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01:00:49 <zhiyuan> hi song, what about the UT CI problem?
01:02:08 <song> I pull a pr for this.
01:02:49 <song> but look like do not make sense.
01:03:13 <song> the first pr for the unit failed have merged.
01:04:19 <song> but the second for the accidental failed do not make sense.
01:04:33 <zhiyuan> wow, so the patch for devstack script happen to pass the CI?
01:05:06 <song> just good luck with it...
01:05:51 <song> i have add the segment_id in the prepare_network for unit test,but look like do not take effect.
01:08:13 <zhiyuan> let me check the code
01:09:37 <song> thanks
01:09:50 <Xuzhuang> I have a problem about how to notify mock in segment creation.
01:10:32 <zhiyuan> i seem that the field is
01:10:35 <zhiyuan> segment_id
01:10:41 <zhiyuan> not segmentationid
01:10:59 <zhiyuan> please xuzhuang
01:11:58 <song> oh got it. i will change this and pull it again.
01:12:47 <zhiyuan> hope this will work
01:13:54 <song> hope so.
01:21:39 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, are you preparing your message?
01:24:51 <Xuzhuang> Yes, i will push my new code after a while. I have prepared the message
01:25:27 <Xuzhuang> When i debug segment cration, i find it will call notify
01:26:19 <Xuzhuang> I think maybe the notify is the problem
01:26:50 <song> yes neutron have add the notify for a new pr.
01:27:07 <song> and the ci failed also because this pr.
01:28:05 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, so your test fails because the notification callback?
01:29:12 <Xuzhuang> Yes, notify will call local_plugin not my faked segment plugin
01:32:32 <zhiyuan> does the callback code calls directory.get_plugin() to get the plugin? if so, you can mock get_plugin
01:34:58 <Xuzhuang> Yes it calls directory.getplugin
01:36:14 <Xuzhuang> You mean use @patch.object above the test code?
01:37:51 <Xuzhuang> In my new code i have added
01:42:51 <zhiyuan> when mocking get_plugin, you need to be careful that don't affect other process
01:43:01 <zhiyuan> other function may also call get_plugin
01:53:34 <zhiyuan> ok, other topics?
01:54:10 <Xuzhuang> Ok, i will be careful for using get_fakeplugin, but i haven't know   how to fix it
01:54:32 <Xuzhuang> no
01:54:48 <song> no from me
01:55:56 <zhujintao> no
01:56:17 <zhiyuan> xuzhuang, you may need to call the original get_plugin if the argument is not "segment"
01:57:49 <Xuzhuang> Ok, i will check it
02:00:40 <zhiyuan> fine
02:00:54 <zhiyuan> thanks for attending
02:01:00 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting