be created
01:30:11 <xuzhuang> Oh, got it. The user only need to create routed network and Tricircle will create bottom external networks with local routers according to the az-hint.
01:30:38 <Yipei> to zhiyuan, you mean user needs to create a routed network first, then create real local network manually?
01:33:04 <zhiyuan> no, user only need to create the routed network, specify the real external netowrk info in the segments
01:33:24 <Yipei> oh, i got it. you mean user only uses routed network
01:33:26 <zhiyuan> tricircle will take care of the local network
01:33:54 <Yipei> got it, xuzhuang and I will update the code
01:36:25 <zhiyuan> ok
01:36:45 <song> hi,is there some works we can do?
01:36:52 <zhiyuan> what's your original use case? Yipei
01:37:26 <zhiyuan> need to create both routed network and external network?
01:41:06 <Yipei> i think i misunderstand the scenario. obviously, only exposing routed network to users is better
01:42:51 <zhiyuan> fine
01:44:44 <zhiyuan> song, I remenber that there is a driver implementation of trunk plugin?
01:46:55 <song> yes
01:47:03 <song> that is doing by zhangchi
01:47:20 <song> we all have xiaohan and cyg are free
01:47:43 <song> they can do some other works too.
01:48:16 <zhiyuan> one varification work can be done
01:48:39 <zhiyuan> we can check if our service can still work with nova cellv2
01:49:11 <song> do not need to coding?
01:50:21 <zhiyuan> if the varification passes, we don't need to change things
01:50:38 <zhiyuan> doc may need some chagne
01:50:46 <zhiyuan> s/chagne/change
01:51:57 <song> that is good.
01:52:05 <song> we can do this.
01:53:05 <zhiyuan> thanks
01:53:43 <song> you are welcome
01:54:27 <zhiyuan> other topics?
01:55:02 <Yipei> no from me
01:55:15 <song> no from me
01:55:23 <xuzhuang> no
01:57:35 <zhiyuan> ok, thanks for attending
01:57:36 <zhiyuan> bye
01:57:41 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting