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01:09:21 <zhiyuan> the milestone 3 of rocky is around july 23-27
01:09:41 <song__> good
01:10:05 <zhiyuan> I am going to make a tag around that period
01:11:09 <song__> yeah
01:12:29 <zhiyuan> can part of the new l3 networking model be landed in milestone 3?
01:15:48 <xuzhuang> Now I have completed the basic part of the segment creation, the work of setting gateway and config route will need more time
01:16:35 <zhiyuan> then we can finish the basic part first. what about the UT?
01:18:44 <xuzhuang> "Unable to create the network. The VLAN 2016 on physical network bridge is in use." I don't understand why creating net when I create a new segment
01:19:56 <zhiyuan> the error is raised in "create_network"?
01:20:28 <xuzhuang> in this line File "/home/zuul/src/git.openstack.org/openstack/tricircle/tricircle/tests/unit/network/test_segment_plugin.py", line 224, in test_create_segment
01:20:28 <xuzhuang> fake_plugin.create_segment(neutron_context, segment1)
01:23:10 <zhiyuan> i think create_segment willl trigger a notification
01:23:21 <zhiyuan> the error is raised in a callback
01:28:08 <xuzhuang> yeah, so I think there are two choices. One is rewriting create_segment don't call notify, anther is repairing local plugin
01:35:51 <zhiyuan> i am a bit confused that why in the test a network is created before creating the segment
01:36:38 <zhiyuan> what about directly creating a new segment?
01:37:39 <xuzhuang> I refer the docs of routed network. https://docs.openstack.org/ocata/networking-guide/config-routed-networks.html
01:40:04 <zhiyuan> if I am correct, in the doc, the network is created with a segment, then a second segment is created on that network
01:40:53 <xuzhuang> yes
01:41:26 <zhiyuan> while in your test, a network is created, then the first segment, the second segment
01:41:37 <xuzhuang> yes
01:42:30 <zhiyuan> so the first segment is conflict with the network, you use the same VLAN ID2016
01:44:22 <xuzhuang> in the docs network and segment should use same VLAN id,
01:44:56 <zhiyuan> in the doc, segment is created during network creation
01:45:27 <zhiyuan> that is to say, a segment is first created, then use the segment to create the network
01:46:44 <zhiyuan> in your test, a network is first created(the 2016 VLAN is allocated), the you again use VLAN 2016 to create a segment
01:47:45 <xuzhuang> oh, I got it
01:50:11 <zhiyuan> by the way, you use the same VLAN for segment1 and segment2, this will also causes conflict
01:52:51 <xuzhuang> I think they don't conflict. In the routed network docs, they created segment1 and segment2 using same vlan id 2016
01:54:55 <zhiyuan> i see
01:57:38 <zhiyuan> so I think you can try creating the network without specifying VLAN
01:57:46 <zhiyuan> then create the two segments
01:58:22 <xuzhuang> ok, I will have a try.
01:59:07 <zhiyuan> fine
01:59:12 <zhiyuan> other topic?
02:00:53 <xuzhuang> no topic from me
02:01:01 <Yipei> no
02:01:50 <zhiyuan> ok
02:01:56 <zhiyuan> #endmeeting